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  1. Paddler Ed

    1992 FZJ80 with the 1FZFE: Daily Driver + Tourer

    So my plan to replace the 4Runner with: a) something newer (4Runner is a 1992) b) lower kms (4Runner has 361,000) c) bit more power than the 3VZE has d) bit more comfort (space, aircon and stuff) has landed me in touch with a mate of a mate who is selling a 296,000km 1994 FZJ80 manual - now that...
  2. Paddler Ed

    Jurgens Oryx Off Road Caravan - eBay UK

    Saw this on Expedition Portal, and thought it might be of interest on here: Link down here:
  3. Paddler Ed

    Spotto! Troopy Pop top in New England/NW NSW

    Anyone from the forum on the road in Australia at the moment? Just saw this one at one of the parks in town as I dropped into the office. I half recognise the paint scheme from on here.
  4. Paddler Ed

    24x 4WD Action DVD's in the UK

    Hi All, Just doing a tidy up at my folks, and have found a load of DVDs that I picked up in Australia back in 2010 - 12 Outline of what there is: 4WD Action: 130, 145, 166 - 181, 181 (again) 185 and Iconic Destinations 1 (Cape York) and 2 (Simpson Desert) Camper Trailer Touring DVD: 21 &23...
  5. Paddler Ed

    Different to the normal resto's we see here

    I've just seen this via AllFourx4's mailing list, and thought that people might be interested! I suspect that @Ben might get dragged into it as well as there's a mention of the Piranha 60 series...
  6. Paddler Ed

    Back in a Land Cruiser: 1978 HJ45 Build and Adventures

    So, after a fruitless search for a Hilux ute, I some how ended up convincing my wife that a Land Cruiser was back in budget. Now the original criteria nearly 3 months ago was something older and interesting... That criteria has seen us go from a Toyota Stout ute, to a Subaru Brumby. However...
  7. Paddler Ed

    Already posted in the 70 section

    Anyone looking for a fixer upper LJ70? Cat C at CoPart.
  8. Paddler Ed

    Anyone looking for a LJ70 fixer upper in the UK?

    This has just popped up on the 4Runner/Surf page I'm on and thought it might be of interest to some of you guys. Sounds like a Cat C write off due to front wing damage, but otherwise not too bad.
  9. Paddler Ed

    Expedition Portal Trailer find

    Just seen this on Expedition Portal - OK, I know it has LR wheels, but it might be of interest to people on here. Located in Wales Hopefully pictures work:
  10. Paddler Ed

    Ed's camper trailer build

    So, after originally planning on building my own, and after a long time loitering around Gumtree and eBay, and a couple of the camper trailer forums I found a trailer locally for sale... went to look at it this afternoon, and came home grinning like a Cheshire Cat much to the wife's annoyance -...
  11. Paddler Ed

    Brightwells, Leominster, Auction Tues 17 May: Land Cruiser Colorado

    Just had a flick through the weekly Brightwells 4x4 sale and found a tatty D4D Collie: Comes complete with the farm yard in the interior:
  12. Paddler Ed

    Off Road Camper Trailers - European Suppliers

    As I've found 2 out of the 3 European Camper trailer build threads in this section (I've lost Froggy Steve's one) I thought this was a good place to collate a list of European off road camper trailer manufacturer's/suppliers. Now I have no idea what they are like; the 2 I have found both look...
  13. Paddler Ed

    Coleman Stove bargain

    I'm going to gloat here... I think.... I'm pretty sure I got a good deal... Went looking for a dining room table table today at one of the random second hand shops that seems to have a bit of everything... didn't get a dining room table, but instead got an unused (or if used, hardly used)...
  14. Paddler Ed

    BJ40 at Brightwells Classic

    Just scrolling through the Brightwells Classic catalogues, and spotted this little gem: 1980 BJ40 ex-NZ
  15. Paddler Ed

    Not ebay... Facebook

    This popped up in the HiLux Surf/4Runner page I'm on, and thought it could be of interest for someone on here Some rust spots by the looks of it, and single piece rear windows... not perfect but might be worth a look at £3400
  16. Paddler Ed

    Not ebay, and not in the UK/Europe... but an interesting Land Crusier FS

    This came up on 4x4Earth, and I thought it might be of interest for some people Clicky here
  17. Paddler Ed

    Winter warmth hunting

    So it's been getting a bit cool here in the New England North West of NSW; we are on the mailing list for a nice place up on the edge of the Lamington National Park in QLD, so when some specials came up we grabbed them and got a couple of nights up there. Monday morning was spent loading up the...
  18. Paddler Ed

