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  1. Kimbo

    HZJ 78 setup

    Hello everybody. I noticed there's not so many new threads in this particular forum, so with a bit of extra time on my hands I thought I'd share some pictures of what we've got going on with our troopy. Firstly some background; I use this vehicle periodically for work also, hauling various...
  2. Kimbo


    Hi all. I have a little problem that I’m finding quite interesting, if not frustrating. My electrical setup in my HZJ78 is a lead acid cranking battery under the bonnet, connected to the CTEK smartpass DCDC system, connected to a 110aH AGM located in the cabin. From the AGM I have a feed...
  3. Kimbo

    Fuel heating element

    New Hi folks. Im seeking some advice, as I recently installed a new fuel filter assembly on my 2009 HZJ 78. Everything is good, but the new filter has a heating element, which is ideal for the location where I live at this time of year. Only problem is, I can't find any wiring diagram to...
  4. Kimbo

    Troopy side window replacement

    So... I looked everywhere on the internet and found scant advice regarding replacing the rubber runs for the side windows on my HZJ 78. There was one good thread at exploreoz but this was...
  5. Kimbo

    Slovenia from north to south

    hello everybody. I’m new to the forum and this is my first post about our troops and the adventures we get up to. So last week we got back from a truly amazing trip through Slovenia, which I now consider to be one of the unspoken gems of Europe. We drove from the Czech Republic (our home)...
  6. Kimbo

    New member

    Hey people who like Landcruisers... I'm new to this forum because I reckon no one person knows everything, but with all our heads together its easier to understand this amazing vehicle. I've got a 2009 HZJ78 which I use as a family tourer, with a kitchen and RTT, but I can convert it back to a...
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