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  1. Simon5030

    Air suspension anomaly

    So its been a while since i have had to repair anything on the LC! Over the last month i have noticed that bumps seem to be getting bigger, but only on the rear (mine only has rear air suspension). Decided to investigate this week, firstly sent the car to its high position, nothing happened...
  2. Simon5030


    Just a heads up really, Been trying to find a kit to overhaul my alternator (bearings really grumbling) and in the end just has to pass on this one due to leck of information on the Denso unit, so i thought i would opt for a refurb unit. Straight forward job looking at the manual, drained the...
  3. Simon5030

    ABS Issue

    So i have just replaced a bearing NSF and made the childish mistake of forgetting to put the seal on the back before pushing the bearing back on the shaft!!! yes i did kick myself! So i kindly sent my friend off to Milner to get me another bearing while i cried quietly destroying the bearing...
  4. Simon5030

    Front Driveshaft Seals

    So after many years happy motoring i have had to replace the front drivers side inner CV boot (did the other side a few years ago and did a write up) Decided to also replace the dust cover as it had rotted through, went for genuine CV boot and replica dust cover. After stripping it all down i...
  5. Simon5030

    Aux power with ignition off

    Hi Guys, Been a while! Just off up the West coast to Cape Wrath on Friday and could do with a permanent power source to run a LED light for the tent, tried a search and no luck! Some posts on other forums about bridging the ACC relay in the engine compartment but mine does not have that relay...
  6. Simon5030

    Front Inner CV Boot!

    Well with just 2 weeks to i set off to Austria and Switzerland, just swapping tyres front to back and noticed my inner CV boot has split :angry: So had a look round and there seems to be a few variants on how this task is done? Actually looking at the job it looks straight forward, so my...
  7. Simon5030

    Sunroof problem

    Well its been a while but something had to go wrong! With only 6 weeks to my European tour my sunroof decided to go with a clunk when one of my Scouts decided to meddle! :angry-screaming: Had a look at it and looking at the runners it is clear to see that the left and right are not aligned...
  8. Simon5030

    Morocco 2017

    The festivities are over (almost!) and my best prezzi is my book, Morocco Overland by Chris Scott (that i have only read the first few pages so far and am hooked!) So i am deciding to dip my toe in the water and plan a trip to Morocco for 2017 for 3 weeks (yes it takes me that long to...
  9. Simon5030

    Towbar Electrics

    So, i fitted my towbar some time ago and decided to purchase a genuine wiring loom from Mr T.! Wired it all in, tested it with a meter and all seemed to be functioning, its only when i came to tow that things started to look at bit sketchy! Borrowed a special lead to test the socket with that...
  10. Simon5030

    Front Sump Guard

    Hi Just started to renovate this guard from under the engine and cannot work out what the mounting is connected to the guard? Doesn't seem to be fixed the cross member and doesn't seem to have any function?:think: Any ideas? Simon
  11. Simon5030


    Hi guys Sorry to have to bleed you dry of information and a big thanks to all so far:clap: but hopefully once i have learned enough i can start to give back!:icon-biggrin: So i take a look at my sunroof today and find there seems to be a large problem with rust!!!!:thumbdown: Badly rusted...
  12. Simon5030

    Radio Mutimedia

    So i am looking at replacing the OEM Radio and nav system for something a bit more entertaining and useful, found this on the web! Ok, so the lady is very pretty but thats not my main driver! The model is HSL-CP-40D and it refers to being specifically for Prado and is OBD compatible So i...
  13. Simon5030

    Car Radio

    I am looking to fit a new all singing and dancing radio/satnav/dvd ect to replace the standard model in my LC120 2005 Auto, after delving into a miriad of specs i find one i like , one of the interesting features its its ability to read the engine management system and return various data and...
  14. Simon5030

    My new purchase!

    Well, i have had my 2005 LC about 6 weeks now, during that time i have had the gearbox linkage repaired, wax-oiled the underneath (do they not protect the chassis?), had a great trip to Wales and back with the Scouts for our summer camp (8 seats were useful!). I recently registered it on My...
  15. Simon5030

    Fuel Economy

    Just like some feedback on expected economy, my LC 2005 Auto seems to get about 22MPG based on my first caculation, looking around most people seem to get about 30MPG for general use, i drive 26miles to work and back each day, nothing dramatic hill wise, been driving it like an old man and...
  16. Simon5030

    Gearbox Concern

    Hi all, my first post so go easy on me!:icon-biggrin: Just purchased a lovely 2005 LC4 D-4D Auto, few niggles i am working through but could use a little help The gear selector in P does not appear to be sprung loaded from side to side, so it has a little play there, moving to D runs fine and...
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