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  1. Jake the Peg

    80 Series Dash Warning Lights - Mysterious Relay...

    I had the Christmas tree lights on my dash, fitted new alternator regulator, no change and still was charging only 12.5v so installed a complete new alternator, still no change so traced the wiring back. There is a fusible link coming from the left battery + which was broken, this stops the...
  2. Jake the Peg

    80 series dashboard

    I’ve made repairs to mine using flexible body filler and it looks good, you may need to Ed paint the whole dash if you can’t get the correct colour, but be aware that any silicone based dash cleaners/ polishes need to be 100% removEd or the paint won’t stick and you will have fish eyes all over it
  3. Jake the Peg

    1H-DT Turbo and Injectors.

    On another forum(Audi) I’m on, the maxspeeding stuff gets slated, i Haven’t seen a single good review yet, other than LCTIM’s, along with terrible aftersales support, turbos cratering within 2-3 weeks. This Of course could be down to installation or no mechanical sympathies during use! I’d be a...
  4. Jake the Peg

    24v Starter PITA

    It’s also worthwhile going round the earth cables and cleaning up all the connections, it may save you some other faults developing
  5. Jake the Peg

    Automatic 80

    Have a mate who is starting to look for a decent automatic diesel 80, let me know if you know of anything for sale or coming up thanks J
  6. Jake the Peg


    The push on fittings should be fine, they are whats in the repair kits you can buy, and whats used on either end of the pipe anyway
  7. Jake the Peg


    All the best! at least you can go out for a pint now:)
  8. Jake the Peg


    All the best Clive :happy-jumpeveryone:
  9. Jake the Peg

    Injectors wanted

    I did mention they were 2 stage, place is a reputable engine builder that has been on the go longer than me, but it will cost what it does and they need done. Now,,, to get off this ship before the end of July, em answers on the back of a postcard please:tearsofjoy:
  10. Jake the Peg

    MOT due next month

    I'm sure if you post up what type of Landcruiser your looking at buying, check it previous MOT history online to see how much work its had / advisories and check the vehicle over you can use the short MOT as a tool to get a better deal, It will automatically have another 6 months added to the...
  11. Jake the Peg

    Who is doing what maintenance today?

    I should really have put some paint on it before taking a snap:laughing:
  12. Jake the Peg

    Suspension help?

    Gents once again you come through! Thanks! @Dave 2000 that’s exactly what I needed, I need to find my piece of paper, but I’m sure it was 11cm at the back and 4cm front which isn’t much more than standard height now @Shayne, they were 18” and are long gone now, it drove horrible and the tyres...
  13. Jake the Peg

    Suspension help?

    Thanks Dave, I’m just looking for some general indications, to guide me in the direction of what I’ve got, I guess if mine was a 4” lift then by now its like to be somewhere around 3” by now but I have no idea of what the distance between anything whether std or lifted is cheers J
  14. Jake the Peg

    Roof Rack, Help required

    Thanks for the advice Dave, I don’t expect us to have too much up there, but it will let us have the children’s bikes in the boot and likely the tent in a bag up there! cheers John
  15. Jake the Peg

    Who is doing what maintenance today?

    Well not quite today, 2 days ago...Chopped the A bar from the old bumper and welded it onto the new one!
  16. Jake the Peg

    Roof Rack, Help required

    Made up some brackets and set it on! I didn’t want to remove the original rack installed so I have further options, but mau try to lower this one a bit. Haven’t been out for a nois test yet. Not a bad £100 I guess!
  17. Jake the Peg

    Suspension help?

    I’m trying to work out what suspension lift I have on my truck, it’s done at least 70k since the ironman kit was fitted, and now doesn’t sit so square, and is a bit soft..what I’d like if anyone can help with is the distance from the center of the hubs to the wheel arch/wing lower edge and what...
  18. Jake the Peg

    Injectors wanted

    @AndycruiserguyLomas nozzles back in stock and ordered, I just called our local engine shop and they will do for £20ish /injector next search is springs and shockers cheers
  19. Jake the Peg

    Injectors wanted

    Thanks all I have what I’m sure is diesel knock on #3 & #6 cylinders and has done about 240k , actually the reason I got the truck as the PO thought it was a terminal breakdown somewhere, I’ve had the sump off done BEB, checked and reset the valve clearances, but when I put neat fuel additive to...
  20. Jake the Peg

    Injectors wanted

    Anyone got a set of good injectors for a 24v for sale? thanks J
  21. Jake the Peg

    Who is doing what maintenance today?

    Mine got a rub with a shiny cloth
  22. Jake the Peg

    Roof Rack, Help required

    I’ve been neglecting my 80 for the last while, while I was completing another project, but now it’s time to get back to it and get it prepared for the family adventures, if we get some freedom! Has anyone got a roof rack from direct 4x4, there is a steel full basket one for sale locally, 1.8m...
  23. Jake the Peg

    The big three O.

    I turned 180k tonight, but the mot history shows about 50-55k missing
  24. Jake the Peg

    Wanted: spare wheel key-lockable bolt

    Hi Bmonck, sorry it took a few days longer, I’ll blame isolation but really it been a broken down Shogun, and faultfinding someone else’s repairs, so automatic gearbox out and swap some parts over to get it driving again,,,anyway I must have given the lockers away with the original wheels when I...
  25. Jake the Peg

    Wanted: spare wheel key-lockable bolt

    I had one on my shogun, might still have it, if I can find it you can have it, I’ll look tomorrow
  26. Jake the Peg

    AGM killer

    Have you got space to build some kingspan round the battery to insulate it from the engine heat?
  27. Jake the Peg

    Any one used these guys for parts

    There is autodoc as well for parts, handy app for your phone so you can choose different priced / quality parts, you can see in the description which manufacture is OEM quality
  28. Jake the Peg

    Water water everywhere!... windscreen leak?

