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    Offroad-Comparison Battle: SUVs 2021 (Toyota vs Lexus, Range, Mercedes)

    Which one’s AWD system is better in large premium SUV class? You’ll find the answer in this video: Land Cruiser 200, GLS 450, LX 570, QX80, Range Rover, BMW X7, G63 in absolutely stock configuration: SUV Battle 2021: Land Cruiser 200, GLS 450, LX 570, QX80, Range Rover, BMW X7, G63 - [Leaving...
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    Drone Laws world map and travelling with drones

    Here I did collect information about travelling with drones. About people who got fined, got to jail and the rules. It helps to be prepared. This Map by visualcapitaslist helps to get an idea about where more preparations is useful. If you are not on a worldtrip - you will need more...
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    Land Cruiser 200 - nominated as best used Overlanding car

    The Expeditionsportal did vote the "Land Cruiser 200 (J20)" as #1 car on the list of "Top 10 Used Overlanders" I also did too 110`000 Travelling-Kilometers with the Land Cruiser 200 on 3 Continents - I did add some notes too: Land Cruiser 200 (J20) - als bestes Fahrzeug für Overlanding...
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    R600p - a mobile Solar and Battery Setup - too for 4x4 rigs / buildups?

    This week that small and tiny 8.5kg device did arrive. It is not on the market yet - I did go successfully through the risk of crowfunding. My Plan is to "renew" my Powersolution in my Landcruiser 200, which was my mobile Home during travelling, from Transafrica, Europa till south america My...
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    200 Series Picture Thread

    Here some pictures out of the last 8 Years! Hope you will add some pictures - let us travel at leas virtually :-) Landcruiser D4D (Diesel) V8 with 33" and AHC (adjustable height control) Somewhere in Bolivia Replacement Frontscreen in Africa Europe, Bulgaria Arriving in Chile Iceland...
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    Overlanding Trip Report: 2 months in eastern europe

    In 2019 I was alone with the 4x4 on a small overlanding tour for over two months. Via the Engadin and Samnaun we went in the direction of Italy, Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Bulgarians to the sea, Romania, Hungary back to Austria. I didn't track the route exactly, but I should have...
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    Meet or chat with other Travellers abroad

    In the distant foreign country it would be nice to see which traveler is also nearby. Be it to chat briefly about the easiest border crossing, security situation, visa situation or just to have a beer together and spend a sociable evening. Something like that is missing, discovered two...
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    Most helpful Apps for Navigation / Travelling / Worldtrip

    After travelling over 100`000 Kilometers in the last years (Transafrica, Southamerica, US, Europe) , with just an iPad / iPhone as Navigation Unit - I found some Apps very helpful. Here are my favorite Apps - and the reason why they are important for me...
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    Adventure-Overland: Transafrica - Panamericana and next?

    I will start the panamericana in the next days. This time without an specific time frame, or route plans. I will decide during the day - what I will do on the next day. I`m 40 now and always dreamed about an extended or big trip. There is no timeframe who looks perfect for something like that...
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    Sleeping-plattforms - how to sleep inside

    Overall there are more people out there, who use a tent, rooftent, trailer and so on. But some of us plan to sleep too inside of the car. This need a careful planning about, how to use the limited space. Here i try to do an kind of compilation of sleeping plattform samples. Many links to...
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    The top 10 Apps for travelling overland and abroad

    Here are my favorite top 10 list of apps for travelling overland abroad. Some of these apps are very useful because they offer access also while offline, others are helpful because they give you more out of a bad internet connection, or to stay in contact with your family and friends. Like a...
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    2nd Part of "4x4 Recovery Goes Seriously Wrong"

    Did you saw the Video of these two australian guys, the first part? It ends with one car stuck while the tide comes, the second car was tipped. How does it end? Here is the 2nd part of the Video who shows us the end of the story...
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    Toyota ODB2 USB Dongle & Software

    Toyota ODB2 USB Dongle & Software It looks like you can setup anything that your dealer can do - wich such an device & Software. Is here someone who has sucessful used such a device? Surfy
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    A well equipped Land Cruiser 200: transafrica

    Hi there Unfortunately i`m not able to post links or pictures, before i have done many postings :whistle: And my message to one of the moderators don't seem to get read - so i post it this way. Maybe some of you want to follow us, when driving from switzerland to south africa...
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