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    Landcruiser 100 2000 4.2 R/H front window motor and regulator

    Morning everyone, hope your all keeping well and loving your Cruisers.. Im in need of a drivers door so R/H window motor and regulator motor 85710-60140 and regulator 69801-60070. RoughTrax don't have them and Milners only sell a 2 wire version and mine is 5 wire. I remember 20 odd years ago...
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    Rough idle with tapping noise ?

    Hi Guys, I drove my 2001 LC with the 1HDFTE 4.2 diesel (140k miles) for about 30 miles this morning, switched her off for about 30 minutes all was fine as usual. When i re started her it was running really lumpy and rough with a tapping noise which wasn't at engine speed that would come and go...
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    Throttle Pedal

    Hi All, Has any one had or heard of any throttle pedal problems/failures on the 2001 100 series LC ?
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    Mechanical Loss Avoidance

    Morning ! Ive just read a post on a Facebook page about the Toyota Mechanical Loss Avoidance Scheme, apparently a guy has been given a new rear axle by Toyota for a 15 year old 120 LC4 Prado all he has to do is pay the labour for fitting .. worth further investigation ..
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    New Member Alert !

    Hi Folks, I been looking at this group for a while now so its time to join up and say hello. Ive had 4 Landcruisers 3 x 80 series and now have the 100 series 2001 1HD-FTE I've owned her since May 19 and so far I'm in neck deep with parts bills and hours of labour time that ive done myself.. the...
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