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  1. Gav Peter

    Whatever happened to the build thread forum?

    Didn't we used to have a forum for build threads, Rig of the Month or sommat like that? Is it still here tucked away somewhere? Cheers Gav
  2. Gav Peter

    Iceland crash...

    No one from here involved I hope
  3. Gav Peter

    Twin battery set up in the UK spec Colorado

    What ho chaps This latest cold snap has finished off the batteries in the wife's Collie... I've read a couple of threads saying the twin battery setup is unnecessary (& even undesirable) in the Collie so was wondering what steps would be necessary to run with a single battery... Could I...
  4. Gav Peter

    HD 80 series steering bars - special offer!!!

    From Gwyn Lewis, well known good guy in 4x4 circles as I've been told!!!
  5. Gav Peter

    Pneumatic difflock actuator

    On Ebay
  6. Gav Peter

    Any one living in Banbury??

    ...willing to pick up an ebay purchase of two camping stretchers if I win them?? Might need storing til a suitable collection can be arranged though... Cheers peeps :-)
  7. Gav Peter

    Three of them you say...

    Just like buses, they all come along at once :lol::lol::lol:
  8. Gav Peter

    OEM 80 Winch...

    Maybe of interest to someone...
  9. Gav Peter

    Anyone remember this one??

    From a while back :-)
  10. Gav Peter

    Articulated chassis on a 40

    Anyone know anything about this? :wtf: Can't grab the video from facebook... :oops:
  11. Gav Peter

    FTAO Ian Rubie!!!

    In the absence of a Mog Section Ian - HERE
  12. Gav Peter

    Fluppin lectrics... Dashboard illuminations :-(

    So Muxley has his timing belt light on as normal but on the way home tonight he decides to light up a few more for me, these being... A/T oil temp Funny shape the other side of T Belt lamp I in a circle Oil can with wiggles Turbo lamp Red box by the 18v label Possibly the hand brake But only...
  13. Gav Peter

    Starting problem

    Hi chaps Wifey popped in on Saturday morning telling me the Colorado wouldn't start :eusa-hand: So she biked down to the shops for bacon as it was Saturday morning & we all needed bacon butties obviously Anyhoo, got to have a look at it & yep, it wouldn't start - just a substantial clack...
  14. Gav Peter

    FJ40 winch truck

    I'm sure I remember this one from the dark side...
  15. Gav Peter

    Winter has arrived on the Wirral...

    Its snowing like feck :icon-eek:
  16. Gav Peter

    eBay - stainless steel exhaust system for 80 series
  17. Gav Peter

    Rhino Roofrack If it goes cheap, could be easily modified to fit on roof bars :icon-cool:
  18. Gav Peter

    Well, if no-one else is gonna do it...

    Happy new year punks!!! :cool: Sent from my GT-I9100 using Tapatalk
  19. Gav Peter

    Hey Scott...

    All the best for tomorrow dude; another man down ;) Have a great day & wishing you & the future 'Mrs Scott' a fabulous future together :cool: Cheers :beer: Sent from my GT-I9100 using Tapatalk
  20. Gav Peter

    60 re-listed... :cool:
  21. Gav Peter

    Oh good lawd, what has happened here... :puke-front:
  22. Gav Peter

    Hardshell Easi-Awn

    I havent seen one like this before...
  23. Gav Peter

    Toyota Nudge Bar for Colorado

    Don't see many of these about...
  24. Gav Peter

    Cash money while travelling abroad

    Just an inquisitive post to see what others do for money money money while travelling in Europe... Cash, banking, travellers cheques, credit card??? Off to France later in the year for 3 weeks so pondering how best to tackle spends while over there. Cheers
  25. Gav Peter

    Who was after big tyres recently???

    Try these turkeys out Chris G!!!
  26. Gav Peter

    Offer: My Sankey trailer

    Wot hoh chaps The time has come for me to move my Sankey trailer on to a new home :icon-cry: Its a 1971 narrow track version, no tail gate in the tub, wired for 'normal' towing electrics etc etc Some pics in the thread here Its back on the original wheels & tyres rather than the 80 wheels...
  27. Gav Peter

    Another year older...

    How's the wisdom coming along Mr Lomas!!!???!!! Many happy returns :icon-cool:
  28. Gav Peter

    Gary's 120 has a twin!!!

    I thought it was yours Gaz :think: Or is it!?! :wtf:
  29. Gav Peter

    Which way now dear???

