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  1. Philip amos

    Rear aircon pipes

    Does anyone by chance know the length of the rear aircon pipes starting from the joint just under driver seat, my trolley jack has just failed so can’t get under vehicle and I want to make up foible hoses
  2. Philip amos

    Seat belts

    I want to remove my front seatbelts to send away to be re webbed. I want to fit a couple of temporary units while away , are all Amazon seat belts srs
  3. Philip amos

    Vehicle ground to a holt

    Well last sunday all wel until i pulled out of garage ,then there was a horrible grinding noise from the auto box thinking gearbox had gone i went on facebook to tell my tales of whoe while waiting for AA,suddenly a member of one of the forums came to the rescue , put it centre difflockand itll...
  4. Philip amos

    New rear springs

    I’ve just fitted king springs uprated ( suitable for ahc) and Firestone air assist bags with onboard controls , I also torqued up the Torsten bars to compensate and the ride is superb and allows me to carry heavy weght and compensate with the air bags
  5. Philip amos

    Textured carbon fibre wrap

  6. Philip amos

    New Tesla screen

    Started my to do list so fitted a new Tesla screen android 9 with CarPlay Dab radio ect and it’s super fast
  7. Philip amos

    New projects

    1) fit kingsprings (for ahc) 2) Fit firestone coilrite with onboard command systen 3) carbon fibre (grey)lower half o vehicle 4) Fit new ozzie free flow manifolds 5) SEEK MEDICAL HELP
  8. Philip amos

    2uzj100 exhaust manifold studs

    does anybody know the diffinitive size of 4.7v8 exhaust manifold studs also has any body got any aftermarket manifolds forsale .Not original type
  9. Philip amos

    Rear diff

    I have a landcruiser 100 Amazon uk car I’ve been changing the diff oil however my car doesn’t have a diff lock nor is it a lsd as when I lifted rear and turned wheel the other one tried to go in opposite direction. So conclusion standard axle , it’s a 2003 face lift . Any views on this
  10. Philip amos

    Techstream fault code

    I don’t off road but how do I cure this fault please
  11. Philip amos

    New leather seat covers

    Ive just replace my seat covers ,it nearly killed me as it took 4 days
  12. Philip amos

    Radio wiring

    Does anyone have a radio/amplifier wiring diagram for a late 2003 landcruiser Amazon ,i can find plent of us variants but not uk
  13. Philip amos


    Just fitted new lights to modernise
  14. Philip amos

    landcruiser 100 facelift 2003

    is there a direct replacement audio amp
  15. Philip amos

    Audio sound failure

    i have a tesla style screen thats been working perfect, however ive just come back from holiday to a totally flat battery,i charged up and car started first time.however the radio has no sound ,anybody got any ideas ,all the screen settings seem fine.i did think amp failure or fuse but that...
  16. Philip amos

    5 speed auto oil change

    What is the difinitive method to change the fluid withot the aid of machinery thanks
  17. Philip amos

    auxillary belt replacement 4.7

    First of all what is the procedure and do you need to replce the belt tensioner
  18. Philip amos

    engine oil

    which is best castrol magnatec 5-30 or castrol edge 5-30
  19. Philip amos

    key warning

    i recently replaced my key and all was well exept first thing in a morning,i replaced fuses ect,but to cut to the chase i used a flip key so chip is further away and i belive gives poor contact .if i use original key with the chip all is fine.I just thought this info would be helpfull
  20. Philip amos

    ahc low light

    i had a burst pipe replaced and rear springs ,the globe pressures ok.However the other day with six people aboard the low light came on when all had alighted the vehicle all was well again .When the garage blead the system they didnt use as much fluid as expexted , could air in the system cause...
  21. Philip amos

    Carbon fibre finish

    ive got fed up with the plastic wood interior so ive tried to modernise with carbon fibre it or hate it
  22. Philip amos

    fuse boxes

    I know there is a fuse box behind the battery ,but cant find the second one with the ahc fuse ,ive looked in passenger footwell but no look .Its a 2003 facelift model.HELP
  23. Philip amos

    ahc codes

    on techstream my landcruiser is showing fault codes c1723,c1751,c1762 on the ahc ,i must point out allis working ok? also how do i clear codes just in case its old. also when i test tje globe pressures it shows rear when it feels like it but never the front
  24. Philip amos


    ive got techstream and i want to check my ahc presures but i cant find in techstream HELP please
  25. Philip amos

    Front disc stone guards

    Does anyone know where you can get new disc stone guards mine fell to bits when replacing the discs
  26. Philip amos


    ive noticed now its cold the key isnt recognised but i replaced the the 25 amp fuse for immobilliser as contacts seem dull and now it starts (at least for time being) is this a common fault
  27. Philip amos

    ahc again

    one of my pipes burst and i lost full contents ,after repair and filling resovoir do i set to normal then bleed
  28. Philip amos

    ahc again

    I know this subject has been brought up a million times before ,but im looking at replacing my ah c pipe work as a preventative thing.The pipe cost £440 a set so not too bad . however im told the bodywork needs lifting ,is there another way and how do you do it thanks
  29. Philip amos

    tesla style screen

    just ordered a tesla style screen for my landcruiser , i wonder what trials and tribulations im in for
  30. Philip amos

    coil packs

    i have a landcruiser uzj100 4.7 year 2003 (late) whats the difference between the pre 2003 and post coil pack, the pre 2003 are quite cheap
  31. Philip amos

    tyre size

    landcruiser 100 uzj100 facelift 2003 i want to know what are the widest tyre i can fit to original wheels i belive they are 8j x 18 however when i look up what size tyres i can have it says max 245 they came with 275 ,so i am at a loos can someone tell me the max width tyres
  32. Philip amos

    Stainless exhaust

    Just had new exhaust fitted, looks good and sounds great fitted or should i say made by Chris at silver systems Leek England £600
  33. Philip amos

    fairly new member

    i purchase a landcruiser uzj100 4.7 lpg in marchive listed all work done to dat 1) virtually new lpg system (garage paid for) 2 new rear ahc damper 3 rust treaated 4 rear bumper painted and some hidden body work done ie wheel arches ect outer panels were good!!.ill try and enclose photos 5...
  34. Philip amos

    Automatic height control

    can you repair pipework and what size is it please
  35. Philip amos

    valve saver

    where should i drill for the oil discharge on landcruiser 100 4.7 thanks
  36. Philip amos

    Air conditioning

    My Amazon vx 100 series rear air on pipes have been disconnected in the engine bay at sometime but the air on in the front seems to work how? Also where can I get replacement pipes Thanks
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