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  1. Jon Wildsmith

    100 series wheel carrier

    I've had this OEM style wheel carrier I modified for a while and finally decided to fit it in preparation for doing some trips this year! I got quite far with installing it and then for some crazy reason decided to challenge myself to make a chassis mounted carrier that worked with the OEM...
  2. Jon Wildsmith

    Solar panel rewire

    I wanted to be able to use the solar input of the CTEK dual DC-DC charger with my new folding solar panel but the panel is supplied with it's own controller hard wired that won't switch on until it sees 12v across its output terminals which means it won't work with the CTEK. I'd had a good look...
  3. Jon Wildsmith

    'Engine' hoist

    Thought I'd test the 2 ton rating on my engine hoist to get the back of the 100 far enough off the ground to change the rear springs ...
  4. Jon Wildsmith

    275 x 70 x 16 Toyo HT tyres

    4 off 275 x 70 x 16 Toyo HT tyres, 6mm tread. Nice quiet road manners, not hopeless on a muddy track but they are obviously road biased and not an AT. £100 ono.
  5. Jon Wildsmith

    for sale: 275 70 16 Nokian Hakkapeliitta winter tyres

    4 off 275x70x16 114R Nokian Hakkapeliitta winter tyres for sale, in good condition, tread depth is 8mm. Bought new by us and used last winter on our 100, surplus to requirements now, £160.
  6. Jon Wildsmith

    UZJ100 immobiliser fault

    We suddenly had an immobiliser issue this week and no amount of fiddling with the fuse, jumping it, hitting it etc would make it work even briefly. There's a lot about this on ih8mud but I can't find any threads with an immobiliser fault where the fuse box isn't implicated so I figured I'd take...
  7. Jon Wildsmith

    Foxwing left hand side awning

    Selling my Foxwing left hand side awning and 2 rectangular side panels. About 3 years old, used a fair bit on 2 summer holidays abroad still in very good condition. £275
  8. Jon Wildsmith

    Oz Tent RV4 with extras

    Selling an Oz Tent, again :whistle: RV 4 plus side panels, front panel, mesh floor saver, solar fly, Rhino rack single Oz Tent basket. About 9 months old, used twice at Lincomb and in perfect condition. £800
  9. Jon Wildsmith

    Thuraya SO-2510 sat phone

    Second hand Thuraya SO-2510 sat phone with Thuraya SIM ($19 credit) mains charger, car charger, USB data lead and a tired box. Good working order, surplus to requirements, £180 plus P&P.
  10. Jon Wildsmith

    Lendal Bridge in York - fine refunds

    If you or anyone you know were fined recently for crossing Lendal Bridge in York you might be interested to know that the bus lane in question and therefore the fines have been deemed illegal. York City Council are refusing to pay back the fines automatically, instead you have to apply for a...
  11. Jon Wildsmith

    For Sale - KW bash plate for the front of an 80

    Unused but a bit dusty and the odd scratch from storage. Thought I would use this but I have put a front receiver hitch on for pushing the caravan about and this would get in the way. Quite heavy so best collected but you can arrange a courier if you want to. £80.
  12. Jon Wildsmith

    Lincomb June 7-8th food choices

    Tony has asked what does everyone going to Lincomb want to do about food on the Saturday night?
  13. Jon Wildsmith

    FOR SALE: Oz Tent RV3 with fly sheet

    Oz Tent RV3 bought new by me in September 2013 and used just once at Lincomb, on a ground sheet, put up in our lounge after to make sure it was dry before packing it away so in perfect condition. Includes a fly sheet and extra poles to peek the front awning. Having the fly means you can have...
  14. Jon Wildsmith

    Pink Airtops!

