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    New video on changing rear air springs

    Toyota Maintenance is a regular youtuber who obviously by his name works on Toyotas, he's just published a new video on replacing airsprings on a Lexus GX470, which is a 120 with the engine we wish we could get here. Anyway, this video is the dogs bits, really clear photography showing every...
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    Brake pistons seizing

    Just completed my annual full brake service, comprising of stripping out pads clean up, exercise the pistons in their bores plus lube up and indy bled the brakes out when it went in for MOT a few weeks ago and the brakes are superb. However, very glad i did the service because...
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    OIl filter differences.

    Until the last oil change on my 3.0 litre Diesel i'd been using Wix filters. Cold starts it always took a second or so for the oil pressure light to go out if the engine hadn't been started for a few days. Noticed that GSF sell Hengst H206W filters (GSF part number 120T00100) the larger...
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    Last minute checkover, glad i did.

    Cruiser is in for MOT tomorrow morn, washed it yesterday including underneath, bit old fashioned me cos i believe its disrespectful to expect a mechanic to work on something dirty. Just gave the thing the once over and discovered a front inner CV boot has split, great timing that. Not sure if...
  5. J

    Getting tyres repaired.

    I started work in a tyre repair workshops as a lad, and still have an interest in tyres to this day. Reading back over some threads i see where several posters have had to scrap tyres prematurely because not repairable, well that may well be the case, but it might be the case that the tyre...
  6. J

    265/65 x 17 Yokohama GO15

    I run a set of these, roughly two years now. Winter rated (snowflake and mountain symbol stamped) all season AT tyres, and i'm very happy with them indeed on a 120LC5, the wet road grip in particular is superb, comfortable and quiet too. On Camskill they're £96.70 apiece at the moment, plus if i...
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