    I have developed a shower from my sunroof every morning just now, dropping the kids at nursery I look like I’ve wet myself Be nice to get some dry days to sort it out
  29. Jake the Peg

    Replacement shock absorbers

    Thanks Gents, exhaust snapped at the down pipe today, will have to prise open the wallet for sure now
  30. Jake the Peg

    Replacement shock absorbers

    Frank I’m well aware it’s the springs for height, but all I can really find is shocks for a 2” lift, and as you state these aren’t in the correct length / operating range for longer springs, I’m sure with the sag in my springs now they may not be far away but I wouldn’t take that chance. I see...
  31. Jake the Peg

    Replacement shock absorbers

    I’m looking to change my shock absorbers before too much longer, currently fitted with Ironman suspension and I believe was a 4” lift, would like to keep the look of whatever height I’m still at as I’m sure it’s sagged a bit, a bit like myself! what options are readily available or recommend...
  32. Jake the Peg

    Happy 2020 !

    Happy New Year all Lang May yer Lum’s Reek
  33. Jake the Peg

    Beware of dirty Diesel

    I recall a couple of years ago watching the Tesco fuel tanker filling up at BP and thought that if they don’t use their own fuel then it must be pretty crap! My ship I work on is having fuel issues, we think the barge that delivers to us sucked the crap from their tanks, as such we are having...
  34. Jake the Peg

    Ignition barrel

    In one hand I guess I have been lucky again, it looks like my bro in law pulled the key out in the acc position so it was easy to pop the little button and remove the barrel, but no way I ca get it turning, the old scrap 80 local to me is still there so another freebie and I’m mobile again, I...
  35. Jake the Peg

    2020 Calendar - get your order in! - attempt 2

    Mine was waiting in my pile of post coming home today, along with my 10million sticker Many thanks gents for the efforts to create and distribute Cheers J
  36. Jake the Peg

    modern ish 4x4s and mpg.

    My boltswagen touareg can be anywhere between 30 and 44, depending greatly on the brand of gogo juice, and if it’s me or my wife driving. I’m not admitting to anything Last touareg, 2009 model, was between 27 and 33mpg No idea what the 80 does, don’t really want to know Cheers
  37. Jake the Peg

    Ignition barrel

    Thanks for the offer Mike, but I'll wait till I get home and see whats up! cheers John
  38. Jake the Peg

    Ignition barrel

    Hi Mike, yeah I’ve done lock barrels before but now I’m sponsored by specsavers I’d rather not bother I think they can get the key in now but it won’t turn, will see if there is a spare key at the previous owners and try that, but likely it’s going to be parked in their field till I get home...
  39. Jake the Peg

    Ignition barrel

    ok, so I’m not able to give much information but still asking for help, again! I’ve given my sister my 80 while I’m in Denmark and I’ve had a call to say they can’t get the key to go all the way into the barrel, it still works in the door, I only have one key, yes I know! It’s likely I’m sure...
  40. Jake the Peg

    Yet another 80 build thread

    Only pulling your leg. I grew up with series land rovers and will always have a bit of a soft spot for them. CG, I grew up changing clutches, gearboxes and almost everything else on all the farmers ones when I was an apprentice, and will always have a deep seated hatred for them
  41. Jake the Peg

    Roof Rack, Help required

    David can you post a picture? Thanks
  42. Jake the Peg

    Roof Rack, Help required

    Thanks for the replies, with the width I think it will look like a helipad, hanging over the side! a 3/4 length look I think is quite cool and would allow me to still open the sunroof! I’ll likely pass on it unless it’s still for sale when I get home and can go to try it on top Cheers
  43. Jake the Peg

    Roof Rack, Help required

    You guys are absolute stars, I appreciate the help hugely! I recently rejoined another forum as I bought an another Audi as a project, but there’s really not a lot of technical knowledge people are willing to share there. This forum and the Yamaha RDLC are genuinely full of enthusiasts willing...
  44. Jake the Peg

    Roof Rack, Help required

  45. Jake the Peg

    Roof Rack, Help required

    Thanks, that would be fantastic if you wouldn’t mind :blush: mind and don’t get wet doing it and follow up with a brew:thumbup:
  46. Jake the Peg

    Roof Rack, Help required

    Much appreciated if anyone can help I have the chance of an aluminium Front Runner roof rack, for a decent price, and local to me. Its come from a defender 90, does anyone know if it will be of a suitable size for my 80? Unfortunately for me I'm in Denmark for the next 3 1/2 weeks so cant go...
  47. Jake the Peg

    Alternator replacement,..........possibly.

    I bought a regulator for mine, fitted it, no change then bought a complete new alternator, still no change, they were going to send me a replacement but gave me some checks to make, you should have 12v down all 3 wires going to your alternator, I didn’t, it was the fusible link on the passenger...
  48. Jake the Peg

    iwan's hdj81

    I know this isn’t a Landcruiser but I found myself in the same situation with an Audi I just bought, looking at this I just bought another engine rather than spend, where do you stop replacing parts for piece of mind? Yes you do know what you have, but still no guarantee something else won’t fail
  49. Jake the Peg

    1991 Toyota Landcruiser HDJ81 for sale (deposit now taken)

    Pity I've just bought my next project, her who should be obeyed would not be happy..... Good luck with the sale
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