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  1. Paddler Ed

    Our J95 land Cruiser not known to Insurers? Plus the Quality of the Turbo

    It's a grey import as it came in via the Netherlands official network to a dealer in Chesterfield (I doubt a main Toyota dealer, they'd have got a slapped wrist from Toyota UK) - it sounds like it was from the era where there was money to be saved (and made) importing from high vehicle tax EU...
  2. Paddler Ed

    1992 FZJ80 with the 1FZFE: Daily Driver + Tourer

    And the big news.... After nearly 12 months of ownership (14 days or so short of 12 months) and 11 months of having the part on the shelf, I finally replaced the broken driver's door exterior handle: So strange having the proper door handle! Only took 30minutes to pull the door card out...
  3. Paddler Ed

    1992 FZJ80 with the 1FZFE: Daily Driver + Tourer

    Sorry Julian, I did see the pictures the day after you posted them, but forgot to acknowledge them! So, we went away a fortnight later, and had a look at one of the racks I'd been thinking about as the "off the shelf"ish solution as there was a local stockist...
  4. Paddler Ed

    Questions about purchasing used Land Cruiser

    200,000 miles in something from 1999 would be just under 10,000miles per year. In 2007 I bought a 7 year old Volvo with 183,000 miles on it - or about 26,000/year. I then proceeded to put on another 50odd,000 in three years. I generally worry more about something with low miles than high miles...
  5. Paddler Ed

    G'day. New cruiser owner/builder

    Also not worth LS'ing it, as then it gets a performance mod plate and no good for NSW P platers.... As you say, it's an early one with the split rear window - there's a couple of guys who have similar vintage ones, and are doing them up slowly, so keep an eye on their projects for where they...
  6. Paddler Ed

    G'day. New cruiser owner/builder

    Rodger's done a great job on his.... mine? well, it still gets used for firewood etc, so we keep it good but not great. Don't worry - time will be twice what you expect and budget about the same! We've got a mate here who is a couple of months older than Jaz, and he has a collecting habit for...
  7. Paddler Ed

    G'day. New cruiser owner/builder

    Oh, and this one: There will be some for VIC as well..
  8. Paddler Ed

    G'day. New cruiser owner/builder

    This one is good: and so is this one: Between them, they have most of the parts that you'll need but can't buy new
  9. Paddler Ed

    G'day. New cruiser owner/builder

    Good luck! Couple of good starting points for parts are: -Allfourx4 in Kotara -Mr Landcruiser (QLD) -Don Kyatt stockists (that's the company behind Terrain Tamer) BUT You will find some parts hard to find (like water pump... one of the guys in town here is chasing one down and the usual...
  10. Paddler Ed

    Hi all from Northern NSW Australia

    Used to paddle white water open canoe and kayak - did it for 10 years or so for work, but haven't really been back in a boat for a long time. I've also had a brief dabble with SUPs, but I want to find a river SUP over here which is harder.
  11. Paddler Ed

    Hi all from Northern NSW Australia

    Welcome - where abouts in Northern NSW? Inland, Northern Rivers or North Coast?
  12. Paddler Ed

    Oz to UK postal help request.

    It would end up doing BNE - SYD - Me (~1 week) - SYD - Out to the UK (~2 weeks), and that's not a particularly fast run at the moment unless you hit the days when we have a flight into town instead of road transport from Sydney.
  13. Paddler Ed

    Pick-up in the Craven Arms area??

    SY7 8xx is Craven Arms is area.... if I was in the UK it wouldn't be a drama as that's my (southern) base area there.
  14. Paddler Ed

    Oz to UK postal help request.

    Sorry Flint - I did get your PM, but it just got me when I read things and then forget about them. I could do it, but I reckon it would be about 3 weeks - someone in one of the major cities would be quicker....
  15. Paddler Ed

    Question about 80 Series Model Number

    Pretty sure the DX or Standard only came with the 1HZ 1HDs only came in GXL or higher
  16. Paddler Ed

    Rims and tyre suggestions for FJ45 Troopy plus minor progress

    -10 gives you the offset to clear the tie rod ends (0 tends to foul); my -12 was just from memory, but I can quickly work out the offest on my wheels if it would help - I've got one off the car at the moment, so easy enough to do.
  17. Paddler Ed

    1992 FZJ80 with the 1FZFE: Daily Driver + Tourer

    All good - thanks, there's no rush. Also just realised that the bar I have a line on is actually a Kaymar bar, not TJM... Doh!
  18. Paddler Ed

    1992 FZJ80 with the 1FZFE: Daily Driver + Tourer

    Thanks Julian - I did do a bit of poking through Dr Google and did come across yours - do you have any pictures of the fitting etc? I've found one OK picture of it, looking from slight above down onto it.
  19. Paddler Ed