    This could cause some in car navigational interest :shock:
  30. Gav Peter

    Not a cruiser but...

    Will appeal to a few on here maybe ;)
  31. Gav Peter

    say hello

    Think ones got through the net Cris... :? Straight out of the cuckoos nest!!! :lol:
  32. Gav Peter

    Are there any surfers/body boarders amongst us??

    We've had a couple of summer holidays to Devon & Cornwall in the past & were told by a surf shop dude that October is a good time to surf down there. Mum wants us all to get together in a cottage for October half-term, all being my lot (6 of us), my sisters lot (6 of them) & my folks... I've...
  33. Gav Peter

    Fark... It's Stockton's turn!!!

    Many happy returns yah goose!!!! 8-)
  34. Gav Peter

    Phone calls from Microsoft/Windows Support Centre

    Recently, we've been bombarded with phone calls from an Indian sounding gentleman from some sort of support centre advising us that our computer is under immediate threat from an apocalyptic, end-of-the-world virus attack... :shock: So far I have trusted in our internet provider's & AVG's...
  35. Gav Peter

    Can't go to Lincomb... Watch out Muxley!!!

    A new way of thinking... 8-)
  36. Gav Peter

    Fuel chaos in the NW

    Every bugger is out buying fuel up like crazy at the moment around here - queues 20 cars long at seemingly every garage all through the day... Anyone else got this [strike:269ftvpx]phenononon[/strike:269ftvpx] behaviour where they live??
  37. Gav Peter

    One man went to mow...

    Went and mowed our garden this afternoon... Seems early to do so but had to get in there before the rain this weekend; where did all that moss come from :twisted:
  38. Gav Peter

    Getting creative in Japan...

    Wowza!!! :shock: [youtube:m8gb4w5m]bQptfdSCdhs[/youtube:m8gb4w5m] :lol:
  39. Gav Peter

    Wee favour required...

    Could someone measure the space between the third row of seats when they are in the folded up position for me please? Muchos gracias 8-)
  40. Gav Peter

    Good lawd, its Mister Wronski's Birthday today...

    Many happy returns fella :D Up to anything nice to celebrate?? 8-)
  41. Gav Peter

    Anyone else got snow falling??

    Its falling thick & fast here in Tarvin & sticking too 8-)
  42. Gav Peter

    Christmas is here then...

    Very cheery decorations on the site chaps; can we have some baubles & a bit of tinsel as well??? :mrgreen:
  43. Gav Peter

    A hasty trundle around Llangollen, 5/11/11

    We had a few hours out & about at the weekend - me (??) with Ava (7) & Adam (5) in Muxley & the Hatton Bros in Mike's ZooZoo... A bit of a spur of the moment thing & a rather low point in terms of photographic skills on display :oops: We had a bit of a sprint from Flint (as Jims slowass...
  44. Gav Peter

    Photo piracy...

    Interesting one popped up today & I'm sure Jim won't mind me mentioning it... As most do, I have a search digest setup on eBay for various bits & bobs, one of which is for roof tents. It popped in at lunchtime today & to my surprise, there's Jim's truck Rex advertising a PrimeTech roof tent...
  45. Gav Peter

    Milestone or millstone...

    Muxley turned 180,000 miles on the way home last night 8-) ...& promptly told me he wanted a new timing belt... :doh: I should explain that this was by way of lighting up the dash warning lamp, not throwing a piston through the side of the block!!!
  46. Gav Peter

    On telly now

    Weekend at Bernie's on ITV4... 20 minutes in but its a hoot!!!
  47. Gav Peter

    Weight control programme...

    ... for Muxley!!! The factory I am visiting quite regularly at the moment has a weighbridge so on my way out yesterday I asked the chap in the hut if he'd mind Muxley stepping on the scales... 2,820kgs was the result... With a full tank of gogojuice :mrgreen:
  48. Gav Peter

    Sat nag discs for 'Yota nav systems

    Has anyone used these folk for upgrade discs?? Dad must be feeling flush :lol: Cheers
  49. Gav Peter

    Mickey Thompson tyres

    So, has anyone got any inspirational words or otherwise to offer on Mickey Thompson tyres, Baja ATZ radials in particular... Cheers
  50. Gav Peter

    Its a caravan Jim...

    ..but not as we know it [youtube:x15bmyzx]4UCZF_UnG10[/youtube:x15bmyzx]
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