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Thread: Filter light

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    Filter light

    don't like the adverts?
    Does anyone know what the yellow filter light means on the dashboard?

    It comes on when starting, and sometimes stays on for a little while.


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    Re: Filter light

    Yes its the water in the fuel light.

    My Africa spec 60 has done it since new. As long as the light goes out no problem.
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    Re: Filter light

    Do you mean there is water in my fuel filter????

    Is that condense water?

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    Re: Filter light

    He few that the decanter under the chassis is full too of water.
    It is necessary to purge it by saw her of bottom

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    Re: Filter light

    one of the jobs of a diesel fuel filter is to catch water. When it fills up you can usually drain it, there is usually a small tap on the bottom of the filter assembly. Not sure what its like on the 60. If that doesn't work you need to replace it. You may also find that the sensor could be faulty.

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    Re: Filter light

    don't like the adverts?
    Purge the decanter, changes filter with diesel oil.
    Should be that good.

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