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  1. GeekOKent

    230v to 12v at home

    There is a bunch of kit bought to be used on the road, in the lanes and at campsites. Now I want to use it at home, and don't really want to get a battery out, connect to a charger or use solar to keep it topped up. There are a few mains to 12v adapters, just looking for recommended options...
  2. GeekOKent

    To drum or disc it

    Hello everyone, so a 101 question. I have drums brakes at the back and have always had the opinion that they are better with heavy loads at the back since there is a lot more stopping surface on the shoes compared to what a caliper on a disc would offer. Flip side is that drums get hot faster...
  3. GeekOKent

    A blue one

    Not mine, just saw it by accident... Someone please buy this.
  4. GeekOKent

    4x4 events for family outings

    Hi, What are the 4x4 events around the country? I would like to take the kids, as visitors. Thinking of stuff like uktra4x4 and king of the valleys etc, but also more regional things would be good. Recommendations?
  5. GeekOKent

    Front bumper options

    Hello! Need a new front bumper, and don't feel like paying MrT £1200 that got quoted. I can likely get one off the breakers somewhere but want it colour matched. Any recommendations on a body shop who'd do a fair job ? Close to SELondon is good, but willing to travel.
  6. GeekOKent

    Wiper Rubber

    Hi Can anyone recommend a supplier and product that they have used for wiper rubber? I don't want to replace the entire assembly, just pull the rubber strip out and feed in a new one. This is for the 105.
  7. GeekOKent

    Solar export cost to go

    Hi, As many would know, solar export tariff meant that people with solar excess that gets fed back to the grid, are compensated. We had solar at our previous place, and if cut down our electronic charge massively (80%). We have abnormal conditions - in that I work from home, and was stubble...
  8. GeekOKent

    Travel Challenges around middle-east/north-africa

    hi guys I've got an opportunity to do a few months contracting for an Israel company - and digging around, it turns out that evidence of a trip into Israel is a good way to never be able to go to anywhere on north-africa or the middle-east and some far east asia places like malaysia and brunei...
  9. GeekOKent

    4 man RTT - going cheap

    not mine, i just stumbled on it looking for something else. £350, located in Derby
  10. GeekOKent

    Rust treatment It just needs to be seen
  11. GeekOKent

    M50 in Dublin

    This is not really a trip thing, but I thought the travel section might still be the best place to post it. So a few days ago, I was in Dublin. And went across the m50 toll a few times. Unfortunately I missed the next day 8pm deadline, had thought I would be home and can do it online but got...
  12. GeekOKent

    Recommend a quiet route from London to York

    Heading upto York for a few days and was wondering if there were any quiet / trails that could be done on the way up. I have 9 hrs on the day to drive, and dont want to just motorway it all the way. Any recommendations for scenic or easy-trails along the way would be very appreciated...
  13. GeekOKent

    Looking for a roof tent

    Hi, Looking for a fold over style roof tent with the attached room under. Ideally 1.6m wide, even better if it's proper canvas and not a plastic bag /nylon tent.
  14. GeekOKent

    Not quite gone, just hibernating

    hi everyone, I've not been on the forum a lot, these last 6 months - and the 105 has been in dry-dock for the period. I'm not quite gone as yet - have had a few health issues at home that have meant 100% focus offline, and then work started piling up and then travel for work. So between...
  15. GeekOKent

    London meetup Mar '18

    Hi everyone, Been a while since we had a local meeting. And there have been a few new members joining the forum from in and around London. I'd like to propose a local beer session, 1st March Thursday. At the Green Man. Its a quietish pub as London pubs go, and has fresh beer. Its also easy...
  16. GeekOKent

    Dakar 2018

    Anyone following the Dakar this year? After 585km, its hilux at 3 and 4. All three of the toyota gazoo trucks are in the top 10 ( but they are running inthe super production category, enough mod's that i dont think its really a hilux... ) There are 2 LCs being run in the production category -...
  17. GeekOKent