    Rims and tyre suggestions for FJ45 Troopy plus minor progress

    ET35 implies +35 They do have some ET0, but I think you need ET-12 at least.
  20. Paddler Ed

    1992 FZJ80 with the 1FZFE: Daily Driver + Tourer

    Update time: Mechanical I gave up on the charcoal canister when I worked out how it worked a bit more - I ended up constricting the end with a cable tie, so it can't suck as much air in through, forcing it to pull from the fuel tank instead. This appears to have improved matters. Last fill up...
  21. Paddler Ed

    Ineos Grenadier

    The more I think about, and join the dots a bit with some comments from others, the more that I see that it is a vanity project from Sir Jim Ratcliffe. He cracked the sh!ts with Land Rover as Rodger says, and that seems to be his motivation. Yes, Land Rover dropped the ball with the new...
  22. Paddler Ed

    Rims and tyre suggestions for FJ45 Troopy plus minor progress

    That style is really hard to find in non-split rim. Personally, I'd go with Snowbound's suggestion and use 235/85R16s - in part, because that is what I've got, and I think it looks good (much better than I expected given what I paid for the wheels and tyres): And fitted up to our HJ45: It's...
  23. Paddler Ed

    Ultra violet water purification system for over landing - any ideas on UV equipment?

    I was going to suggest something from Katadyn, but the only thing that jumps out is this: but that's not the UV side for the bacteria - they do the Steripen for that...
  24. Paddler Ed

    Downsides to large 4x4 ownership, let's hear them!

    It's about a 20:40:40 split here when Uni is on for the vehicles - 20% cars (normally international students and some city origin students, and some staff) 40% soft readers (RAV4 etc) and 40% full 4x4 either wagons or utes. Out of the 4x4s Toyota is king with Hilux or Cruisers. My HJ45 does...
  25. Paddler Ed

    list of countries that sold/sell the 70 series?

    2 basic Starting Points: A) Petrol (Gas) B) Diesel 1) Short Wheelbase wagon 2) Medium Wheelbase wagon 3) Long Wheelbase wagon (Troopy) 4) LWB Wagon (5 door) 5) Cab chassis/Pick Up Also, 1, 2 and 4 were available with coils (Prado/Bundera/Land Cruiser 2 depending on market) or leaf springs...
  26. Paddler Ed

    What budget laptop?

    Quick look - I loaded up the DailyMail website and U-Block Origin had 32 blocks on it; in comparison, the ABC Website (equivalent to BBC) had 3... which would go some way to explaining how much Chrome needed to operate and LandCruiser Club has 8. If you had a couple of tabs open, then that...
  27. Paddler Ed

    What budget laptop?

    I've been running Lenovo Laptops for the last 7 years - prior to that I had a Dell for 5 years. I tend to buy corporate spec ones (currently Lenovo Thinkpad) as you can get a bit of customisation with them. I get as much RAM as I can shove into them, and my current preference is an SSD of...
  28. Paddler Ed

    Landcruiser HZJ78R Deathwobble

    How old are the tyres? Have they got flat spots? 290,000 isn't that high on a 21 year old vehicle (about 14,000km/year) so the tyres could be a fair few years old. Otherwise, get a tyre fitter to check that the rims are actually round and true, and are mounted up correctly - you may need to...
  29. Paddler Ed

    Slow forums

    Chas, it might be worth doing a screenshare with Crispin via Zoom or similar, so he can see what is going on, and can dive into your browser a bit more to find settings etc that might be causing problems. Sometimes it's hard to explain things that need fixing without seeing things in person - we...
  30. Paddler Ed

    the pitfalls of sharing a spotify account.

    I normally just get a message from the boss saying what the hell are you listening to... Currently, I'd recommend Sabotage Radio: That's been played quite loudly for me and the dog to enjoy this arvo - bugger...
  31. Paddler Ed

    UK death rates.

    Mate lost his Dad to C-19 this last week in the UK - his Dad would be about the same age as my parents and the out-laws. The county my parents live in in the UK has nearly 2.5x the number of fatalities that Australia has (249 vs 101) The good news is that Australia has slowed their growth to a...
  32. Paddler Ed

    The corona virus thread

    Has any country got the management of it 100% right? No Have some done better than others? Yes Did some act quicker, rather than reacting later? Yes Are there things that places would do differently? Yes Could the messaging be better? Yes Instead of throwing sh!t at one another like a bunch of...
  33. Paddler Ed

    LJ70 Build Thread!

    IIRC the VIC scheme is days per year; the NSW scheme has followed the VIC one, and up here we can use them for x number of days a year + club events. So if you get it right, you can do a weekend club event and it wouldn't come out of your days. Landlord has his 2x Triumphs on it, and we...
  34. Paddler Ed

    LJ70 Build Thread!

