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  • yah yah absolutely!!!:icon-biggrin:! cnt w8 2 gt mine bk on da road:dance:, 1kzt gtin rdy 2 go bk in mon, nice shiny alu rad came last wk lks wkid!!! super :icon-cool: HAPPY DAYZZZ:lol:.
    wt bowt ur trb mon?
    dat 6cyl wiv ur CANNON ZORST will be pure filth lol
    Yos I bin pluyin wif de 60 urbo dis lst wkend, lokin lke porn bruv, luvin the 60 tis mnter monner! Has de nw 1kzt trnd up yet? Luv the 1kzt wif de 3" zorst:icon-biggrin: LIFE IS MINT WITH A CRUIZER Yah?
    proper mnter mon:icon-biggrin:, a i'll knw bwt dat 3l mtr 2moz nte, will b helish tidy if dat comes gud a!. wna heat that bst whistle!!, u gt any pics bwt wt ur planin mon:think:
    Yah she lockin sic bruv, erm fink i got the same touyre as u cum to fink of it! Finkin of fittin a urbo on the 60 xt wknd gunna b gr8t ven gunna be mnter mon ;)
    uhh ye dem rms r sik a mon, der 33s, wt sze is ur mtr in dat bd boy mon? u got trb on er?
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