    Pink Airtop anyone? :lol:
  15. Jon Wildsmith

    80 series 24v starter motor

    Since converting to 12v start I have a surplus 24v starter motor. It's a Milner part, installed 7/9/12 and replaced with a 12v starter 14/10/12 so although used is barely so! It's one of these...
  16. Jon Wildsmith

    VWP Heavy duty battery isolator

    Seems pretty decent materials / construction. Looks like a Durite 0-605-50, same spec, but isn't.
  17. Jon Wildsmith

    front winch bumper bar size

    Can anyone with a front winch bumper on an 80 that has a hoop / A bar in the middle measure the diameter or circumference of the tubing for me please? I want to have an experiment with adding a bar to a front bumper I've got and want to match what the pros use.
  18. Jon Wildsmith

    80 series front bumper

    no details and rubbish pictures
  19. Jon Wildsmith

    100 series for sale

    I'm posting this for a friend (Ray) who is selling his year 2000 petrol 100 series. It's in good condition, looked after, has about 130k on the clock, no lpg, 6 months MOT, road tax expires at the end of February, been used as the family run about by his wife so not worked hard, £6500. For more...
  20. Jon Wildsmith

    H151F manual gearbox rebuild

    Time for a separate thread for this I think, Frank's rebuild of Ian's old box, starting soon and will be documented here. To recap, the box in question was rebuilt a few times by a 'specialist' but it had some issues. Frank took the box to bits and found "Most of the syncro rings are chewed and...
  21. Jon Wildsmith

    80 series wheels and tyres on ebay
  22. Jon Wildsmith

    French fuel receipts

    talking about filling up, I noticed the receipts we got for fuel and in motorway service stations in France this year showed how much the transaction was in FRF as well as EUR, which I never noticed before. Is that a new thing or did I just not notice on other trips? Seems a bit odd and made me...
  23. Jon Wildsmith

    Maggiolina roof tent ... 500wt_1413
  24. Jon Wildsmith

    and another 80!

    seems like 80's are all the rage and I'm not even looking ... 500wt_1413
  25. Jon Wildsmith

    another 80 ... 500wt_1413
  26. Jon Wildsmith

    80 series on ebay ... 500wt_1413
  27. Jon Wildsmith

    Travel money

    Just interested to hear what others do for travel money when going abroad. We're off to France, Switzerland (one night stop over) and Italy later in the year so I'm mainly interested in Euros though I'll take a few Swiss francs. Previously I've just had whatever the max Euro's I think I'll want...
  28. Jon Wildsmith

    new ipad, what a horrid interface

    :mrgreen: I tried convincing Jess an Android device made more sense but she's insisted on having an ipad 3 so she can play Sims free or something. Anyway, what a horrible device it is to use! Just setting it up for her, no two apps have the same button or even buttons in the same place for the...
  29. Jon Wildsmith

    Hanibal awning ... 524wt_1396
  30. Jon Wildsmith

    trailer with a Maggiolina roof tent on it ... 500wt_1413
  31. Jon Wildsmith

    Autohome Columbus roof tent ... 532wt_1396
  32. Jon Wildsmith

    Hannibal roof tent ... 500wt_1413
  33. Jon Wildsmith

    Maggiolina roof tent ... 500wt_1413
  34. Jon Wildsmith

    OEM immobiliser

    According to the owners manual that came with my 1997 80 it has an immobiliser fitted and the keys have transponders in them. I'm trying to work out if that's really the case or just wishful thinking. I've got some key blanks so if I can find somewhere to cut one I can test whether or not the...
  35. Jon Wildsmith

    my grey 80

    Thought I'd start a garage thread ready to update as I go along fixing up this new 80 :) How it was this morning [attachment=0:o4qkzg1x]IMAG0840.jpg[/attachment:o4qkzg1x] The priority will be to get to know it better to avoid surprises and get the air-con working cos i'm hoping it will be hot...
  36. Jon Wildsmith

    UK 80 series manual 24v diesel

    not having a cruiser is bugging me so I'm after one of the above. Standard as possible, in need of some work is ok but I'm not after a major project so no rust buckets or sheds please :) Why that spec? Must have full floater rear axle / lockers, I want the updated interior because it's a bit...
  37. Jon Wildsmith

