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    bateries at cost

    Hi all,,,one of our purchasing guys (who is an idiot) has accidentaly ordered £500k of product we didn`t need. We have in this around 1400 batteries for Landcruisers, so we are selling for cost. They are very high quality and are made by Hyundai (Koreans make the best batteries) You guys can...
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    good excuss to buy a 40 series

    nows the time to get your hands on 40 series,,check the link below
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    BJ46 3.4 5speed, discs, winch, LHD

    Hi there, I just brought a BJ46 for a customer, its very nice with PAS, 5speed, winch and discs, thought I would put it up as you don`t see a lot of them. It could do with a new soft top as the one it has is a bit saggy but its still cool. Here some pics from France - Blighty from this weekend
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    My new 40

    Hi Chaps, this is my new 40 that arrived today and I am going to keep this one
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    recommissioning FJ40 1968

    Hi guys we have been recommissioning a 1968 FJ40 that was in a barn for ever. We are trying not to do to much as the desert look as much as pos. so far its back running right, and we have put repair panels in the back.
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    fully loaded HJ47

    hi there guys, thought i would just post a few pics of this HJ47 we have coming in because it has all the toys on it, Air con etc even original electric windows which i have never seen.
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    1HDT 5 speed

    hi there I want to put a 1HDT 5 speed in an FJ45 I have, does anybody have a 1HDT and a 5 speed for sale? and i read an old post saying Ducks Cross 4x4 are good people to do this but the post was very old, are they still doing stuff like this? Giles
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    cornwall mechanic

    hi there, as you may know newish LC aren`t really my thing, but my Dad has a 2000 4.2 that needs looking at and he lives in cornwall, does anybody know anyone good mechanics that look after cruisers. I think he has a gearbox issue and a turbo issue as well. Giles
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    very original FJ40 pics

    Hi everyone, thought some might like some pics of an 1969 FJ40 we sold. its the first time its had a wash in 20 years
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    RHD beast in France

    Hi there, no idea how much or if it is even still for sale but what a thing Giles
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    Must have jump pack

    Hi guys i am at a trade show in Germany and a must have for everyone is a lithium jump pack by Noco its just amazing, size of a sandwich and will start at truck at -30 degrees, you can even drive over it, in and out power on USB. Best product i have ever seen, I guess when launched it will be...
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    Oem canvas

    Hi there I just sold two Troopies to a guy in the States that deals in OEM canvas soft tops and frames, if anyone has been searching send me a message and I will give you his details. Giles
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    big diesel pickup 1976

    thought i would just post pics of this truck we have got, its interesting because its an HJ and that it 1976 and i have never seen old shape 40 made in 1976. PS i need a tailgate badly if anyone has one i would pay a lot for it
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    original paint, spray or not to spray??

    hi everyone, just had a new cruiser in she is rust free, she looks ok and is original,,question is would i ruin her if i paint her or do you think it is time she should get a fresh coat? Giles
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    bj45 ebay uk no reserve

    Hi there guys trying to make space so we have listed this BJ45 with no reserve, it is got 12 months mot UK registered and is all ready to go.
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    perfect HJ61 up for grabs

    Hi all for sale we have a perfect HJ61 on the way from OZ, only 121k miles, What can I say about the car? Not an awful lot yet. I think it is a 1988 but not sure. It has an excellent chassis and rust free body that has just been resprayed. Excellent 12H-T engine with only 190000 km on the...
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    Fj45 rhd mega cheap

    hi everyone have a very good 1981 FJ45 troopy, mechanically and electronically completely overhauled, can be driven home. Comes with front disk brakes, big, strong roofrack and full Australian papers: £7995 EUR ex works arrives first week of August i would not normally sell this low but i...
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    request for photo shoot 40 series

    Hi there all I have had a request for a 40 in good condition for a photo shoot on wed/thursday this week in SW19. Can anyone help there will be good money in it for somebody. Its to far from me to get involved Giles
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    Cheap Toyotas FJ75, HJ61, 2X FJ45

    Hi everyone I have just had some more RHD stock in, and all pretty cheap FJ75 only £3500, and have 2x FJ45 only £4750 can get anything and I am breaking most models so let me know if anybody is stuck for anything Giles
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    ebay FJ40

    Hi there all, FJ40 on item number 271448607575 Giles
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    4x FJ 55 for only 4500 eur in France

    Hi guys, somebody might like these i cam across them a while back, they are not mine Giles
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    Fj40 1968 fj40 1969 bj45 1980

    Hi guys i have some very nice jeeps wanting new homes but i have some once in a life time FJ40 19689 RHD with original tyres etc as good as they get if not better, rust free, super cheap £9500 trust me i do this for love not money Giles
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    FJ25 in need of saving

    Hi there all, I have to many projects but somebody should save this FJ25 its been for sale for a long time in Spain I am sure they would reduce the price a lot. I can't yet post the URL as i don't have enough posts, if anyone is interested contact me and i will email a link Giles
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    BJ, FJ and parts For Sale

    Hi there this is not really an add as i don't make a profit, as a hobby I sell old land cruisers and parts, RHD or LHD. If anybody is stuck for anything give me shout sure I can help, currently breaking RHD, and LHD BJ45. Have a lot of jeeps either in stock or on the way Hope this helps a...
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