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  1. mitalm

    OEM Split Tailgate with Spare Wheel Carrier - eBay

    Hi guys, Just seen an ebay listing for someone breaking a 100 series, I'm after a upper tailgate so asked the gentleman to send some more pics. Turns out it's not suitable for me as I have the regular split tailgate. But it is seemingly an OEM split tailgate with wheel carrier, looks in ok...
  2. mitalm

    Hidden Feature? Wing Mirror Drop when Reversing

    Engaged this by happy accident, if you leave the wing mirror adjustment selector switch to the right then when you put the car into reverse the wing mirrors on both sides of the vehicle will drop to help view the lower rear edges of the car! They will move back up after coming out of reverse...
  3. mitalm

    Meet My New (to me) 2002 LC100 Amazon , Prepped for Overlanding

    Hi all, I recently purchased this Land Cruiser from a chap in County Durham, their plans were to travel around Africa last year however they weren't able to do this trip due to issues releasing their car in Egypt. They ended up cruising around Europe with the car instead but obviously they were...
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