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  1. TonyP

    TPS Trade Account

    Anyone have a trade account with TPS ( Looking to buys some small bits for my Audi and they won't deal with the public :rage::rage:
  2. TonyP

    Blue Smoke

    So the mrs calls me the morning reporting smoke coming out of the engine as she was reversing up the drive. I told her to turn it off and not to drive it till I could take a look... So I get home, have a look inside the engine bay and nothing obvious and the coolant looks fine no milkiness on...
  3. TonyP

    Oscillating Multi Tools

    I am after one of these and have no clue as to which one I should buy. Not going to be used loads as it's only for home use, but the range is surprising, from cheepo Erbauer ones at £70 to Makita, Dewalt and Bosch ones going for £100's. Not looking for battery powered versions, and this DeWalt...
  4. TonyP

    Tight Steering on 120

    So I have had this problem on and off for about 4 months but it has got much worse recently. Basically steering is quite tight when turning either left or right. Takes some effort. When it first started I changed the power steering fluid as is was definitely past it's best but this made no...
  5. TonyP

    Interesting Morning

    There I was cruising up the A1 on the way to work, when I hear a bang...... Hmmm I think to myself, that's not good best I pull over and just take a quick safety check. Come off the gas doing 70mph, and drift over from the outside lane and stop in the lay-by some 300 yards later. I step...
  6. TonyP

    Body Shop Recommendation

    So as my 120 approaches its 12th birthday I thought it's about time to treat it to a bit of a refurb. Thinking about a general body touch-up, fix a flapping bonnet and also some rust patching under the sills and also some sort of chassis rust treatment. Wheels could do with some attention too...
  7. TonyP

    Facebook, Twitter and Good 'ol US of A??

    Another reason why spoutting any old crap online may actually bite you back: Now of course I am sure the US gov has already got access to this, but for the tinfoil hat wearers, time to get...
  8. TonyP

    Brakes: Disks and Pads

    So I think it's time to look at changing mine all round, looking at my records does not seem like I have changed the disks since new, so roughly 110000 km's on the clock (is this possible as it seems a bit high...) Standard vehicle used as a daily driver so not heavily loaded for over-landing...
  9. TonyP

    Finally let me down

    Well after 10.5 years the 120 let me down last Wednesday :cry: Got in to go to work and no start... half a turn and then nothing.... Batteries dead, I mean common after 10.5 years they finally decided to give up, I don't know quality aint what it used to be :fearscream: Simon sorted me out...
  10. TonyP

    Wheel Size on 120

    Just checking with those in the know.... My 120 has 17"x7.5j rims with and I have a opportunity to pick up some replacement rims, however these are 17"x6.5j. Do you think these will fit? Thanks
  11. TonyP

    Wheel Size Resource

    Whilst looking for something else came across this website which has got all the wheel sizes across the range including RIM, PCD, THD and CB dimensions:
  12. TonyP

    Help - Car Trailer Needed

    Long shot I know, but does anyone have a trailer big enough to take a VW Passat that I can borrow for beer money? Brothers car broke down in Huddersfield over the weekend and we need to recover it to North London. If anyone has anything we can borrow that would be awesome. Thanks Tony
  13. TonyP

    It's Friday

    Yup made it to the end of the week NisCkxU544c
  14. TonyP

    Scotland on a Motorbike

    Instead of the usual European jaunt on the motorbikes we are thinking about touring around Scotland this year. The intention would be to go as for north as we can, so visiting places like Ullapool, Lochinver, Durness, John 'o Groats + some of the bigger cities etc. These are road bikes so not...
  15. TonyP

    Poor Service From Main Dealer

    So my 120 had the MOT test last week and failed on a split CV boot, which I asked the MOT place (not Toyota) to change the part as I had no time to do so, and they then passed it. It then went for a service yesterday and I get a call from the Toyota stealer with the following noted: Pollen...
  16. TonyP

    Spotted Modified 100 Northbound A1

    As per the title, spotted this morning around 7:30 Northbound on at A1 junction 6. Lovely 100 with ARB bumpers front and rear, spare wheel on back, Hanibal roof tent, Safari snorkel etc Was going to wave and then though no use as I was in my commuter.
  17. TonyP

    120 LC5 Sub / Amp / CD Shuttle

    I have the small sub and associated amp and 5 CD Shuttle from a Land Cruiser 120 LC5 spec. Bought these a few years ago as part of a job lot in an attempt to convert my LC4 to the touch screen setup but did not get very far with it. Not tested but should be working, open to offers. Sub...
  18. TonyP

    For Sale: 120 Rear Door (Door mount spare)

    Project I never got round too, and it's taking up space: If anyone is interested let me know....
  19. TonyP

    Fore Sale: RaceChip Pro2 Unit for LC120

    I purchased this unit just over a year ago and installed it and used it for about 8 months, but I have decided that I no longer need it especially as I don't actually do any towing etc. My install thread is here:
  20. TonyP

    120 Loss of Power and Fuel Leak

    About a week ago I got into the 120 after not having driven it for a while (Mrs daily drive) and I says to the Mrs, hmmm there's a bit of a diesel smell, can you smell that.... "Yeah now that you mention it..." :doh: So I have a look around the usual suspects but can't see where it's coming...
  21. TonyP

    Streaming Media in Car

    Like myself I am sure many of you have small/young children and have the joys of enduring longish car trips where the boredom eventually creeps in, and as we had a pending trip to Ireland and back I decided that streaming movies wirelessley to the kids iPads was the answer. I have tried...
  22. TonyP

    Parrot mki9200 Bluetooth Hands Free Kit

    I have for sale my Parrot mki9200 kit that I had installed in my 120. Was working fine up until I replaced the head unit which came with Bluetooth. It has the latest firmware installed, which allows 2 phones concurrently connected. About three years old, and comes with all the original bit's...
  23. TonyP