    1988 HJ75 on

    Mate sent me this, having spotted it on one of the Arborist forums. Bit steep on price (£13k) and some "interesting" payment terms etc in the advert...
  19. Paddler Ed

    L?J78 spotted on Piston Heads

    Whilst faffing about and not doing anything useful I found this on Piston Heads, for £8k it could be a really good starting point for someone. Clicky here
  20. Paddler Ed

    Doesn't fit in 80 series, and doesn't fit in overland... so here it is

    A fine example of an 80 series set up for camping (glamping?) from 4x4Earth; No idea of it's original source, other than probably Japan...
  21. Paddler Ed

    Unsealed 4x4's feature on Land Cruiser

    Just spotted this on Unsealed 4x4, and thought of it was of interest to people here.
  22. Paddler Ed banner

    Just saw this on, and thought that you guys would appreciate it.... I want this set up!
  23. Paddler Ed

    A journey to Hades aka a Sunday afternoon drive in the Styx River State Forest

    Now this report is going to be Land Cruiser free, as the vehicles are our 4Runner, a Ford Ranger, a Range Rover P38 and possibly a new Holden Colorado.... but Ben was on my case the other day to do a trip report for our local runs. In planning this trip (which is happening this Sunday, so a...
  24. Paddler Ed

    Petition to break the RAC's monopoly on the International Carnet de Passages

    Hi guys, This actually popped up on a Facebook page for Toyota Hilux Surfs/4Runners etc, but I thought given how many people are interested in overlanding, that this was appropriate to share. If there is a better place to share it then please move it to there...
  25. Paddler Ed

    One for the Aussies, but only becuase I can't afford it....

    This has been around for sale for a while now, it's out of everyone's way up in Mudgee which does also mean it's rust free, but also that no one can go to see it easily... Toyota Land Cruiser HZJ80 DX Even though it has a lot of K's I'd still like it; there's something about the simplicity...
  26. Paddler Ed

    Cordless Power Tools: Rattle Gun/Impact Wrench

    OK, I'm getting lazy now working on the 4Runner, and in the longer term I'd like a cordless rattle gun... I used a mate's DeWalt that he got about 5 years ago and it was great, but the tech has moved on a bit since then. I'm looking at about $400 (16 hours work as a translation for £) or so all...
  27. Paddler Ed

    Scott passes through Armidale, NSW

    So I know I don't have a 'Cruiser now, but Scott does! I'm sure that when he gets a chance he'll add some more pics to this thread: Scott and Steph passed through Armidale on their travels, and met up with us near Point Lookout Unfortunately Steph managed to pick up a bite from a big ant...
  28. Paddler Ed

    Australian RJ70 resurrection

    OK... so the short story is I've been looking for a car for a friend's son who is getting his L's in April '14, and he originally wanted a 40 series, but they were stupid money and old, so I talked him into a 70 series as they are much cheaper to buy at the moment. Driving around today I...
  29. Paddler Ed

    New Awning for the 4Runner

    I've been suffering a bit of equipment envy, especially after being at an event the other day with no shade, where others had an ezy-up or an side awning. I've always wanted an awning, and on the FJ73 I struggled to work out how to mount one as there weren't "proper" rain gutters, and the...
  30. Paddler Ed

    Interesting 70 Series

    I know nothing about it; just spotted it on one of the Facebook groups I belong to over here for 4x4 bits, and thought people here might be interested.
  31. Paddler Ed

    New Boots Needed

    Right, not for a Land Cruiser, but for my 4Ruuner. At the moment it's on a tired set of Cooper Discoverer HT's, 235/75R16's which are OK on tread, and passed Road Worthy the other day, BUT aren't that great when the road stops being sealed; particularly running to our friends property which is...
  32. Paddler Ed

    Time Wasting

    Just found this on one of the other car websites I loiter on... Post scores and GO!
  33. Paddler Ed

    Australian Discussions

    So that I stop derailing Ben's Build Thread, I thought it was a good idea to move to the lounge and run a thread here. Having picked up on Tony's experience with Bessie and Roo Systems, I've been a bit more wary about the promotion of their stuff (and like others will be reading the Pat...
  34. Paddler Ed

    Cumbrian Lanes

    Just read this (scaremongering) article on the BBC website, which had a link through to a very pragmatic website from Cumbria County Council that I thought I'd share. My feeling is that it's a very good service that Cumbria have offered, but it's needed a bit of a blunt hammer (the Police) to...
  35. Paddler Ed

