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    Wanted: Spares for Avon inflatable

    Have you joined Ribnet forum?
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    Meet My New (to me) 2002 LC100 Amazon , Prepped for Overlanding

    Its green so it'll be fantastic. Enjoy it.
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    looking for a 100 series,what were the best years?

    Aren't the 100 series from 2003 £570 road tax?
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    Aircon compressor p/n

    Been out in the car today and every time I switch on the AC I get a big smile on my face. Like winning the lottery.
  5. br1anuk

    Aircon compressor p/n

    My compressor was seized on my 95. I had it regassed and the mechanic diagnosed a seized compressor. They used a full can off wd40 on it but it wouldn't work. Any way he told me to drive with the ac on as much as possible and keep squirting it with wd40. Well low and behold 12 months later its...
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    Steel Front Bumper

    Have a look at a company called Cabmasters, they've got lots of new old stock steel bumpers. I don't know how much they are Ive just seen them on their website. Toyota Land Cruiser 100 Series Front Bars - [Leaving Land Cruiser Club]
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    Reverse light and fuel 1 way valve on Colorado

    The reverse light is absolutely pathetic. When I got my Colorado four years ago I spent some time trying to figure out why the off side light wouldn't work!!!! I ended up buying a pair of after market LED rear lights and was amazed when I connected them up both of the rear reverse lights worked...
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    Finding a good 100

    Just had a really good look at the photos of the 100 in Japan. Wow! Front Toyota winch Rear locker Double Din dash so you can fit Apple Car Play and reverse camera. No AHC suspension Cloth seats. Fridge in armrest That would be perfect for me.
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    Finding a good 100

    Buy lots of Bilt Hamber wax. Its great.
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    Finding a good 100

    Has anyone imported a 80 or 100 direct from Japan? I can't stop looking at this website. Really nice 100 series on there with Toyota front winch and no AHC. £13000 plus delivery to UK plus import duty. TOYOTA LAND CRUISER 100 VX LIMITED...
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    105 Series steel wheels

    Don't know anything about that, must be something to do with the website.
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    6x4 Land Cruiser

    Didn't Edd China used to build these in a previous life?
  13. br1anuk

    105 Series steel wheels

    Are these the wheels youre looking for? At Cabmasters, they've got a lot of new old stock Land Cruiser wheels. 275/70 R16 - [Leaving Land Cruiser Club]
  14. br1anuk

    ARB bumpers

    Have you had a look at the bars that Cabmasters have in stock? New take offs. I have no connection with this company but they do have an amazing amount of Land Cruiser parts. Toyota Land Cruiser 100 Series Front Bars - [Leaving Land Cruiser Club]
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    Front lockers?

    So theres no traction control then through the ABS?
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