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    Yet another 80 build thread

    The tent and awning set up look absolutely fantastic. I bet that makes for a super comfortable camp!!!
  2. Roy Duffy

    Maxtrax alternative

    4x4 Obession now stock US ActionTrax in the UK. US ActionTrax - [Leaving Land Cruiser Club] These have no weight limit Higher melting point than MaxTrax Will not break Made from Dupont material Used by the US military Pre set to drill to update with metal teeth UK Stock Made my by a chap called...
  3. Roy Duffy

    Escape Gear

    We now stock the full range of Escape Gear seat covers, bags, wheel covers and accessories. Contact [email protected] for more information or call 07505 973 205
  4. Roy Duffy

    Old Man Emu & ARB Stockist

    We now stock the full range of Old man emu suspension & ARB products Contact [email protected] for more information or call 07505 973 205
  5. Roy Duffy

    US Action Trax

    ActionTrax - Self Recovery Track System for Snow, Sand, Mud and Silt - DuPont Nylon - Sold in pairs Higher melting point than Maxtrax. No weight limit, can be used by fully loaded expedition trucks or concrete mixers Maximum Traction: The aggressive cleats on these boards maximize your tire...
  6. Roy Duffy

    80 series coil spring spacers 30mm

    Ill take the front new set please. PM me details :cool: Thanks Roy
  7. Roy Duffy

    20% Off Lightforce Lightbars at 4x4 Obession

    Hahahaha is that because there is a defender on the landcruiser club forum???
  8. Roy Duffy

    10% off at 4x4 Obsession

    Looking for awesome products for your next Landcruiser adventure 10% off at 4x4 Obsession • Lightforce Driving Lights • Lightforce LED Lightbars • Goodwinch TDS winches & Dyneema Bowope • Viair compressors including onboard air • Jetboil • Aluminium sand ladders • Landcruiser LED interior...
  9. Roy Duffy

    20% Off Lightforce Lightbars at 4x4 Obession

    Looking for an extreme Lightbar for you Landcruiser If you are looking for a lightbar and you actually want great usable light on the road check out our range of Lightforce lightbars. Built for the harshest conditions in the world and for professional drivers. To get 20% off Lightforce...
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    Ready to sell my old LR110 and buy vx100 :)

    Sounds like a very good choice!! I have had defenders since i could drive. They are fun, but spend to much time buying parts and sorting them. 100 series is a wise decision!!!
  11. Roy Duffy

    Many thanks to Roy Duffy of for a great weekend

    Nice work Nick that was a great weekend too!!! We will need to get another planned in when your sorted!!! Cheers Roy
  12. Roy Duffy

    Many thanks to Roy Duffy of for a great weekend

    Mine has the CDL switch fitted at a later date. (before i got it)
  13. Roy Duffy

    12v Compressors

    Viair are very good. If you do not want to turn compressor off or move, you could disconnect hose and use a standalone pressure gauge to check pressures. How often will you be deflating and re-inflating your tires? Below are a list of viair options of portable and on board air...
  14. Roy Duffy

    Many thanks to Roy Duffy of for a great weekend

    Hey Shayne Great write up!! Really enjoyed meeting you and Helen!! Absolutely fantastic sharing the weekend with lots of offroad adventures with you!! Nick was a star too in the recovery situations as well as his legendary chef skills!! Fajitas in the dreich field were very welcome as was the...
  15. Roy Duffy

    Lenovo tablet - what app for gps maps

    I have downloaded alpinequest. It seems to work and can load my OS maps. Now some more learning to used gpx files on it. Thank you all for your help!! :-)
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