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  1. J

    120 dog guard

    The genuine Toyota guard is a huge thing, bolted in and yes it goes to the floor, some £350 i believe new. We bought one of these Its dog proof well made and durable, but if your dogs are likely to chew the backs of the seats...
  2. J

    Air suspension anomaly

    Thanks for the Milner suggestion, it appears those adjusters you posted pics of are for height control on 100 series. Not as that matters i've ordered one and it works out half the price of the genuine artice from Subaru, much obliged to you Simon.
  3. J

    Air suspension anomaly

    Well done Simon, now get busy with that ACF50 or whatever magic anti rust you choose :icon-cool: However i am intrigued by those adjustable links you showed, pray where can i get one. I ask because a similar link on the rear track control arm of our Forester seized and when mighty mouse here...
  4. J

    New video on changing rear air springs

    Toyota Maintenance is a regular youtuber who obviously by his name works on Toyotas, he's just published a new video on replacing airsprings on a Lexus GX470, which is a 120 with the engine we wish we could get here. Anyway, this video is the dogs bits, really clear photography showing every...
  5. J

    Headlight change

    The only experience i have of buying aftermarket headlamps was for a Mitsubishi Outlander, OE units were prone to the lenses crazing badly and Mitsi offered no support at all to affected owners of out of warranty vehicles, genuine replacements were stupidy expensive despite the original units...
  6. J

    Last underside question - 2006 LC5 129k

    Well done AndycruiserguyLomas for looking at that motor and taking those pertinent pics, a perfect example of why i avoid vehicles that have spent time in Scotland whenever possible, was easy for a while when the MOT history gave addresses of test stations, but now that short lived feature has...
  7. J

    Last underside question - 2006 LC5 129k

    Where do you live, you must be within reach of one of the members here who would show you around their motors, so you know what you are looking for. My advice would be to just wait and see what pops up whilst you are browsing, but when the right one comes don't mess about go immediately to the...
  8. J

    Last underside question - 2006 LC5 129k

    That sounds like salesman bull to me, but you won't know for sure till you get under yourself and inspect it closely, as said its at the high end of pricing for a fairly high mileage 2006 LC5, especially if its regd after March 23rd so triggering £555 VED, so it wants to be a good one.
  9. J

    Last underside question - 2006 LC5 129k

    Its a messy job whatever you're applying, this is an annual top up not a start from scratch. I lie on sheet of rubber and cover the ground where i'm spraying with large cardborad sheets, if you have a large room sized polythene dust cover suggest you put that down and then drive the vehicle...
  10. J

    Brake pistons seizing

    Much obliged for that, i was a little worried that traditional bleeding might not be suitable for these motors with the electric pressure pump, but that's proabably more of an issue if the ABS unit gets air inside, or the master cylinder/pump unit has to come off.
  11. J

    Last underside question - 2006 LC5 129k

    Mine's up on 4 ramps at this very moment, 2 higher than normal at the front and 2 standard at the back, makes that annual rustproofing routine both easy and safe. Soon as i've finished me cheese on toast lunch it's ACF50 spraytime. :cool:
  12. J

    Last underside question - 2006 LC5 129k

    That one @ Chesterfield was noting underbody corrosion on the MOT history as long ago as 2014. What is it with car owners these days, all about image or what? the topside cleaned regularly even if they get some dodgy car wash to do it, the inside kept clean, but never a though to whats...
  13. J

    Brake pistons seizing

    KVA distributors is etched i my memory, much obliged to me learned friend, it would probably cost the same to get my existing calipers refurbed should they need it, will decide later on in the year when i check again and see how those inner lower pistons are doing. Just out of interest TonyCY...
  14. J

    Last underside question - 2006 LC5 129k

    You know the sad thing here is that had that motor been given a little sensible annual after winter care, ie washing the crud, and the accumulated salt trapped in said crud, off around April/May when the salt is finally gone from the roads, that underside would be only half as bad as it is, it...
  15. J

    Brake pistons seizing

    Seems a common theme, handy info that replacement calipers arn't silly expensive, but if they do need refurbing next year i might send them to Bigg Red and let them do the job. I think its a Japanese issue here generally not confined just to Toyota, we had a Mitsubishi Outlander for a short...
  16. J

    Brake pistons seizing

    2005, 108k miles. All original calipers, this is the first time i've found any partial brake seizures on the motor. Gave the areas accessible in the wheelarches a good spraying with ACF50 whilst there, tomorrow if my back is up to it i'll do the underbelly.
  17. J

    Brake pistons seizing

    Just completed my annual full brake service, comprising of stripping out pads clean up, exercise the pistons in their bores plus lube up and indy bled the brakes out when it went in for MOT a few weeks ago and the brakes are superb. However, very glad i did the service because...
  18. J

    OIl filter differences.

