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  1. J

    LC4 D-4D 3.0 ENGINE 1KD-FTV fit hilux?

    Hi all, Does anyone know if a LC4 D-4D 3.0 ENGINE 1KD-FTV fits a 59 Toyota Hilux? I'm pretty sure it does but just want to double check.
  2. J

    roughtrax cv gaiter kit

    They use a special tool to crimp the steel cable tie but you can use a pair of long nose pilers, Pull the cable tight, then pinch the end with the long nose pillars then roll the excess over itself till you get to the end, pull the pliers out and then crush the rolled up section. The key...
  3. J

    Steering Rack Leak can it be fixed ?

    When I brought my truck i got it cheap from a car auction as it had no power steering as the rack was leaking badly. It looked like a recon rack about year old max. I paid £80 delivered for one from a breakers 5 years ago and it's still perfect. I would rather buy another steering rack...
  4. J

    Product to mould part of dashboard?

    Great that's perfect thanks shayne
  5. J

    Product to mould part of dashboard?

    Hi all, I got given a Toyota b1090 satnav because it needed a new laser, I replaced the laser and got it working again, to make the satnav fit I have to trim part of the dash cover but will be left with some gaps. is there any products I can use to fill the gaps so to speak then spray...
  6. J

    Tns600 gps

    Give it a day to calibrate and it should start working as normal
  7. J

    Defecting from Toyota

    If you ever need to cross a ford, or flooded road beware the air intake is behind the front grill quite low. Never owned one but I'm not keen on VAG vehicles, not their looks or how they drive but their engines and working on them.
  8. J

    Who is doing what maintenance today?

    I bench tested my starter motor which was slow to rotate and not always engaging, checked everything which is within spec of the workshop manual. cleaned all the components put her back together and she works fawlessly....but I suspect it was the starter solenoid as it was quite grubby etc.....I...
  9. J

    Who is doing what maintenance today?

    first time my truck has let me down!! aghh! haha luckily I did not need to go no where and was just going to move the truck to replace a leaking seal.....its my starter motor, Im just in the middle of checking all the components!
  10. J

    Who is doing what maintenance today?

    Repaired the drivers side heating element for the drivers side seat, just gotta get a passenger switch for the passenger seat and then I'll be cooking :)
  11. J

    Left hand heated seat switch 90 series

    Hi all, I'm after a heated seat switch for the left hand side, if you could just double check the switch is ok for me please, here is the test.
  12. J

    Uneven running at around 1200 RPM

    I was reading a thread the other day about similar issues, check your pedal for the accerlator position sensor and carefully remove the enclosure of the sensor, give the pcb and spindle a good clean whilst rotating the pedal. I can't find the thread now but I think it was on ih8mud.
  13. J

    HELP! Inconsistent acceleration, rpm gauge jumps down and then up - prado 2001

    Under the bonnet is a diagnostic port and check for fault codes, put a jumper wire between te1 and e1 and count the flashes, if the ecu light is flashing constant 1 second intervals then there are no logged fault codes, with the jumper wire connected press the o/d button and check the same...
  14. J

    Who is doing what maintenance today?

    I think I may end up importing one from Japan, it's not the first time I've imported a car so I'm familiar with the process etc
  15. J

    New Falken wildpeak at3w

    I almost brought some of the previous wild peak tires but was put off by how much they weighed for a a/t tyre.
  16. J

    Who is doing what maintenance today?

    I regularly check out auto trader and eBay for amazons, I really want one but I'm not in a position to buy just yet, more so just out of interest! there seems to be alot of run down amazons for sale trying to be sold for strong money! i would go as far as to say dogs!
  17. J

    New MOT history website

    Here's the new mot history website url, you only need the registration and car make to view the vehicles mot history.
  18. J

    Poor Service From Main Dealer

    In my opinion every business/person makes mistakes, but it's how the company deals with it that counts.
  19. J

    Nice 100 series for sale

    That's a shame I would have been interested in it! Although I can't get one just yet!
  20. J

    Who is doing what maintenance today?

    where are the land cruiser amazon non runners up for sale! stupid question really but, its what im in the market for.
  21. J

    Non starter

    I'm a bit sketchy on LPG, but if it runs fine on petrol but lumpy on the LPG check all the ignition components as LPG will highlight a weak ignition component way before it will effect running on petrol
  22. J

    Who is doing what maintenance today?

