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    Fjz-105 high idle!

    Thanks I will test the IAC connection with the an ohm meter. I really do think at this stage its electrical/sensor. Would cleaning the TB with carb cleaner maybe perhaps sent something down into the TPS and clogged it? I don’t know how that TPS works but just a thought. I already checked...
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    Fjz-105 high idle!

    Hi Richard, I didn’t take the TPS off the throttle body. All I did was take the intake hose off and sprayed carby cleaner to clean the throttle body. Put it all back. That seriously couldn’t have destroyed these sensors right? The intake hose is a bit hard and old though..
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    Fjz-105 high idle!

    Hi Joakim, yes i have started it without the iac valve connected via the connector but the valve itself was still in. Made no difference, and its a brand new genuine Toyota part. Unless theres a particular way the IAC must be installed? I scanned it again just now as the rpms were getting up...
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    Fjz-105 high idle!

    Hey guys been having this high idle problem!! This happened when i gave the top of the engine a small degrease nothing major and cleaned the throttle body.. Rpm is at 1200-1300 hot or cold. My scan tool shows error code P0505 - idle control system malfunction. I went and replaced the idle...
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