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    Persistent Gearbox Leak

    Hi All, I have a persistent oil leak which is coming from the front of the gearbox on my 1990 HZJ75 Troop Carrier, H55F gearbox. I've now pulled the gearbox 4 times to try and find the source of the leak and fix it. the leak is showing up at the bottom of the bell housing. So far I have...
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    Exhaust Repair and Protection

    Hi All, I have some reasonably significant holes in my exhaust which I am embarking on repairing. Around some of the flange joints the pipe has rusted out and the muffler has some huge rust holes in it. I'll get the muffler section replaced by a exhaust shop, and am pretty handy with a MIG...
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    Kiwi's in Australia

    Hi All, My wife and I have just aquired a '91 75 series Landcruiser Troopy with the view to fix it up and drive around Aus doing the Outback Tracks as we go. If everything goes well, the plan then would be to ship the car to South America and do the same thing there. We're reasonably new to...
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