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  1. Marpey

    Northern Norway driving in winter

    Hello I'm planning to drive my LC HDJ100 (4.2TD) to northern Norway in February (looking for northern lights!) to Tromso and maybe as far as possible towards the North Cape. Any good advice from anyone? In particular -studded tires, a necessity? - oil, for this extreme temperatures what would be...
  2. Marpey

    import and insurance in the UK of foreign registered LC100 (2004)

    Having taken up residence in the UK , I'm planning to import my Land Cruiser HDJ100 (2004) TD 4.2, left hand drive, (some modifications - suspensions, extra fuel tank, spare wheel holder) currently registered in France. Has anyone had a similar experience? Any particular problems I may be...
  3. Marpey

    HDJ100 upgrading suspension system

    Hello. New to LC Club, new to LC ownership (5 months), very new to overlanding (this month) have just completed a France-Italy-Slovenia-...Turkey-Iran- ... ferry Bandar Abbas to Sharjah ... -Dubai trip. My LC, in spite of its (or her? or his?) 240,000 km has performed beautifully. And the...
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