    Wheels for the 105

    I am looking for 1 or 2 spare Toyota steel wheels. 16" 5x150pcd, 0 offset If there is a full set, do let me know - there are a few people on the forum looking for these so we can perhaps share a set.
  18. GeekOKent

    a Dry Dock

    hi guys, Due to a couple of family considerations, I may need to pull both the cruisers off the road, SORN them, and park them up in dry dock. Am looking, but not finding anything suitable close to where we are, so asking wider if anyone knows or has rent-able space to accommodate 2 trucks for...
  19. GeekOKent

    chevron semi 5w30

    hi, Was in Costco today and noticed they had 20L drums ( more like plastic Jerry cans, flat sides.. ) for not-a-lot ( £32+vat ). Anyone have an opinion on this oil ? ideally, having used it ? Noticed they had a warning next to the drum saying 'non low-ash'. My understand is that low-ash is...
  20. GeekOKent

    Tesla Semi

    This tesla semi looks interesting. Would love to find out exactly how they charge the truck to run fully loaded for 400miles in 30 minutes. Unsure however of a semi that does 0 to 60 in 20 seconds.
  21. GeekOKent

    Is brine worse than salt

    Looks like they are going to be using grime liquid in some parts of the south east, not just salt this winter. How much worse is this for cars?
  22. GeekOKent

    1kd ftv piston cracks

    Hi, trying to dig up some info on the 1ldftv piston cracking issue. Looks like, and seems widely reported outside of the UK, that the euro4 engine (which many of us have ), were impacted. Cant find any details locally, and no service recall either. The closest is this like that conains a pdf...
  23. GeekOKent

    A tale of two toe's

    After 5 days in the sticks off-grid (in the peak District), was on my way home and stopped at a friend's place. They are redoing their place and had a half done staircase. Slipped 10 steps, dislocated my big toe and the little one on the right foot. Had the presence of mind to reinsert them...
  24. GeekOKent

    A familiar 70 on ebay

    Hi guys, Why is this one familiar?
  25. GeekOKent

    Shake up in the insurance biz?

    Hi Called around to see what options were there for this year's insurance sacrifice.. Turns out that Adrian Flux is getting out of new business around the club's and non mainstream cars - they quoted me over £2k for the year. When I questioned the sanity of that the guy basically said that they...
  26. GeekOKent

    Battery terminal fuses

    hi, Anyone used these battery terminal fuses ? looks like a good way to save some space, and gets the fuse right upto the battery itself.
  27. GeekOKent

    Smart Bar from ARB

    Hi, Came across this Is a polymer front bullbar, apparently as strong as metal, but a lot safer for pedestrians ( unsure how both of those statements can be true at the same time ). But it looks like it's going to meet the Euro spec to be sold locally. That Orange though. ...
  28. GeekOKent

    Ireland and the west atlantic coast

    Hi Looks like I am going to be able to get away after all. Heading to the Irish west coast mid June for 2 weeks. There isn't really a plan as yet, but broadly I want to cross over from Fishguard or Pembroke and crawl around the outer edge, getting over to Sligo and the across to Dublin and...
  29. GeekOKent

    CV split boot kits Anyone know of these are available for the 120? In the UK? Looks like I need a couple inners for GP.
  30. GeekOKent

    Gunmetal grey

    Hi In the US and in Germany, I see so many 80s, 100s and 120s in this dark gun metal grey. Did that colour never make it to the UK ? Dont think I have actually ever seen one here.
  31. GeekOKent

    Classic car show London next weekend

    Hi Thinking of going over to the classic car show Anyone been before? Going this year?
  32. GeekOKent

    A 2017 meeting

    Hi There are quite a few new members. Was wondering if there is any interest in a club meeting in the May/Jun time frame ? Maybe this time we can go north to make it easier for folks up there to come along and I hear there are some good lanes worth driving up north too? Is there a lincombe...
  33. GeekOKent

    anyone used heritage insurance ?

    hi, Anyone used heritage 4x4 and modified vehicle insurance before ?
  34. GeekOKent

