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    Rotors HZJ80 Standard or Drilled and Slotted?

    Hi All, I have a HZJ80 1995 and the rotors are due for a change. I have a few questions regarding my options. Should I go something standard like these ? Or does anyone have any experience with Drilled and Slotted like these...
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    HZJ80 1995 Timing Belt Kits

    Hey, I was just wondering is Gates still the belt of choice when replacing timing belts? I need to do mine and I found a kit here brand says Matsumo but the add states Gates Belt.
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    HZJ80 CV Shafts Cozza thoughts?

    Hello Again everyone, my CV shafts are due for a change and I have been doing some hunting around for some when an ad popped up on my page for these Cozza CV shafts a pair for $178.24. Has anyone used them? Price seems great but just...
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    Hello All My First Landcruiser HZJ80

    Your name: Peter Your Cruiser: HZJ80 1995 AlotKm Mods on your Cruiser: Stock Plans for your Cruiser: Light 4x4 work and some towing. 4x4 Experience: Small amount Anything else you think is interesting or relevant: Just wanted to say hello to everyone. I have some mechanical knowledge but this...
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