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    Steering/handling issues

    I had the same problems as apc01, followed the instructions in this tread. There is a huge difference. Thank you all so much.
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    lpg tank

    Mine is 89 liters donut shaped in spare wheel housing.
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    Prado August 2007 update

    GeekOKent A club trip would be very welcomed. I am sure you will enjoy your stay here. Turkey has wonderful roads and people to meet (just like Greece and Cyprus or many other countries). I will do my best to host you all. If you ever plan to come I will do my best to find the tourism agencies...
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    Prado August 2007 update

    Dear Antonis and all You have helped me a lot. Thank you so much. While looking for a prado I have come across a 2005 land cruiser vx V8. We loved the car and made a deal. I am happy as a kid. I am so surprised how you sit so high and feel like being in an airport control tower. Lots of...
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    Prado August 2007 update

    Thank You Dear Antonis, Geekokent and all for valuable your help. Best Regards Volkan
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    Prado August 2007 update

    Hello There, I am new to the forum and planning to buy a secondhand 3.0 diesel prado. I am new to all SUVs. We will be driving the car in urban settings most of the time. I am doing a search on the net and thank you for sharing your experience with the newbees. It is written in wikipedia that "...
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