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  1. br1anuk

    Heated seat loom

    I pulled the panel down where the fuel flap release is and you can see the small fuse block up underneath. One of the fuses was listed as "seat" on the diagram. It had no fuse in and I used a piggy back fuse with a 10 amp in it. Joined both the heated seat wires together so only had to use one fuse.
  2. br1anuk

    Heated seat loom

    Ive just fitted heated carbon seat pads onto my cloth GX seats before I fitted a set of Escape Gear seat covers over the top. Theres actually a fuse for heated seats down by the drivers right knee and I used a piggy back fuse to tap straight into that. The kit was £28 with fast delivery and its...
  3. br1anuk

    Wanted, 80 series alloys

    I know exactly what you're saying about "worm creep", Ive got factory diamond cut wheels on our other car and they're just starting to go now the cars seven years old. I'd like to get them blasted then powder coated metallic grey then have the diamond cut finish and clear coat on top. I had my...
  4. br1anuk

    Wanted, 80 series alloys

    Just looking for an old oxidised set as I want to get them diamond cut. If yov'e got a set for sale why don't you tell me how much you want for them instead of sniping at some one else's post. Maybe my idea of cheap is different too yours.
  5. br1anuk

    Wanted, 80 series alloys

    Has anyone got a set of four 80 series later type alloys knocking about they want to sell cheap. They don't have to be perfect as I'll be getting them refurbished. Not interested in tyres as Ive got a set of KO2's to go on them. Thanks Brian.
  6. br1anuk

    Problem with morning start with Landcruiser 120 Prado 30 d4d 2004 diesel

    Sounds like one of your injectors is knackered. You need to do a leak off test to see which one is misbehaving.
  7. br1anuk

    120 dog guard

    Thanks for that those are exactly the same seats as mine. Ill contact my Toyota dealer.
  8. br1anuk

    120 dog guard

    Ive been after a genuine dog guard for my colorado but every time one comes up on eBay its the other end of the country. Could you tell me where you got this one from please? Thanks Brian
  9. br1anuk

    100 series Rims

    And for your information I've never endorsed them only highlighted that they exist. I think we're all big boys on this forum and can make up our own minds as to wether a company is worth dealing with.
  10. br1anuk

    100 series Rims

    Ive never had any dealings with them but the fella does sound as though he doesn't want to sell anything. I'm on a mercedes forum and I mentioned that they had a couple of brand new mercedes complete car shells in primer and a guy off there went up and bought one off them with no problems. Ive...
  11. br1anuk

    100 series Rims

    Check this company out. They strip brand new land cruisers , I can't believe more people on this forum know about them. They've got loads of stuff New old Stock.
  12. br1anuk

    Wanted: Spares for Avon inflatable

    Have you joined Ribnet forum?
  13. br1anuk

    Meet My New (to me) 2002 LC100 Amazon , Prepped for Overlanding

    Its green so it'll be fantastic. Enjoy it.
  14. br1anuk

    looking for a 100 series,what were the best years?

    Aren't the 100 series from 2003 £570 road tax?
  15. br1anuk

    Aircon compressor p/n

    Been out in the car today and every time I switch on the AC I get a big smile on my face. Like winning the lottery.
  16. br1anuk

    Aircon compressor p/n

    My compressor was seized on my 95. I had it regassed and the mechanic diagnosed a seized compressor. They used a full can off wd40 on it but it wouldn't work. Any way he told me to drive with the ac on as much as possible and keep squirting it with wd40. Well low and behold 12 months later its...
  17. br1anuk

    Steel Front Bumper

    Have a look at a company called Cabmasters, they've got lots of new old stock steel bumpers. I don't know how much they are Ive just seen them on their website. Toyota Land Cruiser 100 Series Front Bars - [Leaving Land Cruiser Club]
  18. br1anuk

    Reverse light and fuel 1 way valve on Colorado

    The reverse light is absolutely pathetic. When I got my Colorado four years ago I spent some time trying to figure out why the off side light wouldn't work!!!! I ended up buying a pair of after market LED rear lights and was amazed when I connected them up both of the rear reverse lights worked...
  19. br1anuk

    Finding a good 100

    Just had a really good look at the photos of the 100 in Japan. Wow! Front Toyota winch Rear locker Double Din dash so you can fit Apple Car Play and reverse camera. No AHC suspension Cloth seats. Fridge in armrest That would be perfect for me.
  20. br1anuk

    Finding a good 100

    Buy lots of Bilt Hamber wax. Its great.
  21. br1anuk

    Finding a good 100

    Has anyone imported a 80 or 100 direct from Japan? I can't stop looking at this website. Really nice 100 series on there with Toyota front winch and no AHC. £13000 plus delivery to UK plus import duty. TOYOTA LAND CRUISER 100 VX LIMITED...
  22. br1anuk

    105 Series steel wheels

    Don't know anything about that, must be something to do with the website.
  23. br1anuk

    6x4 Land Cruiser

    Didn't Edd China used to build these in a previous life?
  24. br1anuk

    105 Series steel wheels

    Are these the wheels youre looking for? At Cabmasters, they've got a lot of new old stock Land Cruiser wheels. 275/70 R16 - [Leaving Land Cruiser Club]
  25. br1anuk

    ARB bumpers

    Have you had a look at the bars that Cabmasters have in stock? New take offs. I have no connection with this company but they do have an amazing amount of Land Cruiser parts. Toyota Land Cruiser 100 Series Front Bars - [Leaving Land Cruiser Club]
  26. br1anuk

    Front lockers?

