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  1. Ryan Thomson

    Took over a metal fabrication company, what products would you guys like for your cruisers?

    Hey Guys, Very much as the title says. I took over a metal fabrication company earlier this year, based in Welwyn Garden City, with two other partners. We are all nuts about all things 4x4, off-road and overlanding. Two of us are Landcruiser nuts (both have been members on here for quite some...
  2. Ryan Thomson

    Anyone ever had a radiator cap fail?

    As the title says, anyone know of radiator caps failing? My 80 overheated on Sunday. I opened up the bonnet and saw dried up coolant all around the radiator cap. There were no signs of coolant leaking from anywhere else. The radiator cap wasn't letting the system overflow into the overflow...
  3. Ryan Thomson

    Voltage regulator query & Battery Overcharging

    Hey guys, Ran into an odd issue whilst out in the 80 yesterday. The volt gauge on the dash started bouncing up to the thin line just under the 18v line. The red charge light came on too. The bounce coincided with me hitting around 1800-2000rpm. I figure the voltage regulator on the...
  4. Ryan Thomson

    Workshop space needed Urgently within approx 10miles of the M25

    Hey Guys, So I have to vacate my workshop unit in 4 weeks. The business I have been renting from need it back, all of a sudden and I need to some where to finish and work on this: I am looking for anything within 10miles or so of the M25, yes thats how broad my search Criteria is. I live...
  5. Ryan Thomson

    LJ70 Front Axle for Sale

    Hey Guys, I am selling the front axle off of my Ultra4 build. It is a LJ70 front axel. Ebay link is here: Cheers Ryan
  6. Ryan Thomson

    Any interest in a 1989 FJ62 Landcruiser?

    Hey Guys, would there be any interest in the UK for a FJ62 (Petrol) Landcruiser? I have a friend selling one in Namiba and thought if it was worth it to import it and sell it here. What do you guys think? This is a pic of it... Let me know cheers
  7. Ryan Thomson

    Odd shimmy at 40mph when on the brakes... help.

    Hey Guys, In the last 3-4 months my 80 has developed a shimmy of sorts. It happens under very specific conditions and is easily repeatable. My observations are: 1. When I'm on the brakes, slowing from any speed over 40mph, when I get down to 40mph a shimmy developes in the steering wheel...
  8. Ryan Thomson

    Possibly the saddest photo I have ever seen...

    So I was perusing ebay looking at Landcruisers, as you do and came across this pic in one of the listings... Look at all those 80's being...
  9. Ryan Thomson

    LJ70 motor for sale I need this gone so if anyone wants it go bid! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Ryan Thomson

    Wales Laning trip - 19th - 21st Feb

    Ok so plan is to head out to Wales on Friday 19th Feb. Rough route is: Friday: Meet either at or on Strata Florida and camp on that lane Friday night. Saturday: Head north towards Machynellyth and pick up a few lanes en route, or possibly bee line for happy valley and depending on the group...
  11. Ryan Thomson

    An Ultra slow Ultra4 build

    So I bought this on a whim and just took delivery of it. The plan is to build it up to compete in the 2017 Ultra4 Europe series - It's a little rough to say the least bit rough plans are: 1. Chop the rear end into a tray back 2. 1UZFE V8 3. 14" Coil overs 4. Hydro...
  12. Ryan Thomson

    Wales Laning 2nd - 4th Oct

    Had a great weekend out in Wales. Did a few lanes en route from Cardiff to the start of Strata where we camped on Strata Friday Night. Then on Saturday we circled back to do a lane around Claerwen Reservoir. From there beelined up to Machynelleth to the "bastard lane" which was good fun. We did...
  13. Ryan Thomson

    285/75 R16 BFG KM2 Tyres on 80 Series wheels for Sale

    Hi Guys, I am selling a set of 5no. 285/75 R16 BFG KM2 tyres. 4no. are on 80 series OEM alloys. The 5th is on a Steel rim with he same offset and specs as the alloys. Tread dept is approx 10mm on the ones on the alloys and 13mm on the spare (Black Steel rim). I am looking for £350.00 for...
  14. Ryan Thomson

    R-Tech 135A stick welder with Scratch start Tig kit for Sale

    Hi Guys, I have finally upgraded my welding set (R-Tech 160A AC/DC Tig set :icon-biggrin:). As such I am selling my R-Tech 135A Inverter Stick Welder (including earth Clamp and electrode holder). See here for technical specs. I am also including a scratch start Tig setup to go with it. This...
  15. Ryan Thomson