    Pocket GPS World

    Anyone here subscribe to Pocket GPS World? Looking to subscribe so that I can get the speed camera POI's? Are there any free alternatives? Thanks
  24. TonyP

    Double Din Radio/Sat Nav Touch Screen

    Right, so I'm now officially bored of the standard unit installed in my 120 LC4 and I am toying with replacing it, but I have no idea what's good and what will fit. Doing a quick Google returns a list of units that range anywhere from £200 to £1k.... Ideally what I want is as follows: Connects...
  25. TonyP

    Offered: 2006 HONDA CBR 1000 RR-5 Red/Blue/Grey

    Bit of a long shot, but I have a Honda Fireblade up for sale on eBay: It's in excellent condition with less than 7200 miles on the clock. I am open to offers if anyone is interested
  26. TonyP

    Service Interval

    My 120 is coming up to year since the last service, however its only done about 6000miles. Should I hold off on the service till its done 10k, or service on a year? Cheers, Tony
  27. TonyP

    120 Back Door for rear mount wheel

    I have for sale the 120 rear door for rear mounting the spare wheel. I bought this about 2 years ago with the intention of moving my spare to the rear door, but alas SWMBO decided that this was a non starter, so it's now up for sale. :violin: It's in fair condition with some scratches that were...
  28. TonyP

    RaceChip Pro Power Box

    So whilst searching for something completely different in ebay, I can across someone selling a tuning box called RaceChip Pro. Seemed reasonable, so I found the actual sellers website, and after a few exchanges of emails, I purchased said unit (middle one in link below) for €229 ...
  29. TonyP

    120 Seat

    I know it's a long shot, but I am looking for the front seat (driver or passenger) with the heating elements (I think lc4 and above) from a 120. Also the heating switches that are located in the front console by the gear leaver. And no don't want to pay a fortune....
  30. TonyP

    For the Developers out there
  31. TonyP

    We didn't own an iPad

    From elsewhere.... HeEWtNaW6KE&sns
  32. TonyP

    FJ25 in Paris

    So took the Mrs to Paris for a bit of oo la la, and stumbled across this in the Toyota show room on the Champs Elysees The info board dated it as 1958. Beautifully restored... no price though :eusa-naughty:
  33. TonyP

    For the Techies out there.....

    tracert :icon-cool:
  34. TonyP


  35. TonyP

    120 Auto Folding Mirrors

    Well for as long as I have had the 120 I have always wanted the mirrors on the doors to fold in automatically when locking the car, and to also fold out when unlocking. After a bit of searching I gave up looking, until Crispin spotted a unit made by a German company...
  36. TonyP

    Bad Driving

    Just been sent this youtube link. Some really bad driving.... :eusa-naughty: oFkw5JFOmHk
  37. TonyP

    Amazing Picture

    Hand drawn :shock:
  38. TonyP

    Space Shuttle in L.A.

    Time-lapse video
  39. TonyP

    Front Windscreen Defroster

    Having a odd problem with my front windscreen defrosted on my 120, it's a LC4 so not the fancy touch screen jobbie. If you press the front defrost button, the LED on the button comes on, and it switches to the defrost mode (out of auto), but the fan blower does not speed up as expected. If you...
  40. TonyP

    Bj40 It looks good, but really how much :icon-surprised:
  41. TonyP


    Oops sorry about the size
  42. TonyP

    For Sale KZJ90 SWB Land Cruiser Colorado 3.0TD (Lil' Blue)

    Well time has come to part with LB. As many of you are aware I acquired this from Chris who had put a lot of effort into building/customising it into what it is today. Why am I selling... well I fancy a change, maybe a 40 series or perhaps a FJ Cruiser (like I'll ever have the money for that)...
  43. TonyP


    We managed to get tickets to the Olympics Kayak event that took place today, and even though I was a bit of a sceptic about it all, it really did turn out to be a great day out. Kids loved it, easy to get there (ok we were not at the main sight), everyone was really friendly and helpful, and the...
  44. TonyP

    Lonley Boy

    Skip forward to 4 mins [youtube:37e49myk]eYRMbj6U2Ww[/youtube:37e49myk]
  45. TonyP

    Curry Judge

    Shameless cross post from elsewhere :shh: For those of you who have lived in Natal(South Africa), you know how typical this is! They actually have a Curry Cook-off about June/July. It takes up a major portion of a parking lot at the Royal Show in PMB. Judge #3 was an inexperienced food...
  46. TonyP

    Water Softeners

    Ok, so not LC related, but hopefully one/some of you clever folk know something about this. So I live in a hard water area, and after 10 years all my taps etc look like they are a 100 years old :thumbdown: Just started looking at water softeners, but it's a bloody minefield. A Google search...
  47. TonyP

    Hydraulic Press

    Always wanted one of these and now that I need to replace my wheel bearings, now's a good excuse to buy some tools... :lol: Whats the thoughts on capacity, yes I know bigger is better :roll: , but they do start to get a bit expensive. I think for diy 10T or 15T is probably going to be...
  48. TonyP

    Monolithic Bee (Mobee)

    From The Register ... obot_bees/ [youtube:41oiew4t]VxSs1kGZQqc[/youtube:41oiew4t] How cool is that!
  49. TonyP

    Road Rage

    There is always someone harder than you :shock: [youtube:1qkr9ra1]J5UpmY_WypY[/youtube:1qkr9ra1]
  50. TonyP

    Carlsberg Cinema Stunts

    [youtube:1wfnzygy]g6OaSzoSpHE[/youtube:1wfnzygy] What would you have done?
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