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    Where Were 45 and 47 Troopies Manufactured and Sold?

    As the title says, I'm trying to nail down what countries around the world these Troopies were originally manufactured and originally sold. Anyone know of lists and sites identifying this? Also interested in the same info for 75 and 78 Troopies. Thanks.
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    Best sources for buying pre 2004 HZJ78 or 79 worldwide

    So, I'm searching worldwide for the right 1HZ Troopy (or possibly a cab and chassis that I can build a camper for) to import into Canada. It must be 15 years old to import into Canada, so currently that would mean a manufacture date of 01/04. I would prefer it already had a pop-up roof because...
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    Troopy "hardtop" vs ?

    I often see "hardtop" used to describe certain Troopies, but I have never seen a description of what that means. I believe it means metal vs fiberglass, but not positive. There are no canvas covered 75s or 78s are there? What is the true difference and how do I determine which models have what?
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    How do I ship a vehicle from Bulgaria to Canada?

    Wasn't sure where to post this, so I'm trying here. Wanting to ship an HZJ78 internationally (Bulgaria to Canada) for the first time. Hoping someone here may have experience in this to share. I'm on the west coast of Canada. My thought is that shipping from Bulgaria to Montreal and enjoying...
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    Troopy Model Code List?

    Does anyone have or can anyone point me to a list showing all models the Troopy was produced in? Thanks.
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    Hi All! I'm looking for a Troopy 45 or 78 or Dbl. Cab 79

    My 2015 Tacoma recently burned up, so I've decided to use the insurance money to buy and build out (camperize) a manual trans, diesel 78 series Troopy or Dbl. Cab 79 series. I'm on the left coast of Canada, but will look at a truck from any location. Would prefer something in the 2002 to 2004...
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