    Until the last oil change on my 3.0 litre Diesel i'd been using Wix filters. Cold starts it always took a second or so for the oil pressure light to go out if the engine hadn't been started for a few days. Noticed that GSF sell Hengst H206W filters (GSF part number 120T00100) the larger...
  19. J

    Axle rust

    Chassis behind axle is prone so check that carefully, especially the fairly hidden cross member, so if the axle is all there is it sounds like a good one. The weak point is the body inner sills, front and rear where they get weathered heavily from the wheels kicking up salt and dirt, the exposed...
  20. J

    Another Injector replacement thread.

    That's really a very good price, pity the chap isn't a bit closer to me, mine's now done about 106k and whilst it sounds really good and runs well those injectors are always nagging at the back of my mind. For price comparison in 2010 a few weeks out of official warranty the injectors on my...
  21. J

    2006 Land Cruiser 120 LC5 unknown button between the ignition and the bonnet release

    Yes, that looks like the contact point for an immobilizer fitted to our company pool van, you touch the prodder (looks like a short pen attached to the keyring) to the contact point which disarms the thing. One can only assume its been disconnected, to be honest the one in the van is a pain in...
  22. J

    Last minute checkover, glad i did.

    I keep large sheets of cardboard in my store for jobs like this, but if you don't have any to hand suggest spreading a large polythene dust sheet out and then putting out your ramps and driving the motor on so the whole area is covered. Yes it will stain the ground, but like the Bilt Hamber...
  23. J

    Last minute checkover, glad i did.

    Well done you Simon, even a couple of years ago i'd have dived in and got the job done, feeling me age now and i know i'd have been hobbling around doubled over for a week if i'd done the job, don't mind routine servicing and the annual rustproofing marathon but my days of more involved jobs are...
  24. J

    Last minute checkover, glad i did.

    Well, its gone in, the local indy (they're really nice people, good work with fair pricing, not a 4x4 specialist so i gave them the option to not do the job if they didn't want it) is quite happy to do the drive shaft boots, i've also asked them to have a good poke nose around the suspension...
  25. J

    Last minute checkover, glad i did.

    Gawd i'm losing the plot, noticed the clock said 1630 earlier so tried ringing the garage to give them a heads up, blinking answerphone, finally dawned on me its Sunday, that's the trouble with my shift pattern which rotates over a 5 week period, i haven't a clue what day of the week it is.
  26. J

    Last minute checkover, glad i did.

    Cruiser is in for MOT tomorrow morn, washed it yesterday including underneath, bit old fashioned me cos i believe its disrespectful to expect a mechanic to work on something dirty. Just gave the thing the once over and discovered a front inner CV boot has split, great timing that. Not sure if...
  27. J

    Doing well !!

    Notice a common theme on these long lifers, regular servicing with good quality oils and driven with mechanical sympathy.
  28. J

    Bash plate

    I fitted one of those plates from Romania a while back, not bad at all for the price, the original like yours was rusted, dunno what Toyota were thinking was nowhere near good as the substantial OE bash plate under the 90 series. Noticed the bolt heads on the Romanian jobbie protrude underneath...
  29. J

    Injector cleaners

    That's the stuff, been through quite a few name changes over the years and still smells the same but is not as thick in its latest incarnation, if you splash it on your hands or clothes it takes eons to get the smell out.
  30. J

    Injector cleaners

    If you have a keen nose, have a sniff of so called super Diesel fuel, remarkably similar to the Millers stuff i mentioned above. Not saying the additives are the same but the smell is, if they are the same adds it's a hell of a lot cheaper adding Millers than paying the extra for super fuel. I...
  31. J

    Injector cleaners

    For what its worth i've been using Millers Diesel fuel additives (changed names several times over the years) for decades, its probably Diesel Power Ecomax or summat at the moment. So far so good, have never had any fuelling issues, not failed or dodgy injectors and to date haven't needed to...
  32. J

    D4D - start from secondary battery?

    Haven't the foggiest recall i'm afraid, but the single battery had some kick to it because the engine spun over very quickly. Incidentally, anyone noticed how small starter motors are these days, when you remember how big they used to be in the days of Bendix Drives on even a 1600 petrol engine...
  33. J

    D4D - start from secondary battery?

