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  1. sim303

    Deleting the facelift nav and radio (rolling back the years...)

    Hi Some day I can see myself finding a really clean facelift 100 (I currently have a pre-facelift 2002 - I've done a lot to bring it up to scratch but it's had a hard life before me and the dreaded tin worm may eventually get the best of it). But the one thing that puts me off the newer models...
  2. sim303

    Cruise control problem and gear indicator problem... Two birds, one stone?

    Hi In my quest to stamp out the few electrical gremlins in my truck (sadly I think it has had a hard life...)... I am faced with two apparently unrelated problems. Only now, I'm starting to wonder (hope against hope..?) whether they could be two manifestation of the same problem. I'd be...
  3. sim303

    Bonnet and tailgate switches - where!?

    Hi Another niggling problem on my radar.... Neither my bonnet or tailgate appear to have any functioning elecrtical switches - i.e. if I disarm the car and open only the tailgate, the car doesn't realise the door has been opened and re-arms the car after half a minute or so. The interior...
  4. sim303

    Parasitic drain identified on HAZ/TRN fuse... abnormal?

    Hi all Spring is here and it's high time I investigated why my battery fails to start the car after just a few days.... (and yes, it is just one battery - the other is no longer part of the main circuit and instead serves as a leisure battery for auxiliary gear). I spent much of...
  5. sim303

    Offer: Original Toyota cassette (!) head unit for 100 series

    One for the purists maybe?? Pics on request!
  6. sim303

    Offer: CD autochanger - 100 Amazon

    Like the title says - a CD autochanger from the centre cubby of my 100 series. Pics on request :)
  7. sim303

    Offer: LC 100 Amazon door speakers

    I have two OE door speakers from my 100 Amazon. Cheap and crappy, but maybe someone needs some spares... Pics if needed. Will chuck them out if no-one is interested (I doubt anyone is!)
  8. sim303

    Offer: 100 series 4.2TD alternator - electrical fault

    Hi I have a faulty alternator removed from my truck recently. Mechanically it seems fine - good bearings - but it was not charging the battery. I had an idea that I would replace the electronics (which appear to be designed to be serviced) but obviously I will never get round to that :)...
  9. sim303

    Offer - 100 VX AHC spheres

    Hi I have a set of four AHC spheres recently removed from my truck. They are the original factory units. I bought the truck a few months ago and as it has no history I have been renewing various parts as a precautionary measure before coming to rely on it for any big adventures. Thus I...
  10. sim303

    Simple (?) question: Rear diff ratio

    Hi I'm trying to find out a definitive (diffinitive??) figure for the rear diff of a 2000MY UK Amazon VX 4.2TD. 4.1:1? 4.3:1? something else? I'm only finding patchy info online - debates about ratios on 100 vs 105 etc etc, and the handbook has nothing about final drive ratios - shocking! :)...
  11. sim303

    Something on this site cooks my computer :(

    Hi I've noticed that whenever I am on some pages of this site, the fan on my macbook starts going crazy (normally silent) and general performance goes down the toilet. My knees get burned and my battery life plummets, and it's generally not very relaxing :) Once I close...
  12. sim303

    Driveline Clonk (rear diff?)

    Whilst I was scrabbling around under the back axle of the Cruiser this morning, I thought I'd try turning the rear prop by hand to check for play, worn UJs etc. The transfer box and gearbox were both in neutral, so the front end should have been free to move. As such, I found I was able to turn...
  13. sim303

    Front door lock - key doesn't do anything?

    Hi As a relatively new owner, there are some things about my vehicle I am not sure about. Once such thing is the front driver's door lock. When the car is locked and alarmed, the key just turns (both directions) and does nothing. No mechanical action, and no central unlock. I assume this is...
  14. sim303

    Missing sparewheel security adapter - what to do?

    Hi all Just as the title says really - I recently bought a 2002 100 and have just discovered that one needs a key thing to lower the spare wheel. I don't have it! I don't know the ID of the key so I can't just order a replacement. What are my options? Thanks Simon
  15. sim303


    Hi there Another new user & new owner here. My name is Simon and I'm in the SE of England. I bought my first Cruiser a few months ago, Sept 2016 - a 2002 Amazon VX 4.2 TD (100). At 169k I think it's in generally good shape, but I've been working through a few neglected niggles - electric...
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