    Found a couple on eBay; LJ70 (again), KZJ90 modded, Spares/Repair 70 and an HJ60

    LJ70 KZJ90 Bobtailed Spares/Repair 70 (Australian Style!) HJ60 Thought there might be someone interested in one of them...
  36. Paddler Ed

    Funny Pictures

    I'm not sure if there is a funny Pics thread on here or not; I know there is the Jokes thread, but on one of the other forums I use there is a funny pics thread that is good fun. From the same forum I've found this pic: Which I'm sure some people here have had some experience of.... and no I...
  37. Paddler Ed

    Another Land Cruiser KJ70 on Car and Classic

    Just found this 70 series on Car and Classic; strong price, but looks good.
  38. Paddler Ed

    Another 2 70's; one LJ70 and possibly one KJ70 on ebay... also a few KZJ90's on ebay

    LJ70 5 months Tax and MOT KJ70? with 12 months MOT and no tax 1999 KZJ90 1997 KZJ90 Not sure if anyone is looking at the moment...
  39. Paddler Ed

    Another one on Car and Classic; HZJ 75 LHD

    And another 'Cruiser on there... I'm finding more interesting ones on there than in the UK! £15k for a Troopy... And people were getting excited by the 40 series...
  40. Paddler Ed

    Not ebay; Toyota 40 Series Ute in the UK

    Just found this on Car and Classic that may be of interest; £9500 with no UK rego... and a 110 Hi Cap Tub on it...
  41. Paddler Ed

    HJ60 and KJ70 on eBay

    Neither are mine, but thought they might be of interest... as I don't have the money for them at the moment I thought I'd share them with people on here: HJ60 KJ70 Enjoy!
  42. Paddler Ed

    Shropshire Rights of Way Survey 2013

    Not sure this is in the right bit... I've just found a survey on the Shropshire Website for Outdoor Recreation Users, and it says it's about the Rights of Way Network.... most of the questions are aimed at walkers and riders (mountain bikes and horses) and other recreational users, with very few...
  43. Paddler Ed

    1989 HJ60 on eBay

    Just found this on eBay; classified ad for HJ60 Not what I was looking for at all... but hey ho!
  44. Paddler Ed

    Restoration Project BJ40 in Ireland (Not eBay)

    Just seen this on Car and Classic website: 1981 BJ40 in need of water pump (and a whole lot more!) It's only £1950... Anyone feeling brave, or have a spare body shell lying around?!
  45. Paddler Ed

    2 x LJ70's; one Spares/Repair, one low mileage

    Neither are mine: Spares/Repair: Low mileage with a damage multiplier on the front: Ed
  46. Paddler Ed

    Ed's Australian garage

    Now that my post count is up enough to put pictures up I thought I'd better show the Land Cruiser I had in Australia. Found it on eBay and it was a definite one of those move quick to get it jobs. Luckily we had 2 days off, but had to work out how we were going to afford it, as it was quite a...
  47. Paddler Ed

    Possibly found a BJ40

    Hi All, I've been lurking around here for a while having owned an FJ73 in Australia, and got bitten by the Land Cruiser Bug. Now managed to find a BJ40 over here that needs some TLC; it's got an MOT until May '13, but no tax... What is there to look for on them? I know on the 70's if they have...
  48. Paddler Ed

    Anyone else watching Tales from the National Parks on BBC4?

    Not sure that this a new programme or not; knowing the BBC it's probably a repeat. Looks at the reasons/arguments behind the some of the closures of the BOATs in the Peak District National Park, and the TRO's that were put in place. Just thought I'd flag it up for people, in case they've...
  49. Paddler Ed

    Useful link to Auction house: Toyotas at Brightwells

    My local auction house is Brightwells in Leominster; they have one of the biggest 4x4 auctions in the UK every Tuesday, the catalogue goes up on a Thursday (and keeps getting updated until the day of the sale)... they were mentioned in this month's 4x4 International IIRC. Having a look at it...
  50. Paddler Ed

    Missing my FJ73... want to find a new 'Cruiser

    Been lurking over on the UK LandCruiser forum, but have now found this one that seems a bit more active. I've just returned to the UK after 2 yrs in Australia where I was running a 1986 FJ73 FRP poverty spec 'Cruiser. Used it as my every day car, and a bit of touring in it. Was hoping to stay...
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