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  1. Kileni

    antenna upgrade recommendations?

    Any experience out there on replacing the factory antenna for my HJZ105? Amazon recommendations would be especially welcome. I'll be in the US soon and could order something. Thanks!
  2. Kileni

    help with speaker sizes for HZJ105 LandCruiser, please

    Hi, my HZJ105 seems to have 2 speaker in the front doors (driver and passenger). Is there a good way to add them on the back (not rear) doors? It's my impression they are 6 3/4" speakers, but I'm not completely sure. It also appears there are no in-dash speakers. Is this right...
  3. Kileni

    best ways to decrease noise levels?

    Obviously an older car is going to make a little more noise, but what are some good ways to decrease the overall volume level inside the LJ70? Thanks!
  4. Kileni

    LJ70 fender flare options/nominations?

    As I look for fender flare options, where should I be looking? How can I know what will fit my 1988 LJ70? Will any 4-Runner or Toyota pickup stuff be compatible?
  5. Kileni


    Hi, I'm Kileni. I grew up in the US and will likely end up there again someday. In the last couple of decades I've lived in Venezuela (where I first saw the LJ70 "Machito," my favorite LandCruiser) and am now in Tunisia. I've owned a few different LandCruisers and currently have a: 1988...
  6. Kileni

    How hard would it be to maintain an LJ70 in the USA?

    I've wondered if and when I move back to the US whether it would be hard to get parts for my LJ70 LandCruiser in the States. Thanks!
  7. Kileni

    how hard would it be to maintain a HZJ 105 LandCruiser in the United States?

    I've wondered if and when I move back to the US whether it would be hard to get parts for my HZJ 105 LandCruiser in the States. Thanks!
  8. Kileni

    your recommendations wanted for LJ70 electronics

    Hi, I bought a 1986 LJ70 that was in pretty bad shape. We've almost got the body work and paint job done, so now I need to buy whatever electronics will be needed. Please help on the following items AND WHATEVER YOU RECOMMEND! a stereo - What size will fit? I'd like one that has a screen that...
  9. Kileni

    how to mount LJ77 seats in an LJ70 Landcruiser?

    Has anyone mounted LJ77 back seats (the ones that flip up and then hang beside the rear windows) in an LJ70? I was thinking about doing this to create a little more hauling space, but it doesn't look like the mounts fit without modification.
  10. Kileni

    LJ70 upholstery - seat cover and carpet options?

    The carpet and seats in my 1986 LJ70 are in terrible condition. Can anyone recommend a great place to buy high quality replacements in Europe or the United States? I've got an old LandCruiser HZJ 105 that must have been the most basic model Toyota ever made. It has a heavy vinyl/plastic...
  11. Kileni

    1986 Toyota LJ70 LandCruiser original wheel and tire sizes?

    Can anyone tell me what the original 1986 Toyota LJ70 LandCruiser wheel (rim) and tire sizes were? Was there only one factory original wheel (rim), or were there various? Got any pictures? Thank you!
  12. Kileni

    Wanted: 1986 Toyota LJ70 LandCruiser owner manual

    Hi, does anyone have a link for a 1986 Toyota LJ70 LandCruiser owner manual? Thank you!
  13. Kileni

    Does anyone have the 105 Series (not the 100 Series) Land Cruiser service manuals?

    The 100 Series and 105 Series have different motors (among other things), so surely they have different service manuals. Can anyone help me find the 105 Series manuals? Thanks!
  14. Kileni

    plan needed for bull bar for 105 Series

    I've got a 105 Series Landcruiser that needs a bull bar for the driving here in Tunisia, N Africa. I don't seem to find that's already made for sale. Does anyone have instructions / a plan that I might be able to take to a blacksmith/metal worker? Thank you!
  15. Kileni

    105 Series owners manual & electrical schematic available?

    I cannot seem to find the 105 Series owners manual - OR - electrical schematic online for free download anywhere. Can anyone help, please?
  16. Kileni

    where to get cruise control for 105 Series Landcruiser?

    I periodically have to make long drives with my 105 Series Landcruiser, and eventually it can wear out my lower back to push the gas pedal hour after hour. And on top of that, I think I just got my picture taken for a speeding ticket the other day. Does anyone know where I can get a good...
  17. Kileni

    basic info and recommendations for 105 Series Landcruiser tires

    Using the VIN, I've discovered an amazing amount of information about my 105 Series Landcruiser. What I don't yet know is what the original tire size was for the vehicle. It's my understanding that the rims/wheels are *not* the same as the 100 Series. Does anyone know the original size? And...
  18. Kileni

    do aftermarket seat covers for 105 Series exist?

    I've searched and searched online, and don't seem to find any seat covers for the 105 Series Landcruisers (which seem to be different the 100 Series seats). Can anyone help me by sharing some options/links?
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