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  1. Jake the Peg

    Automatic 80

    Have a mate who is starting to look for a decent automatic diesel 80, let me know if you know of anything for sale or coming up thanks J
  2. Jake the Peg

    Suspension help?

    I’m trying to work out what suspension lift I have on my truck, it’s done at least 70k since the ironman kit was fitted, and now doesn’t sit so square, and is a bit soft..what I’d like if anyone can help with is the distance from the center of the hubs to the wheel arch/wing lower edge and what...
  3. Jake the Peg

    Injectors wanted

    Anyone got a set of good injectors for a 24v for sale? thanks J
  4. Jake the Peg

    Replacement shock absorbers

    I’m looking to change my shock absorbers before too much longer, currently fitted with Ironman suspension and I believe was a 4” lift, would like to keep the look of whatever height I’m still at as I’m sure it’s sagged a bit, a bit like myself! what options are readily available or recommend...
  5. Jake the Peg

    Ignition barrel

    ok, so I’m not able to give much information but still asking for help, again! I’ve given my sister my 80 while I’m in Denmark and I’ve had a call to say they can’t get the key to go all the way into the barrel, it still works in the door, I only have one key, yes I know! It’s likely I’m sure...
  6. Jake the Peg

    Roof Rack, Help required

    Much appreciated if anyone can help I have the chance of an aluminium Front Runner roof rack, for a decent price, and local to me. Its come from a defender 90, does anyone know if it will be of a suitable size for my 80? Unfortunately for me I'm in Denmark for the next 3 1/2 weeks so cant go...
  7. Jake the Peg

    Found this for sale

    found this for sale on faceache, it’s nothing to do with me in any way at all, seems the guy want a little more than scrap value
  8. Jake the Peg

    alternator / charging

    Today I fitted a new alternator in the hope that the dash warning lights Christmas tree would go out, but no luck, So some further checking, with the supplier, and fluke, I should see 12 v on all 3 wires on the alternator loom, but I don’t see any voltage on the white wire (battery voltage) if I...
  9. Jake the Peg

    80 series 12v steering wheel

    I have a good condition 12v steering wheel in black, there are a few light marks on it from storage, comes complete with horn push / center Make me an offer if it’s any use to you Cheers
  10. Jake the Peg

    Shout out!

    Thanks to Mike @chapel gate for the recent parts at good prices, I even had to chase him up for the bill after receiving them! Cheers
  11. Jake the Peg

    What wheels?

    So today I sold my older Touareg, and I’m going to have to pull my finger out this week and get the 80 through an mot, it’s almost ready, but I need to get a set of wheels, 2 questions,,, 1. I like the look of the deep dish modular steels, and was thinking of 315 tyres, I believe I will need 16”...
  12. Jake the Peg

    80 steering box top seal

    would anyone know if you can get the steering box top seal separate from the rebuild kit, or know the seal size? Thanks
  13. Jake the Peg

    Eventually started with some jobs

    So not many pictures yet but I’ll start with these 2! Having farted about trying hoping for some black magic to stop the knock knock knocking in the engine, I think it finally came! Replaced the big ends, found #3 was starting to crater but on rebuild it still sounded the same. I used some fuel...
  14. Jake the Peg

    Landrover v Tank round

    If you need to pass a few minuets
  15. Jake the Peg

    Injector rebuild

    Has anyone rebuilt their injectors themselves, the chief engineer on my ship suggests it’s a fairly easy job, they do it for our engines. I was thinking about buying new nozzles and bringing them with me next time. We have a hand pump to check the spray pattern onboard. I guess my truck has...
  16. Jake the Peg

    What parts to take?

    So I have the chance of parts from a scrap 80, the guy is using the chassis, axles, engine & gearbox etc for a Hilux build so most of the rest is available, what parts would you guys recommend me saving before it gets weighed in for scrap? Cheers
  17. Jake the Peg

    Engine, is this the BEB’s

    hi, so eventually I’ve got to go for a look at my 80, and did some power washing to remove the mud from everywhere, I think it’s acted as a preventative coating as so far it seems pretty solid and clean but hopefully I’ll get it up on the ramp tomorrow Hopefully this little video works, would...
  18. Jake the Peg

    80 rebuild questions

    Well I guess I could do lots of searching but our internet link on the ship is like using asthmatic pigeons carrying a sack of coal, so I'll ask my questions, apologies in advance of asking some of the common questions again. I'm kinda planning to have some things in place for when I get home...
  19. Jake the Peg

    Another hello for the land of Kilts and Haggis

    Hello All, Made an agreement to take on a 97 80 with some running problems, probably front axle rebuild and a good refurbishment of the interior after its spent a few hard years on a farm. I work on a ship in the north sea and have just come for my month of hell here before getting back to do...
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