    These engines take some kicking over, same engine in my Hilux only had one battery, but it was a higher output than the matched pair we run on UK Diesel 120's. Not alone in needing a lot of current, for donkeys years i drove car transporters and any time we needed to jump start something like a...
  34. J

    old 3.0 or new 2.8

    Grimbo, i had one of those 3.2 engined Rangers pencilled in as a possible future purchase, due for no other reason than much cheaper used buy than Hilux and by the time i want one the 3 litre Hilux's will be rare indeed. Then i read about the issues with oil changing on the 3.2, has to be...
  35. J

    No electrisity after connecting batteries. (stood on carrage for 2 months)

    I lost an almost new Varta battery on my ageing Merc, the CTEC smart charger had gone on the blink (not the first one either) unbeknown to me, and a several weeks without charge saw it scrap. As said above, connecting a good known vehicle via jump leads will soon tell you if the batteries have...
  36. J

    120 D-4D Injector replacement

    When i bought mine i phoned round the various dealers in its service history, trying to find out if any recalls had been carried out. You'd think i was some sort of modern day cold war spy trying to subvert the country the attitude from one of them, the rest varied between couldn't find...
  37. J

    Automatic gearbox selection 120 series

    No good asking me where to lever the trims off, got the memory span of a goldfish these days, but i don't recall having any issues getting them off, some twerp hasn't glued the things in place i hope.
  38. J


    I can only assume pipework for a fuel tank fitted behind the rear axle, as my 90 series had and i assume (probably wrongly) that a second fuel tank might have been on the cards or do petrol engined 120's have the rear mounted tank anyway? Another possibility is pipework for rear air suspension...
  39. J

    just wondering...

    Direct Line working out for me, around £230 protected if i remember (shows how bad the memory is, was only January), DL not on comparison sites but have their own website and their call centre people are on the ball, business use standard. Saga good too if you are in the age range they like.
  40. J

    Conversion from Drum Handbrake to Disc / Caliper Type.

    Drum inside disc is the best rear brake design out there IMHO, and as long as the system gets some periodic maintenance its virtually trouble free. All the cars we own have this type, our LC also the Forester and our 24 year old Merc, almost every well designed car of recent years had this...
  41. J

    Corona virus

    The biggest issue with this virus is that it has an incubation term of some 2 weeks before symptoms show, during which time the carrier could have infected multiple others, and from what i read unlike the standard flu this one doesn't leave you with a resistance to it, so you have not trouble...
  42. J

    KZJ70 For Sale

    Lovely example, tastefully modified, still miss mine. Glad its gone to good hands.
  43. J

    old 3.0 or new 2.8

    Presumably the 2.8 was designed from scratch to run with a DPF, though how suitable your use would be to keep the DPF happy is for you to decide. I understand from the John Cadogan's youtube channel that due to numerous DPF issues the latest models now have a manual regeneration mode via driver...
  44. J

    Best place to sell privately

    I always look at Ebay classifieds first, lots of room for a write up and pics, plus you can look up the seller's feedback to give an idea of who you might be dealing with, to me as a buyer ebay is best. Maybe take some underbody pics of the chassis etc, few people in this country do this but...
  45. J

    Fj62 diesel batteries

    Another vote for Yuasa here, fit and forget, not had one die yet.
  46. J

    Getting tyres repaired.

    I started work in a tyre repair workshops as a lad, and still have an interest in tyres to this day. Reading back over some threads i see where several posters have had to scrap tyres prematurely because not repairable, well that may well be the case, but it might be the case that the tyre...
  47. J

    BFG K02 wet road performance questions/alternatives

    I'm running Yokohama GO15, they're all season snowflake/mountain stamped so pass officially as winter rested if needed. Very impressed indeed, they don't come with really deep tread like BFG's or Hankook AT's, about 9mm IIRC, but they are wearing well, the ride is compliant and quiet and the wet...
  48. J

    How many batteries

    Maybe removing one battery helped bring the vehicle under the threshold for highest VED rate in the UK? If it were mine i'd be hankering after getting a competent sparky to parallel cable across to the other tray and slip a suitable battery in there too, there's something very reassuring how...
  49. J

    Beginning of the end?

    Luckily there's still some decent fabricators about, and thankfully our vehicles have a proper separate chassis for such jobs. Though i'm surprised no one has offered a replacement fully galvanized chassis for LC's, similar to those available for series Landrovers, maybe heavier gauge steel...
  50. J

    Auto transmission oil change. High mileage. Never changed before

    5 Speed requires Toyota WS, which is basically synthetic Dexron 6, most good makes of D6 will cover World Standard. I too would change it, several times as TONYCY11 says , if you have the 5 speed you will need some form of oil pump or syringe to get the new oil in because they removed the...
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