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  1. Neal Guthrie

    2001 GXL 100 A442F transmission fliud

    HI Guys, Ive tried searching but cant seem to find the right info, i have an A442F Auto in my 100 and i would like to know what is the best ATF for the job? Would DEXRON 2 be ok or should i use the Agent spec ws? i plan on doing a Gbox strainer swap and a drain and refill this weekend...
  2. Neal Guthrie

    Prado Front grill

    HI Guys. im looking for a front grill for my 1998 LC Prado/colorado. i am in South Africa so it would need to be shipped here. does anyone know where i can get one? i can buy it new from the dealers and about 400 quid! :icon-eek: so i though i might import one price depending. please can you let...
  3. Neal Guthrie

    Prado not Starting.

    Ok so i have had my prado for a while now, Since March. When i got it, about a week later i had starting issues. almost like it was out of fuel. the first time it would not start i though i was out of fuel and so i pumped over from the long range tank. it statred no issue. i though it was this...
  4. Neal Guthrie

    Speedometer not working

    So my Speedometer in my 1998 V6 95 works intermittently. There is no pattern to its workings but the last few days it has not worked. I have searched the forum and cant seem to find a thread that deals with this..... i have researched the parts and it either in the cluster or gearbox.... has...
  5. Neal Guthrie

    Air flow?

    Hi Guys! So i have a 95 series Auto V6. i have looked online for various "power Increase" options... all i want is more top end torque. i want to cruise up a long-ish hill will out having to "Kick back" currently i have to switch OD off or press the loud pedal down more. but i would like to be...
  6. Neal Guthrie

    Hi From South Africa, JHB

    Hello From South Africa!! Name is Neal and i live in Johannesburg. i drive a 1889 FJ62 witch will under go a tranformation in the next few months... I cant wait!! not married but have a beautiful Girlfriend called Holly and i am an assessor by proffession. i hope to lean more about my Land...
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