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    Heated seat loom

    I pulled the panel down where the fuel flap release is and you can see the small fuse block up underneath. One of the fuses was listed as "seat" on the diagram. It had no fuse in and I used a piggy back fuse with a 10 amp in it. Joined both the heated seat wires together so only had to use one fuse.
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    Heated seat loom

    Ive just fitted heated carbon seat pads onto my cloth GX seats before I fitted a set of Escape Gear seat covers over the top. Theres actually a fuse for heated seats down by the drivers right knee and I used a piggy back fuse to tap straight into that. The kit was £28 with fast delivery and its...
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    Wanted, 80 series alloys

    I know exactly what you're saying about "worm creep", Ive got factory diamond cut wheels on our other car and they're just starting to go now the cars seven years old. I'd like to get them blasted then powder coated metallic grey then have the diamond cut finish and clear coat on top. I had my...
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    Wanted, 80 series alloys

    Just looking for an old oxidised set as I want to get them diamond cut. If yov'e got a set for sale why don't you tell me how much you want for them instead of sniping at some one else's post. Maybe my idea of cheap is different too yours.
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    Wanted, 80 series alloys

    Has anyone got a set of four 80 series later type alloys knocking about they want to sell cheap. They don't have to be perfect as I'll be getting them refurbished. Not interested in tyres as Ive got a set of KO2's to go on them. Thanks Brian.
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    Problem with morning start with Landcruiser 120 Prado 30 d4d 2004 diesel

    Sounds like one of your injectors is knackered. You need to do a leak off test to see which one is misbehaving.
  7. br1anuk

    120 dog guard

    Thanks for that those are exactly the same seats as mine. Ill contact my Toyota dealer.
  8. br1anuk

    120 dog guard

    Ive been after a genuine dog guard for my colorado but every time one comes up on eBay its the other end of the country. Could you tell me where you got this one from please? Thanks Brian
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    100 series Rims

    And for your information I've never endorsed them only highlighted that they exist. I think we're all big boys on this forum and can make up our own minds as to wether a company is worth dealing with.
  10. br1anuk

    100 series Rims

    Ive never had any dealings with them but the fella does sound as though he doesn't want to sell anything. I'm on a mercedes forum and I mentioned that they had a couple of brand new mercedes complete car shells in primer and a guy off there went up and bought one off them with no problems. Ive...
  11. br1anuk

    100 series Rims

    Check this company out. They strip brand new land cruisers , I can't believe more people on this forum know about them. They've got loads of stuff New old Stock.
  12. br1anuk

    Wanted: Spares for Avon inflatable

    Have you joined Ribnet forum?
  13. br1anuk

    Meet My New (to me) 2002 LC100 Amazon , Prepped for Overlanding

    Its green so it'll be fantastic. Enjoy it.
  14. br1anuk

    looking for a 100 series,what were the best years?

    Aren't the 100 series from 2003 £570 road tax?
  15. br1anuk

    Aircon compressor p/n

    Been out in the car today and every time I switch on the AC I get a big smile on my face. Like winning the lottery.
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