    So theres no traction control then through the ABS?
  27. br1anuk

    Front lockers?

    Simple question this, does the UK spec Land Cruiser Amazon 100 series have centre, rear and front lockers or is the front axle controlled by the traction control system. Somebody fro the USA asked me and I assumed that they have a front locker, but it looks like I'm wrong. Could someone please...
  28. br1anuk

    Where to buy extended front studs

    I used these
  29. br1anuk

    First ride in an FJ Cruiser

    $15,000 for the engine £15,000 for the conversion.
  30. br1anuk

    Land Cruiser 200 Cancelled!

    Has anybody else heard the rumour that Toyota USA is cancelling the North American 200 due to poor sales? From ICON 4X4 Could this be true??? Just heard from @jonnylieberman that Toyota has decided to cancel the Land Cruiser in America due to low sales. Low sales??? Maybe they mean due to...
  31. br1anuk

    Toyota 79 Series Cab and Rear Body Brand New

    I am not in any way affiliated with this company. I just find that some of the spare parts they have are very interesting. At Cabmasters. When I saw it originally a couple of days ago Im sure they had a price of £8500 plus VAT, I don't know if they're of any use to anyone in the UK I just...
  32. br1anuk

    J 90 VS 120

    Ive got a 2001 D4-D 90 manual LWB and on a run I get 29mpg keeping it at 65-70mph. Not much less around town.
  33. br1anuk

    Air Con Relay Location 90?

    Ive just been out and looked and as far as i can see theres no fuses behind the glovebox on my 2001 KDJ95. There are some down under the dash by the steering wheel but I can't see any relays???
  34. br1anuk

    Air Con Relay Location 90?

    Can anyone tell me the location of the relay for the air con on a 2001 Land cruiser 90 D4D? I want to try and give it a knock to see if thats why my air cons not working or if its seized. Ive had the system re gassed the end of last summer and the mechanic said to leave the air con switched on...
  35. br1anuk

    Replacement of standard battery set-up (100 Series)

    Ive just bought a pair of Yuasa batteries from eBay. Matched pair YBX5334 and YBX5335 for £148 including delivery. They're the silver ones with a five year guarantee. They're 95AH and bloody heavy.
  36. br1anuk

    Official Toyota Bullbar

    Have you tried Cabmasters for a bullbar? I am not affiliated with them in any way.
  37. br1anuk

    Cabmasters Genuine Toyota Parts

    Are you off your Meds??? I find your post VERY offensive. I'm sorry I have the same name as someone who has corresponded with you from Cabmasters. I'm sorry I tried to help some forum members find some hard to come by parts, I won't bother again without pre checking that theres no one at the...
  38. br1anuk

    78 Troopy build (pic heavy!)

    Cabmasters have lots of brand new take off parts for these Land Cruisers. Check them out.
  39. br1anuk

    Wanted: 6 Stud 16" x 5.5" Steel Split Rim Wheels - within UK

    Have you tried cab masters? They're not far from you. They've got loads of new take off land cruiser parts, but i thought all the split rim wheels were 5 stud only?
  40. br1anuk

    BF Goodrich K02's Balancing????

    Ive had a set of BFG K02's for nearly two years and I'm coming to the end of my tether with them. Ive just had my wheels refurbed and powder coated and part of the deal was new valves and balancing. This is the third time this full set of tyres has been rebalanced and I chose the wheels with the...
  41. br1anuk

    New purchase

    You can get a rear camera that replaces a number plate light off eBay for £10 then get a double din radio with rear camera screen. Best mod if your towing.
  42. br1anuk

    New purchase

    Towbar go for genuine Toyota or Westfalia, Brink or Thule.
  43. br1anuk

    Anyone still importing JDM Land Cruiser 80's?

    For sale in the USA $25,000
  44. br1anuk

    Anyone still importing JDM Land Cruiser 80's?

    Anyone still importing JDM Land Cruiser 80's? As the title says there seems to be lots of videos of LC80 JDM on youtube, but is there anyone still importing them into the UK? Went to look at a low mileage 80 yesterday and the body was really nice then I looked underneath!!!! I need one with F...
  45. br1anuk

    Lc100 love is wearing thin helllp

    Have you checked theres not a split on the air intake after the MAF sensor? Happened to a friend of mine who had a hilux and he had similar symptoms to you. If there is a split use duck tape to close it off until you can get a replacement pipe.
  46. br1anuk

    Wheel spacers.. front studs too short

    Further update on these. The cars now got a wheel wobble that wasn't there before!!! It looks really good with the wheels pushed out to the edge of the car but I think I'm going to take them off.
  47. br1anuk

    Wheel spacers.. front studs too short

    At long last Ive fitted my wheel spacers with the extended studs purchased through eBay. You need these ones:-
  48. br1anuk

    Wheel spacers.. front studs too short

    How did you get on? I was in exactly the same situation as you, ended up ordering a set of long studs off eBay but haven't had time to fit them yet.
  49. br1anuk

    Upgrading the VM 2.5 TD 5 Cylinder (HR 588 OHV) engine

    What about the engine from a Nissan terrano? You could buy a whole car for about £500 with rot in the body.
  50. br1anuk

    200 series 2017 model fuel range indicator

    22 MPG? Doesn't sound very good for highway driving.
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