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    2020 Calendar - get your order in! - attempt 2

    Got mine today. Cheers guys and happy Christmas
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    2020 Calendar; submissions now open.

    Cheers guys :smile:
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    2020 Calendar; submissions now open.

    Heres some from the otherday in portugal
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    2020 Calendar; submissions now open.

    Not sure if mine will count as first one is having to wait for a load of slow landrover and the other is my house on wheels
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    Koni Shocks

    Ive used Koni Raids and they are great. Was really impressed and alot more heavy duty than OME
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    Hi from south devon

    Hi Joe. Where abouts in south devon are you?
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    2019 Calendar - who wants one?

    2 Please Adress same as last year. Money sent
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    A Christmas rear bumper

    @Mojo do you know if they do a dual swing out that can accept 35s?
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    South Africa 4x4 (with camping eqpt) rental recommendations We were going to use these guys for a Namibia trip. Very reasonable and would pick us up at the airport and drop us off once done. Trucks come fully kitted. all you need is to add food, water and fuel
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    A Christmas rear bumper

    @Mojo I like the rear winch
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    A Christmas rear bumper

    try these theres a few good polish places as well which would be worth a google. I found one the other year who had a special on kaymar twin wheel carrier bumpers
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    Travel Challenges around middle-east/north-africa

    Having 2 passports is the way to go. Having to work out of Israel and the middle east as far as i am award its the only way to do it. Ive got my main passport that i try and use everywhere including Israil and the 2nd for when i have to work out the middle east. I hardly use the 2nd though its...
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    1HD-FT straight vegetable oil

    They run good. Just stay away from palm oil as thats the one that really suffers with congealing and gumming up. Though twin tank is the way to go as you want to start on diesel till the engines hot and flush with diesel after the journy so as not to leave veg in the system as it will eat the...
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    Cheapest diesel night heater on eBay test / review

    Heres mine set up
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    Cheapest diesel night heater on eBay test / review

    Ive got a planar heater made by autoterm in mine. Its a copy of the wobasto/eberspatcher and made in Russia. Its CE approved and comes with a 2 year warranty where as the eberspatcher comes with a 3. Mine was twice the price than the chinese ones on ebay but then half the price of a new...
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    Think we are already following each other. Cruiser_Man_Tom
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    FZJ80R from Devon

    Looking good. Have you tried premier power products in marsh barton Rich. Thats where i got a load of shims that fit
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    Selling my prepped 80

    Hi Paul. That link takes me to a Colorado for sale not an 80
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    Fuel Tank adjustment This guy has been good for me with radiators but i think he also does fuel tanks. He was doing one for a coach last time I was in
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    Club sticker???

    I wouldnt mind a sticker
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    loves big length

    loves big length
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    Overland Expo West 2018

    I was there the other year and it was great. To get you into their stall they entice you with free beer then you get really drunk and buy loads of stuff. Problem is then getting it all back home. Had to buy extra luggage for the plane
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    A442F Electronic and Torque Converter

    Ive had 2x valve bodies from these. First one killed my gearbox and the 2nd isnt right hence the trucks in for yet another gearbox re build. They were helpful at first though once I had the problem they pretty much sent me the 2nd faulty valve body after I sent the original back and pretended...
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    LED for wheel carrier

    Watching with interest as I have the same problem
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    Koni shocks going cheap

    Yeah €350 for 2 rear second hand shocks was a bit painful but ultimately allowed me to carry on with the trip. I found them really good and comfortable and had them on for a few months after until got my old shocks repaired. Really rated them. Good buy :thumbup:
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    Koni shocks going cheap

    Did you get them Andy? Same as the spares ive got though i only have the rears.
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    Turbo replacement

    2nd that. Wink turbo is great
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    front diff housing studs loosening/shearing

    Thats mine. Also on each end i welded tabs from the axel to the cannon balls/swivels for extra strength. When i took the old axel off it was obvious it was bent.
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    front diff housing studs loosening/shearing

    Ive bent the front axel on my 80. If you read up on it its a common fault the aussies have alot with there corrugated roads. First sighn is the biff bolts slacking which happened to me and also depending on how bad its bent you can deform the inner hub seal on the longer side which will pull...
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    Lincomb meets 2018

    Cheers Trev Top weekend. Had a great time. Couldnt find you or Tom before I left to say cheers. Look forward to next time
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    Lincomb meets 2018

    Ill be coming but sadly no cruiser
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    80 series parts clear out

    Fair enough but its yours other wise. Are you going to Lincombe?
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    80 series parts clear out

    Tried that. Went unsold and apparently i cant break her for parts
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    80 series parts clear out

    @chapel gate Mike tanks yours if you want it.
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    80 series parts clear out

    I am looking for a uppertail gate shell in GOOD order ie not all filler if anyone wants to do a deal with anything?
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    80 series parts clear out

    Alright @chapel gate Ive had @Mojo pm me earlier to say hes interested. If he doesnt want it its yours. Tom
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    80 series parts clear out

    Probably should have posted all in one once id finished say La Vie From another time. Probably not any good for anyone on here but a brand new stainless grill for a landrover defender £50 20180403_174128 by kingtom posted Apr 3, 2018 at 5:42 PM
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    80 series parts clear out

    Also just found a new N4 rear diff guard for an 80. They are £250 brand new ill take £200 20180403_173735 by kingtom posted Apr 3, 2018 at 5:38 PM20180403_173746 by kingtom posted Apr 3, 2018 at 5:38 PM
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    80 series parts clear out

    More like Missis doesnt want Toms Junk Yard anymore at Home
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