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  1. Becki Scott

    Ay-up (Yorkshire for hello!)

    Ay-up. Born and raised in West Yorkshire,UK. Just inherited my in-laws Landcruiser. It’s a 2007, LC4, 8 seater, KDJ120R. 3.0 D-4D auto, 95k in Navy. Had Nissan Qashqais since 2008 but need something with a bit more ooompf for the Yorkshire roads, potholes and snow! No mods - but I’m having the...
  2. Becki Scott

    Parcel shelf

    Hi all. New LC owner here, based in Yorkshire, UK. Just got myself a 2007 LWB LC4 (KDJ120R). I’m after a parcel shelf for when the back row of seats (row 3 of 3) is removed. Does an official one exist? Anything from a different model do the job? There’s no obvious attachment points on the...
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