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    Removing lower vent from Bumper

    Nick, thanks. I got under it and I thought it was clipped in, because there were clips on top. But upon further investigation it just wouldn't pop out like I thought and seems like it part of the bumper mold, painted black. I might have to cut it out to have this holder mounted to the bumper frame.
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    Removing lower vent from Bumper

    this piece seems to be attached to the bumper and painted black by the factory. has anyone tried cutting it out or other ways of removal without damage to the bumper? thank you
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    Removing lower vent from Bumper

    Hi everyone, new to the forum! I have a 99' 100 series. I'm a big fisherman, drive on the ocean often and I have a rod rack holder for the front of the truck that mounts to the license plate. The only metal piece is behind the bumper which I don't want to drill into. I'm trying to remove the...
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