    Changed gearbox oil, replaced a torn steering rack gaitor.
  23. J

    Lost power and cut out

    yeah 14 and 99, 99 is immobilizer so discount that, 14 - is related to the spill control valve, change the filter and clean the gauze filters inside the fuel pump, the timing control valve works in conjunction with the spill control valve, check the resistances as per the workshop manual for...
  24. J

    Lost power and cut out

    It could also be worth taking the gauze filters of the fuel pump and cleaning them too
  25. J

    Lost power and cut out

    Normally no, but 3sgte engines have had fault codes appear but no check engine light, but for a simple test that takes one minute it's no harm.
  26. J

    Lost power and cut out

    Yep that's the one, the ecu light will blink 4 times pause, then twice and repeat etc giving you a code of 42. if no codes it will just keep blinking around 1 second intervals
  27. J

    Lost power and cut out

    Did you have anything to pull the codes with? Bridge te1 and e1 to pull the codes
  28. J

    Tesla x

    It's powered by the Devils fuel!
  29. J

    Automatic Transmission Failure

    99% certain you have a built in oil cooler in the radiator and it's showing typical signs it's failed, best bet is to check the coolant and ATF fluid, flush the ATF fluid and replace it with new stuff and replace the radiator, but do investigate. The tranny is pretty robust so should be fine...
  30. J

    Automatic transmission filter

    3533060030 - automatic transmission strainer kit - you can order just the filter if you wanted, 3539630010 - throttle strainer - looks like a small strainer on a pick up pipe inside the autobox, need to look further at the tech drawings to see what it does but I ordered it as it was only £2
  31. J

    Automatic transmission filter

    It's ok I found it :)
  32. J

    Automatic transmission filter

    Hi, does es anyone have the part number for the automatic transmission filter? I can't locate it now the epc diagrams are no longer available, thanks j
  33. J

    O/D off light blinking

    I was just looking in the autobox workshop manual and saw this and remembered your post, jump TE1 and E1 together and press the OD switch, then read the code
  34. J


    I get around 25mpg mixed driving, stock with at tires
  35. J

    O/D off light blinking

    I believe it is fault code flashing, in one of the manuals it should indicate what the code number is
  36. J

    coupling fan refill oil silicone

    Toyota use 10000cst
  37. J

    strange starting problem

    I've hear of Nippon, but would rather an oem gasket, alternatively try for genuine parts.
  38. J

    Good or Bad?

    tell me more, where is the plastic bush?
  39. J

    Good or Bad?

    I suspect he's selling it due to the faults he listed, only owning the car for 3 weeks does send some alarm bells off for me, especially having paid or replaced a load of parts to then want to sell It.
  40. J

    Bures Pit 25/10/15

    Hi all, im looking to go to bures pit on the 25th October for the first time, mostly just to have a little play around and teach the wife how to drive off road and using, different ratios and driving through water obstacles. Having never been before, will AT tyres be ok or does it get really...
  41. J

    strange starting problem

    I'm thinking its due to your low compression readings, you could crack the fuel lines at the injectors and observe the fuel being delivered whilst the engine is being turned over.
  42. J

    EU Breakdown cover for 'senior' vehicles

    With the likes of aa and rac check the small print as some of them state they will only recover the vehicle up to the value of the car or something along those lines, heard great eat things about Adac
  43. J

    200 series reversing light

    I would not tap into the the reverse light as you may throw up problems with the canbus, you should be able to get a can bus friendly relay, A quick look on google and it seems the following relay will work and article; 10amp SY4050; i would...
  44. J

    Rear shock absorber for a Colorado LWB

    I picked one up the other month from milners, £36 made in Japan by hitachi.
  45. J

    Wiring & warning lights

    Where are you based?
  46. J

    Help ! leaking cv joint

    Is it the near side? If so it might be pas fluid leaking on the cv boot etc
  47. J

    bateries at cost

    Out of curiosity, do you do trade accounts Giles?
  48. J

    1KZ-TE Idle (tickover) adjustment ?

    Between the egr valve and throttle body
  49. J

    1KZ-TE Idle (tickover) adjustment ?

    You could test the tps, it don't take long and is fairly simple to do.
  50. J

    1KZ-TE Engine Vibration

    If it's happening at idle and you have a solid flywheel its fuel related/ slight missing
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