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  1. David

    Fake Stratford - 18-20 Sep 2020 - Haxey, N Lincs

    Thanks Jacob had a great weekend
  2. David

    Rustproofing, updating methods and products.

    Try some chainsaw bar oil bet that would work and very cheap
  3. David

    Rustproofing, updating methods and products.

    I'm more than happy with the Krown treatments on both my trucks, and for around 300 quid I'm not going to be rolling about under a truck and making a mess in my workshop
  4. David

    Troopy/ 78 tip over angle?

    Mine has a Alucab pop top and tbh it does not feel to tippy, and it has pretty much done all open lanes in Wales without issue
  5. David

    Fake Stratford - 18-20 Sep 2020 - Haxey, N Lincs

    Spose I will get there around 2 ish
  6. David

    Fake Stratford - 18-20 Sep 2020 - Haxey, N Lincs

    That's me booked in for the not a gathering
  7. David

    Fake Stratford - 18-20 Sep 2020 - Haxey, N Lincs

    1. Jacob & Emma 2. Chris 3. Trevor 4. Andy & Maria 5. Beijing Ballie 6. Tony (plus date?) 7 David
  8. David

    Bonnet gas strut

    They will supply or make any gas strut*%20Gas%20Struts%20UK
  9. David

    Diesel or Petrol for 3000 miles / year

    My wife has a Petrol A3 as her driving is mostly around town, cant't see any benefit in a diesel tbh, and I love my petrol 80 and won't be changing it to a Diesel anytime soon
  10. David

    Oil requirements?

    A lot depends on what engine it has in it
  11. David

    Roof tent for sale - Autohome Columbus Variant Medium XL

    Snap on the towing eyes
  12. David

    Autumn Pub Cruiser Chillout. 2 - 4 Oct 2020

    1) Trev 2) Crusty Chris 3) Andy and Maria 4) Chas 5) Nick 6) steve Patrick and Esme 7) KB 8)David and maybe her indoors
  13. David

    Aquaforno stove

    been using one for over 4 years and love the thing
  14. David

    Comarnic - Romania - 2020

    Clive did you get my message on here?
  15. David

    100 series Rims

    I spoke to him this morning and not the most helpful guy around tbh
  16. David

    100 series Rims

    Thanks Andy will keep looking
  17. David

    100 series Rims

    Are they for sale Andy
  18. David

    100 series Rims

    Did any 100's come on 17" rims as I could do with some 17" 5 stud rims, so I can fit some 255/80R17 tyres Thanks David
  19. David

    Fridge lead too long/thin?

    What volts does the leisure battery read with the engine not running
  20. David

    Is this wood interior an aftermarket add-on? I cannot find it on any other car for sale

    I had an 80 with a clip on wood effect on the steering wheel,
  21. David

    Hi guys!

    The B engine was used in some Daihatsu light commercial trucks if that helps
  22. David

    Oil Drain Valve???

    Looks like a disaster waiting to happen on an off road truck, I will be keeping my plug
  23. David

    Oil Drain Valve???
  24. David

    Air conditioning condenser!
  25. David

    Comarnic - Romania - 2020

    Also looks like Hungary are not letting you back from Romania, without quarantine , now how they can enforce this I have no idea. As it stands at the moment people from Leicester are not allowed into Belgium tbh how would they know never seen a border control there well not on a road
  26. David

    80 Series Seats (again!)

    Escape Gear will sent direct to the UK no problem
  27. David

    Pop Tops - Alucab vs Mulgo

    In our Alucab top we sleep with the rear part of the bed lifted up, then we are both not so tall
  28. David

    Fuel ?

    TBH don't put sealer on an o ring it may well end up in places you don't want it, nothing to gain and a lot to loose. The amount of crop sprayers I have fixed where the farmer thought it was a good idea, must have spent hours pulling little bits of silicon out of valve blocks
  29. David

    Fuel ?

    Steve go to a place that does Hydraulic stuff they will have what you need
  30. David

    1960's battery charger.

    We had an old Crypton stick welder on the farm years ago, my brother in law has it and it still works
  31. David

    Summer Pub Cruiser Chillout 24 - 26 July

    Seeing our part of Leicestershire is in this stupid lock down, I best be stopping home, badtimes
  32. David

    New Bronco

    Drove tractors every day for 30 years never had the peddles connected, you soon lean to push them in the middle. They are called steering brakes on a tractor
  33. David

    New Bronco

    Can't see it ever being sold here anyways
  34. David

    New Bronco

    more reading
  35. David

    New Bronco

    If it has has many electrical problems as a new Ranger it better stay over the pond
  36. David

    Anyone seen or heard .

    Was he thought he was more a Google warrior lol
  37. David

    Is there not enough demand for decent camping kit in the UK ?

    The last goods I had come from South Africa a couple of weeks ago I had to pay VAT and Import duty
  38. David

    Anyone seen or heard .

    Nor jibber jabber he seems to have vanished
  39. David

    Help identifying my alloys - 96 80 Series

    The wheel options for my OZ 80 from the vin number
  40. David

    Comarnic - Romania - 2020

    But not into Hungary yet
  41. David

    BFG KM MUD Tyres

    I have BFG KM2 MT on my HZ 78 and tbh I like the AT's better on road, my problem is I can't get a 255/85/16 in AT
  42. David

    BFG KM MUD Tyres

    All would depend how time you are going to spend off road
  43. David

    Comarnic - Romania - 2020

    Been doing a bit of research and as I see it UK residents are not allowed in Austria but I think you are allowed to drive though without stopping, Hungary as it stands at the moment UK residents have to quarantine for 14 days, And looking on the Romanian Gov website we would have to quarantine...
  44. David

    Ineos Grenadier

    tbh can't see why you would buy it if the 70 available in your neck of the woods
  45. David

    Comarnic - Romania - 2020

    Just been doing some research and it seems how things stand at the moment it seems pretty much impossible to drive to Romania. It all seems very sketchy where you can drive though at the moment
  46. David

    Comarnic - Romania - 2020

    Can I have a room please Clive
  47. David

    Troopy 78 Owners Manual pdf?
  48. David

    Adventure Overland Show 2020

    Won't happen this year
  49. David


    Happy birthday Clive, and have a great day
  50. David

    Parts for 80 (4.5 Auto Petrol/lpg 1996 Australian import)

    As Gary say it is the same bottle and pump as every other 80, I have a OZ petrol 80 and not found any parts different to other 80'S as yet. I always get the part number and cross reference it on Toyo DIY
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