    Possible Club trip to Bala forest Wales 13th & 14th June

    Hey Guys, I recently read up on Bala Forest in Wales. Looks pretty cool. On their website they say they will open the site for clubs if a min of four vehicles attend @ £30/vehicle. I'm not sure about camping and all that but thought I'd gauge interest first. If enough (three others...) are...
  16. Ryan Thomson

    Petrol Quality and MPG

    Hey Guys, I usually run on LPG but I haven't gotten around to filling up lately and have been running on petrol. I filled up the other day and calculated I achieved 9.87mpg. This is 90% town driving. Now bear in mind I usually get that closer to 12mpg in petrol when just driving around town...
  17. Ryan Thomson

    Confirm which Lug nuts I need please

    Hey Guys, I have recently picked up a new set of tyres and steel wheels for my 80 series. Now I know I need to use different lug nuts on the steel wheel to what is used on the standard alloys. I know the size is M12 x 1.5. What I am unsure of is the type of nut I need to buy, I am thinking...
  18. Ryan Thomson

    37" x 12.5 R17 KM2's @ £150 a piece new!

    I have been on the lookout for a set of 37" KM2's for my 80. Just ordered a set of 5 from these guys at £150 each, considering I paid £180 a tyre (285/75/16 KM2) 4 years ago, this seems dirt cheap.
  19. Ryan Thomson

    Free Clarke drill press to anyone prepared to collect.

    Hey guys, I'm making space in my shed for a small mill so I have no need or space for my drill press. It's only a little Clarke one. Does what it says on the tin. It is located in North London (N21) to anyone that wants it.
  20. Ryan Thomson

    Need help sourcing corner lamps

    Hi Guys, I need help sourcing a new set of corner lamps for this SWB70 cruiser. Any ideas where I could find a new set of these in the UK, also if anyone has a part number that would help too. Or if someone could pm me their VIN I could look it up on toyodiy. Cheers Ryan
  21. Ryan Thomson

    Anyone heading to Wales to watch King of the Valleys? 9th & 10th Aug...

    As the title says, anyone heading down to watch this? I'm thinking about going on the Sunday. YHaPGXMJRvQ
  22. Ryan Thomson

    Brake Issue...

    Hey Guys, I think my cruiser is sulking because I haven't been out playing for so long. The brakes seem to have died this morning. I had to winch a vehicle up a car park ramp on site this morning, long story, to get it out of the car park. I had one of my guys in the cruiser keeping the revs...
  23. Ryan Thomson

    Anyone here that deals in cars that can give me a written valuation?

    Hey Guys, As the title says, I'm looking for a few written valuations from car dealers for my 80 (I need to include the VIN on the valuation). I need this for the import permits required to send it back to South Africa. So if there is anyone here that can help please let me know...
  24. Ryan Thomson

    Odd vibration.

    Hey guys, My 80 has developed an odd vibration. It is most noticeable when the motor is under load. If I back off the pedal and coast it near enough disappears but I think I can still feel a very faint vibration through the steering wheel. I have checked all the tyres. I found the front PS...
  25. Ryan Thomson

    iPhone winch control, oh yes!

    Just come across this on the tube. Looks awesome. But then I am a gadget slut!
  26. Ryan Thomson

    X OVERLAND - Alaska Yukon

    This should make for a good series if anyone is interested or don't know about these guys:
  27. Ryan Thomson

    42" LED Light bar for sale

    Hey Guys, I have an LED Light bar up for grabs on ebay with No reserve: This is one of two I have. I have no use for two so this ones gotta go!. There is a bit more info and pics here if you are interested...
  28. Ryan Thomson

    The Rubicon

    Just did it and it was awesome!! There are pics here if anyone is interested. Ill do a little writeup when I get back. Later Ryan
  29. Ryan Thomson

    Anyone going to watch the king of the valleys 2013?

    As per the title. Anyone heading down to watch it? It runs from 9th to 11th August. I'm keen to check it out. Should be sick.
  30. Ryan Thomson

    Tracks 4 Africa app

    Just seen that you can now get T4A for ipad and android. It runs on the iGo app platform. Looks pretty cool if you are planning any African trips. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk HD
  31. Ryan Thomson

    Heading to Dubai for Easter, parts anyone?

    Hey guys, I'm heading to Dubai for Easter. If anyone is after parts I may be able to bring back a few bits and bobs. They need to be fairly light and fit in a suitcase. PM me if you are after anything and I'll find out prices. Ryan Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk HD
  32. Ryan Thomson

    With friends like these...

    Saw this today around the corner from where I'm working, good reason to leave the top up next time... Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk HD
  33. Ryan Thomson

    Any off roading around the Pitlochry area. In Scotland?