    How low is too low

    Hi, Just checked and my deep cycle Hankok 110ah (says dual purpose, can also be used as a starter ) has dropped to 2.4v. Not missing any digits, the meter really does say 2.4v The ctek wont charge it, it wont even see it. I suspect down to these smartchargers not liking anything less than 7...
  35. GeekOKent

    life of fuel

    Hi, How long can diesel be stored before it starts degrading ? I guess as long as the container is stored completely full, and is made of a material that itself wont react with diesel then there should be no real shelf life - it should just last forever ? the biggest problem being moisture /...
  36. GeekOKent

    where best to mount the onboard air

    Looking at where best to put the tmax adventurer ( its the little one that does 70ltr/min ), so it can be plumbed in properly. Since it needs 30A, I guess somewhere in the engine bay, close to the secondary battery so it can be properly wired in is the way to go - but I dont know if this is...
  37. GeekOKent

    what are you watching

    hi I find myself in the strange position of having time in the day to actually turn on the tv and hunt around for something to watch - with poor results. What is everyone watching these days ? on TV / Amazon Prime / Netflix / YouTube shows / <whatever> ?? regards
  38. GeekOKent

    holiday season & excursions ?

    Hi, wishing everyone a great holiday season, have a good break and a great new years. any plans to head out into the tracks / mud at all in these coming weeks ? Regards,
  39. GeekOKent

    Long term water storage

    Now for something different. .. ThamesWater doing some routine waterworks decided it would be fun to drill through the main waterline. 24hrs and counting of no water in the taps now. They say it should be back sometime overnight. Got me thinking what's the best way to store water longer term...
  40. GeekOKent

    Germans to ban the internal combustion engine by 2030

    "The modern internal combustion engine first came from Germany and now Germany wants to put a nail in its coffin. The Bundesrat has passed a resolution to ban the ICE beginning in 2030" Worth a read...
  41. GeekOKent

    Not a LC but...

  42. GeekOKent

    SF using Landcruisers

    The front on these trucks looked familiar so i went digging. Turns out the British SF are using a 79 series truck :
  43. GeekOKent

    The London Ultra Low Emissions Zone

    howse this ULEZ going to impact everyone ? afaict, this is all driven on the age of the vehicle and nothing else. How many of our trucks are likely to be less than 14 years old in 2020 ? regards,
  44. GeekOKent

    Flippac roof conversion

    Hi guys, Just got back after 2 weeks in California. Managed to take 3 days over the last weekend and drive some trails with some friends and one of them has a a flippac roof tent. Its pretty amazing, highly recommend looking it up online. Is there anything like this available locally? This...
  45. GeekOKent

    Whats the officially accepted fording depth

    At this guy wasent going by spec..
  46. GeekOKent

    Escapegear group buy maybe ?

    Hi, Any interest in a group buy from the EscapeGear folks ? their seat covers and dash protector ( both of which I am keen on ) look pretty much the best value to be had. But shipping from SA is almost 20% of the cost! We might be able to spread that a bit by getting a bundle of bits from them...
  47. GeekOKent

    Gutter mounted roof bars

    Hi Guys, I have these roof bars with their mounting for rain gutters. Should fit anything that has these gutters along the side. 2 bars. Rated to 100Kg and drillable. I paid £70 for these, happy to take £40 + postage. Am in Derby this Saturday so can deliver along the way, in the area if...
  48. GeekOKent

    theAA fuel price report

    Looks like the aa are doing a fuel price report each month : the latest one is here : - its hard to believe folks in the continent pay almost 30% less compared with...
  49. GeekOKent

    Landcruiser offroad videos

    From the 80's Regards
  50. GeekOKent

    1HZ engine

    Hi folks, The manual on this says regular oil service to be done every 3k miles, the engine oil is marked as 'replace' with filter every other service. If driven for mostly short journeys, dusty tracks or under heavy load, this number drops to 1.5k miles. Seems a bit short ?? But how much...
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