    Back to Warraweena

    Posting for TonyS again while he's off having far too much fun :) I am back, a few months after leaving my favourite part of the globe, I have come back to help friends with their horse trials, and grab a quick week at Warraweena. This time it is to rescue Rosie, a Y60 Nissan patrol...
  38. Jon Wildsmith

    Tyresure TPMS

    Following on from Grahams thread I decided to get a Tyresure TPMS to play with. I ordered a complete unit from here and an extra sensor and valve from here . The spare sensor is for my spare wheel, seems silly to have TPMS but if you have to use the spare for any length of time not have it...
  39. Jon Wildsmith

    for the welders

    I came across this link in a thread on ih8mud and as I hadn't seen it before I thought maybe others on here that weld might not have seen it and should
  40. Jon Wildsmith

    TrackExplorer v2 available

    I've sometimes referred to having my own mapping software running on my car PC but not been in a position to share it, or at least there's been no point sharing it because the only maps it worked with couldn't be shared due to copyright reasons. I've been fiddling with this software on and off...
  41. Jon Wildsmith

    Interior light LED's

    My box of pfran LED's arrived today: I think with this lot fitted I might need to wear my shades when I open the door :mrgreen: I'll post how fitting went when they're in.
  42. Jon Wildsmith

    OEM 16" wheels - spot the difference

    Rummaging in my garage I noticed something that was a bit of a surprise on one of my spare OEM 16" wheels, so I compared it to some others: the one on the left is how I thought all the 16" OEM wheels are made - very shallow almost none existent recess between the mounting holes but as you can...
  43. Jon Wildsmith

    Happy birthday Gav

    Bit late in the day but who would have believed Gav was only 42 eh? Happy Brithday Gav :mrgreen:
  44. Jon Wildsmith

    BOAB down under

    I was talking to Chris at BOAB this morning and he's off to Australia to visit shows and suppliers tomorrow and should be sending a container of goods back to the UK. He said if any of our club members wanted to buy stuff from Aus to contact him because there's usually some free space in the...
  45. Jon Wildsmith

    V8 air filter housing change and 2nd battery install

    The standard air filter on Euro and US petrol 100 series is a flat box type that doesn't leave room for a 2nd battery on the drivers side but some markets (e.g. UAE) get a cyclonic filter like the diesel which does leave room for that 2nd battery. Ian was able to get me the parts to swap to that...
  46. Jon Wildsmith

    PC Navigator 11 - PC sat nav

    I've given up on Garmin Mobile PC, it's been discontinued, locks up and has eventually decided it's no longer registered / activated on my car pc (just when I wanted to use it in France recently!) so I'm evaluating PC Navigator 11 instead now and I'll update this thread with how I get on. I...
  47. Jon Wildsmith

    Towbar removal caution

    I put a new towbar on my 100 today and while I was struggling to undo one of the bolts holding the old bar on realised the answer to an old question :) Last year I helped Ray fit a tow bar to a 100 he had just bought that didn't have a bar. When we tried to fit the brackets to the forward...
  48. Jon Wildsmith

    tailgate extension

    Another really technical one this :) Make some brackets to bolt onto the wheel carrier: Varnish a bit of 12mm ply and stick two holes in it to match the brackets: Just gives me a bit more space for the cooker and still have access to the contents of the boot without getting burnt :lol...
  49. Jon Wildsmith

    making the bonnet a bit less shiney

    It must be a bit quiet on here if I'm reduced to posting the addition of big stickers as a 'mod' but here we go the big mat black bit in the middle of the bonnet.
  50. Jon Wildsmith

    Event Tyres

    Just had Event Tyres fit 4 tyres to Steph's Rav4 and I've used them before when I had some GG AT2's put on my 100. Very good service with a smile :)
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