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  1. Miro

    New Front fogs

    Greetings, @Steve Wright - about these new fog light - very nice finding indeed. If it's not too much trouble, may I ask you for a picture of the light pattern they produce on a near flat surface (wall, garage door, etc.)? I am interested if they have similar cut-off line as the originals. To...
  2. Miro

    1HD-FTE - white-grayish smoke

    Thank you very much uHu. Really valuable information. I very much doubt the diesel specialists who did my injectors knew that either. The troubling thing is that they didn't want to remove the injectors on their own, and that's why I had to use the services of another shop for the removal. So...
  3. Miro

    What nuts for these rims? w/ pics

    Sounds great. Now that you mentioned this, I just realized that should I ever need to use my spare "big centre hole", I will be having a problem transporting the faulty wheel with the "small hole", if the trunk is full. Yes will definitely have to take a look into this myself, as soon as the...
  4. Miro

    1HD-FTE MAF sensor pin out

    Apologies for the absence. @uHu - Thanks for asking. While I was answering here, I realized the replay became massive, so I decided it would be better to open a new thread for the problem I am trying to solve. Please take a look at...
  5. Miro

    1HD-FTE - white-grayish smoke

    Greetings, A problem I've been trying to sort out for some time now, is a noticeable white-grayish smoke out of the exhaust, with a smell of unburnt diesel. The smoke is noticeable while the engine is still cold (for the first few minutes of driving) and primarily while idling. With the engine...
  6. Miro

    1HD-FTE MAF sensor pin out

    Thank you uHu, thanks alot. The attachment is priceless! I have updated my signature with the details, extracted from the truck's VIN.
  7. Miro

    1HD-FTE MAF sensor pin out

    Thank you very much. I was able to test the voltage on mine today. Between pin 5 of the MAF connector and ground, while idling (600 rpm) I have 2.1V and increasing gradually to about 3.2V at about 2000 rpm. So the MAF sensor seems to be responding well, although the voltage at idle may be a...
  8. Miro

    1HD-FTE MAF sensor pin out

    Does anyone know if the process of testing the mass aif flow sensor (22204-27010) on 1HD-FTE, is any similar to the procedure outlined here: Particularly, if the pin out of the 22204-27010 MAF sensor matches the...
  9. Miro

    What nuts for these rims? w/ pics

    I see, yes indeed, changing the clamp is a good option in this case. Thanks for pointing out the J and JJ lip difference. I will have to read more on the matter. About this particular combination of alloy rims with steel tapered seats for the nuts, and respectively the normal type nuts (usually...
  10. Miro

    What nuts for these rims? w/ pics

    Excellent, I'll have mine double checked by a wheel specialist for any imperfections and give them a try myself, with the torque wrench near by :) Also, another small issue with those rims is that, as noted by the dealer's description, they are not suitable for a spare tire. Thank you very...
  11. Miro

    What nuts for these rims? w/ pics

    I have the same rims (PZ 406-70670-ZC) and also the OEM nuts (PZ406-70670-01) for these rims. The following may indeed be the only pictures of those nuts, available online: 20171018_164659 by Miro posted Oct 18, 2017 at 5:28 PM 20171018_163509_HDR by Miro posted Oct 18, 2017 at 5:28 PM Note...
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