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  1. Roy Duffy

    Escape Gear

    We now stock the full range of Escape Gear seat covers, bags, wheel covers and accessories. Contact [email protected] for more information or call 07505 973 205
  2. Roy Duffy

    Old Man Emu & ARB Stockist

    We now stock the full range of Old man emu suspension & ARB products Contact [email protected] for more information or call 07505 973 205
  3. Roy Duffy

    US Action Trax

    ActionTrax - Self Recovery Track System for Snow, Sand, Mud and Silt - DuPont Nylon - Sold in pairs Higher melting point than Maxtrax. No weight limit, can be used by fully loaded expedition trucks or concrete mixers Maximum Traction: The aggressive cleats on these boards maximize your tire...
  4. Roy Duffy

    10% off at 4x4 Obsession

    Looking for awesome products for your next Landcruiser adventure 10% off at 4x4 Obsession • Lightforce Driving Lights • Lightforce LED Lightbars • Goodwinch TDS winches & Dyneema Bowope • Viair compressors including onboard air • Jetboil • Aluminium sand ladders • Landcruiser LED interior...
  5. Roy Duffy

    20% Off Lightforce Lightbars at 4x4 Obession

    Looking for an extreme Lightbar for you Landcruiser If you are looking for a lightbar and you actually want great usable light on the road check out our range of Lightforce lightbars. Built for the harshest conditions in the world and for professional drivers. To get 20% off Lightforce...
  6. Roy Duffy

    Lenovo tablet - what app for gps maps

    Hello I have a Lenovo tablet with gps. It takes Micro SD cards. i have os mapping on the micro SD cards. My question is: What app should i run to import my os maps into and use out on the trail? I am new to digital mapping so any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks Roy
  7. Roy Duffy

    Lightforce performance driving lights

    As some of you will know we are the importer and distributor for Lightforce performance driving lights. Lightforce have been making outstanding lights for the last 37 years. Please contact us or check out our website for further details...
  8. Roy Duffy

    Adventure Overland 17

    All packed and ready to go to Adventure Overland 17. Cant wait to get set up under the stars again for another night!! Looking forward to seeing you all there!! :-) Cheers Roy
  9. Roy Duffy

    HZJ75 Troop carrier - Track rod ends

    Hello I need some new track rod ends for my troop carrier. Does anyone know the toyota part number for them? Toyota charge £75 + vat each Milners not got any and rough tracks need toyota part number. Any advice or suggestions appreciated. Thanks Roy
  10. Roy Duffy

    1HD-FT Glow plug relay melt down

    Hello My glow plug relay has melted. It smelt bad and smoked a lot. Got a wee fright as I don't want to burn at this tender young age :-) This is not mine. I got it of the forum. Mine was quite a bit worse. 1. Do I need to replace? 2. Can i insulate the cable ends and not have a heater...
  11. Roy Duffy

    Troopy to Adventure Overland 16

    Hi Guys Sadly we will not be camping with you on the club stand as we are trading. Come say hello and we will come along and have a good catch up in the evening. If you want anything from me let me know ill always look after fellow club members!! Cheers Roy
  12. Roy Duffy

    Going to Billing

    Ill be at Billing beside Goodwinch. Come along if you fancy a chat. Ill always do a great deal for fellow club members.
  13. Roy Duffy

    A wee bit about me & 4X4OBSESSION.CO.UK

    When I was four my parents bought a series 3 Land Rover, to take the whole family on long European summer camping trips. That is where my love for overland adventures began. Twenty years on I went to Australia for a year, I bought a Land Rover for the trip. I was working on a cattle station...
  14. Roy Duffy

    HZJ75 Troop Carrier - More power? - wheel change?

    Hello I have recently got a 1991 HZJ75 Troop carrier. I plan on doing a few mods and converting back for camping trips. I was thinking about putting some Hzj80 genuine alloys on the troop carrier. Does anyone know if they will fit? It is non turbo. Whats the best way to get a bit more power...
  15. Roy Duffy

    Rapid Tyre Deflator
  16. Roy Duffy

    Landcruiser 80 Genuine Steel Wheels
  17. Roy Duffy

    HDJ80 Blueprint CV joint

    Hello Does anyone have or know where I can get a blueprint CV joint for passenger side of 1996 Landcruiser. Im having problems finding a blue print one Part number: ADT38928B I broke a hdk one so am not keen to replace with the same. Does anyone have experience of Shaftec or AMK joints? Are...
  18. Roy Duffy

    Help please - Drivers door lock will not turn

    Hi 1996 HDJ80 GS Drivers door lock will not turn at all. It did last week but will not now. The key goes in but will not turn. I have filled it with WD40 and still the same. Is there something I can fix or is it a new lock? Have other people had this problem? If so, what do you think the...
  19. Roy Duffy

    Genuine alloy wheel weight?

    Does anyone know the weight of a genuine 80 alloy. I have genuine steels at the moment. Im asking the question as I am getting new tyres for my trip to Morocco next month. Im looking at 255/85 r16s Either BF goodrich KM2 Weight 24.5kgs or Toyo open country Weight 27kg Im trying to keep...
  20. Roy Duffy

    Timing belt advice - Please

    Hello My 96 HDJ80 24v has just done 170,000 miles. Does anyone know where i should get a timing belt kit from? And is genuine the only way to go or have people been ok with aftermarket? What sort of money should it be costing? Cheers Roy
  21. Roy Duffy

    Dipped lights not working

    Hi hope someone can help! Dipped lights do not seem to work. All 4 lights go on with full beam, but only side lights on when dipped should be on. I have pulled the relays out and they both seem to be clicking, all the fuses seem to be ok. Im not really sure what else to check. I have only...
  22. Roy Duffy

    Need new clutch - advice

    Hi Guys, Ive just started to feel my clutch slipping on my 1996 24v Diesel Land cruiser. Can anyone suggest where I can get a good quality clutch at a reasonable price? And what brand clutches are best and the ones to avoid? If anyone knows of someone who could fit it around the Chester area...
  23. Roy Duffy

    Oil pressure fluctuating?? Replaced sump.

    Can anyone help? I replaced my sump last night, due to it leaking oil. New semi synthetic 10/40 and new non genuine oil filter Boche or something like that. My oil pressure now sits at half way at around 2000rpm but when i drop down to tick over the oil pressure also drops down to just below...
  24. Roy Duffy

    Leaky Sump

    Hi guys - any help or advice is appreciated. 1996 4.2 Manual GS I recently noticed a little oil around the sump drain plug, but as time has gone on it has got more. I had a look last night and it seems to be coming from the back of the sump between the sponge that sits between the gearbox...
  25. Roy Duffy

    Travel through Spain on Trailmaster Morocco trip

    Hi I am doing a Trailmaster trip to Morocco in April. Im getting the ferry from Portsmouth to Bilboa. We arrive in Spain on 28th March and have to meet the rest of the tour near Gibraltar on the 31st. So we have 3 days to do 600 miles. Does anyone know of some nice places or a good route to...
  26. Roy Duffy

    Urgent - no power at all.

    Hi hope you guys can help. No ignition power or any power. I have a 1996 UK spec 80 GS. Everything was working fine yesterday. I replaced both front window runners, took it for a drive and car wash and all was well. I went to start it this morning and nothing. No central locking, no horn and...
  27. Roy Duffy

    EGR hose swap?

    Is this a simple way to blank of the EGR valve? I have used one hose to join both egrs and the other to close other ends. Is there anything else i need to do? Should i notice any performance changes?
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