    I am going to be in the loch Tay / Pitlochry area over Christmas. Any opportunities for a bit of offroading that anybody knows of while I am up there? I have read about highland safaris so I presume there are some routes/ trails... Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk HD
  34. Ryan Thomson

    School me on winch wiring

    So I have my winch fitted and had it wired up directly to the battery temporarily so I could get the rope wound on. On Sunday I thought I'd finish off the wiring and mount the isolator supplied. The plan was to mount to isolator in that gap in front of the battery. I cut a small section of...
  35. Ryan Thomson

    80 Series OME Coils - 2" Lift

    Hey Guys, I have a set of Old Man Emu Coils that came off of my cruiser for sale. They are: Front: OME851 coils - Standard/light load Rear: OME863 coils - Heavy/Medium Duty The coils are approx 4yrs old and look a little crusty. You can see them in these pics: Rear Front A few...
  36. Ryan Thomson

    This looks pretty interesting... Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk HD
  37. Ryan Thomson

    King of the Valleys

    Not sure if anyone has seen this yet? It's a good watch I think I might try go and watch next year. They had the organisers of the King of the Hammers from the states there who said that the winner of the next...
  38. Ryan Thomson

    Goodwinch Group buy

    Hey guys, After the last lincomb I have come to the conclusion that I really need a winch. I know there was a group buy at the beginning of the year and it looked like the guys who bought got a pretty good deal. Anyone interested in another group buy? Ryan Sent from my iPad using...
  39. Ryan Thomson

    CT4WD videos

    I know this has been posted before, but for any of you that might not know of them. The CT4WD videos on youtube and Vimeo are awesome. I have been going through a few of their 2012 ones lately... -V8Y5X_JuqM?hd=1 Enjoy!
  40. Ryan Thomson

    Service manuals tab...?

    I just noticed the service manuals tab above. Does that mean we can upload manuals for other to download? I have a fair bit for the 80's and 70's. Would be a great resource if everyone could upload what they have, no? Just a thought...
  41. Ryan Thomson

    If your ever in Vegas, you have to do this...!

    I just got back from a 2 week road trip in the US. I wont bore with the details of my trip but there is one thing that if any of you find yourselves in Vegas you have to do - Drive one of these: It's basically a 2wd Rear engine truggy with a 4.0 V6, Dual shocks per wheel (King coil over and a...
  42. Ryan Thomson

    Bolt help please...

    Hey Guys, I'm gearing up to progress my Fox/Slinky install a bit further this weekend. This weekends mission is to fit a set of coil spacers and drop the bump stops. I am going to be fabbing up my own drop blocks. What I need help with is identifying what pitch; diameter and length the...
  43. Ryan Thomson

    Front Axle rebuild problem...

    A couple of weekends ago I replaced all the seals and bearings on the rear axle, I had some dire looking soup in the diff so this was well over due. Installed new shocks and coils at the same time. All went pretty smooth. Roll on front Axle, soup was even worse... All was going swimmingly...
  44. Ryan Thomson

    Fox Slinky install... Finally begins!!

    Right, So after having a set of custom valved 12" Fox 2.0 Remote reservior shocks sitting in my shed gathering dust for the best part of six months, I'm finally on a position to start getting these bad boys fitted along with the Slinky's I ordered from Overlandcruisers. Now just to clear up...
  45. Ryan Thomson

    Anybody have a Rear Axle SST for an 80...?

    Does anyone on here have the SST to remove the locknut on the rear axle of an 80 series that I can rent or borrow for a weekend? Axle rebuild is looming this coming weekend and I'd rather not grind up my 54mm socket for a one off service (well every few years or so)... Obviously I'd pay for...
  46. Ryan Thomson

    For the Saffa's and Zim guys - Lovemore Sibanda

    I was introduced to these Lovemore Sibanda whilts back in SA this Dec. I just about wet myself laughing. Enjoy [youtube:2wbkhqx4]OEec3IjVnuM[/youtube:2wbkhqx4]
  47. Ryan Thomson

    Your 100 series needs this!!

    Just spotted this kit for the 100. IF I had one I'd be saving... 8-)
  48. Ryan Thomson

    10 Great reasons to visit Namibia

    Not so much a trip report. Just though I'd share a few pics from trips I have done in Namibia over the last few years.
  49. Ryan Thomson

    Only in Africa

    [youtube:yteja02c]S2oymHHyV1M[/youtube:yteja02c] Owned...
  50. Ryan Thomson

    Landcruiser Tutorial videos

    Came across this link on Mud. There are a few other interesting vids on this guys channel that may be of use to a few folk on here... [youtube:2dd8kcvb]WmNZUBm8V5U[/youtube:2dd8kcvb]
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