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  1. br1anuk

    Wanted, 80 series alloys

    Has anyone got a set of four 80 series later type alloys knocking about they want to sell cheap. They don't have to be perfect as I'll be getting them refurbished. Not interested in tyres as Ive got a set of KO2's to go on them. Thanks Brian.
  2. br1anuk

    Front lockers?

    Simple question this, does the UK spec Land Cruiser Amazon 100 series have centre, rear and front lockers or is the front axle controlled by the traction control system. Somebody fro the USA asked me and I assumed that they have a front locker, but it looks like I'm wrong. Could someone please...
  3. br1anuk

    Land Cruiser 200 Cancelled!

    Has anybody else heard the rumour that Toyota USA is cancelling the North American 200 due to poor sales? From ICON 4X4 Could this be true??? Just heard from @jonnylieberman that Toyota has decided to cancel the Land Cruiser in America due to low sales. Low sales??? Maybe they mean due to...
  4. br1anuk

    Toyota 79 Series Cab and Rear Body Brand New

    I am not in any way affiliated with this company. I just find that some of the spare parts they have are very interesting. At Cabmasters. When I saw it originally a couple of days ago Im sure they had a price of £8500 plus VAT, I don't know if they're of any use to anyone in the UK I just...
  5. br1anuk

    Air Con Relay Location 90?

    Can anyone tell me the location of the relay for the air con on a 2001 Land cruiser 90 D4D? I want to try and give it a knock to see if thats why my air cons not working or if its seized. Ive had the system re gassed the end of last summer and the mechanic said to leave the air con switched on...
  6. br1anuk

    BF Goodrich K02's Balancing????

    Ive had a set of BFG K02's for nearly two years and I'm coming to the end of my tether with them. Ive just had my wheels refurbed and powder coated and part of the deal was new valves and balancing. This is the third time this full set of tyres has been rebalanced and I chose the wheels with the...
  7. br1anuk

    Anyone still importing JDM Land Cruiser 80's?

    Anyone still importing JDM Land Cruiser 80's? As the title says there seems to be lots of videos of LC80 JDM on youtube, but is there anyone still importing them into the UK? Went to look at a low mileage 80 yesterday and the body was really nice then I looked underneath!!!! I need one with F...
  8. br1anuk

    Cabmasters Genuine Toyota Parts

    I was bored searching the internet and came across this company called Cabmasters. They have a lot of take off new old stock parts for Toyotas. I've done a search on the forum and they don't seem to be mentioned anywhere. Seem to have hundreds of new wheels and tyres and fantastic parts like a...
  9. br1anuk

    Land Cruiser 90 extended front wheel studs?

    I have bought a set of good quality wheel spacers for my 2001 90 lwb, but the fronts wont fit because the thwe wheel studs are too short. Roughtrax sell extended wheel studs if you buy their spacers but can't supply them separately as there in short supply. I have searched the Internet and...
  10. br1anuk

    Wanted LWB Dog Guard

    Does anyone have a full dog guard lying around that they don't use for a LWB 90? Ive missed out on a couple on eBay over the last 12 months and I could do with one for the summer. Does anyone know wether you could easily adapt one from a 120 as they come up more often? Cheers Brian.
  11. br1anuk

    Wanted Dog Guard for 90 series

    Does anyone have a genuine Toyota full size dog guard lying around that they'd sell
  12. br1anuk

    Hello from long time lurker

    Hi Ive been lurking on the forum for a while now trying to pick up as much information as possible in my quest to find a good condition, low mileage, manual, D4-D Colorado GX. Well thankfully its now over after 6 months of looking, I'm now the proud owner of an ex Toyota Management and one owner...
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