    Hey Ben, Next time you're working with a sticky puller, put some tension on it and give it a tap - could even be a shifter on it rather than the breaker bar.... I had that experience with the stator and flywheel on the XT600 until a mate came over, told me to put the shifter on it and put it...
  35. Paddler Ed

    The corona virus thread

    I got a comment edited by admins on another 4x4 forum for being a bit too blunt to the guys who wanted to head off camping to avoid it all.... perhaps saying to them that one of their next major decisions would be a fire or a hole was too blunt for their sensitivities....
  36. Paddler Ed

    The corona virus thread

    My folks' village has had 2 cases (caught from an Elvis tribute act a local pub...) and the Out Laws now have the drama that there has been a case at the care home that the MiL works in (luckily only 1 day/week, and on night shift) BUT given that MiL is the only one under 70 out of all of...
  37. Paddler Ed

    Petrol or Diesel???

    That one on eBay looks fairly straight up: 1) UK supplied car (standard shape front plate, rear fog lights in the tailgate) 2) xnnnxAN is a Reading registration plate, and it still has the original dealer sticker in the rear window (sad thing to pick up on, but it was one of the first things I...
  38. Paddler Ed

    The people have spoken

    I think the question is not actually the shape of the fall and recovery, but more the angle of the other side - is it going to be the same growth trajectory as pre Covid-19, or which side of it? That ultimately is the measure of resilience. I do have some economic papers that look at the...
  39. Paddler Ed

    Worth shipping right hand drive diesel to USA?

    Novelty value for Toyota Diesels in the USA (outside of California) is madness; they're paying really solid money for them, add in the perception that Toyota diesels are unbreakable is still solid in the USA. In terms of whether it's worth doing? I know of a couple of people who have JDM HiLux...
  40. Paddler Ed

    Absolutely Gutted In Morocco

    Got a mention along with @MarkW on Expedition Portal: I did wonder when I saw the Collie, UK plates and Mark's name if it was the same - then the mention of the 80 made me certain.
  41. Paddler Ed

    Queenslanders - PPQ Japanese plates

    Seen them on some of the grey import Fast and Furious cars in NSW - works on them, but I'm not sure that'd work on a Prado. How much are DMR going to sting you for custom plates and numbers each year? NSW just get the broom handle out and add it to the rest at rego time....
  42. Paddler Ed


    Amazingly true and one of the best descriptions I've ever read of both of them.
  43. Paddler Ed

    These 60's are growing on me

    12HT engined inland (so rust free/minimal rust) are stupid money here - petrols? Nearly give away, certainly in and around the $5-8k mark depending on rust (so about the same as a petrol 80). 2H diesels aren't expensive (only a bit more than a petrol) but can be slow as a slug (says me with a...
  44. Paddler Ed

    On this day in history

    I've been enjoying these: The first series is good as well
  45. Paddler Ed

    1992 FZJ80 with the 1FZFE: Daily Driver + Tourer

    This weekend's game... We tend to have a strong smell of petrol after a run, normally from around the rear corner, but also in the cab sometimes when the windows are open. I've already replaced the fuel filler gap, but that didn't cure it, so this weekend I set to it. The suspected culprit is...
  46. Paddler Ed

    Site Upgrade (Something has has nothing to do with COVID-19)

    Is it all pages or just some? I've just been trying to change my bookmarks from the old page I used to land on (Land Cruiser Club - [Leaving Land Cruiser Club] = /community) and it takes a bit of time to move to the new landing page. However, if I use What's new - [Leaving Land Cruiser Club]...
  47. Paddler Ed

    BJ73 for sale in Sweden

    The magic bit in the VIN is LJ73 - which tells you that it's L-series engine (probably a 2L-T(E?) going by the badges)
  48. Paddler Ed

    BJ73 for sale in Sweden

    I reckon it's an LJ73 or KZJ73 with that nose, also doesn't seem to have leaf springs (which points towards a 'light' rather than a 'heavy' 70. Also has a turbo badge on the back. Someone more familiar with thermostat positions might be able to shed more light based on the engine bay picture
  49. Paddler Ed

    On this day in history

    I was working in France at the time, in Northern Brittany and Normandy; I can still remember bits of the place I was working in, but we were able to get BBC Radio 1 from the Channel Islands on the van radios, and it was a great mix of music played.
  50. Paddler Ed

    Should I panic buy this FJ45?

    Looking at it, not sure the first owner was the Post Office- in 1982 they would have been AusPost. I think that the first owner was a bit of the State Government - the address and stamp is: Department of Administrative (Adminstration?) Services (Transport and Storage Division) BOX 4052 at the...
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