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  1. Andrew Prince

    Road Angel Adventurer 7000 GPS

    I am selling my road angel satnav. This was quite advanced for its day as it functions as a regular satnav but also runs OS maps for greenlaning. Its a few years old now and technology has overtaken it a bit but still a decent unit if anyones interested? Seehere for the manufacturer's...
  2. Andrew Prince

    For the shooters: wood pigeon decoys

    Not exactly cruiser related but in case there is any interest, I am clearing out some bits n bobs ahead of my return to Africa... I have some wood pigeon shell decoys with the little "stalks" that they stand on for sale. I'm guessing there are about 25-30. Condition ranges from almost new to a...
  3. Andrew Prince


    Hello guys, Anyone able to share what their tare and GVM figures for their 80s are? I've been doing a bit of research and I see that the figures seem to vary a bit between models and markets and just random variations... Also the older and newer 80s have different values, I guess related to...
  4. Andrew Prince

    Big ol' snake....

  5. Andrew Prince

    Engine number location?

    Very quick question - anyone know where the engine number is stamped on the engine (on an 80 t/diesel)? I have to admit I haven't tried looking yet but thought I'd ask the question so that I'd know where to start looking ;) Cheers,
  6. Andrew Prince

    80 series bits & pieces, A/C compressors, towbar & CB radio

    I will be having a bit of a clear-out in the next month or two, and will update this thread as I have more things to off-load. 1. [strike:3r5s00oo]80 series standard tow-bar, with tow-ball. (Removed to fit receiver bar). Tow-bar is in pretty good nick - maybe a bit of flash rust on the surface...
  7. Andrew Prince

    eBay dispute - question to the experienced users

    I bought an item that was described as brand-new, unopened and unused on eBay. When it arrived, it clearly had been opened and was not brand-new, plus the power cord was missing. Various emails back and forth didn't resolve things - seller first insisted that the power cord had been included...
  8. Andrew Prince

    What First Aid kit to get?

    I'd like to pick the brains of the 1st aiders in our club. I want to get a reasonable first aid kit to leave in my LC. I am not a trained 1st aider and I'm a bit squeamish around blood, especially my own! So I realise I have limitations, so full trauma sets, administering drips etc is not for...
  9. Andrew Prince

    Tim Cameron back in Showtime

    Apologies that this is rather gratuitous but I can't help smiling when I see Tim Cameron in action. :mrgreen: I really would pay money to see him in action. How cool is his first pull-away and just jumping up the hill? Needless to say, he was the only guy to succeed on the climb :thumbup...
  10. Andrew Prince

    London monthly get-together

    Following Chas' post on another thread, when are we going to have the next one? I think March was missed but April is almost past so we need to get something organised quickly :mrgreen: Post your preferred dates and I will update the thread to reflect the chosen date. Details for any...
  11. Andrew Prince

    Happy Birthday to Bat/Paul!

    Happy Birthday, Paul - congrats on reaching the half-century :thumbup: :occasion-birthdaymulticolor:
  12. Andrew Prince

    Ratchet Straps - what to get?

    I'm going to put in an order to Damar for some ratchet straps and looking at their website, the options are endless loop, claw hook or delta ring end fittings and they will do them in lengths from 3-8m. I'm thinking of getting a selection but wondering what combinations to go for. My current...
  13. Andrew Prince

    Appalling report on Toyota dealers

    This is shocking - but it does go a long way to explaining the dire experiences most of us have had with Toyota dealers, and with Toyota GB as I have discovered :evil: Here is the article as you need a subscription to read it, I've...
  14. Andrew Prince

    100 GX - 3rd row seats?

    Does anyone know if the 100 GX (UK spec) came with 3rd row seats as standard? Cheers,
  15. Andrew Prince

    Wild driving - Showtime & Tim Cameron

    Following this thread, I watched some of the other videos of the truck/buggy and driver, Tim Cameron - it appears he's something of a celebrity among the rock-buggy fraternity of the Southern US :mrgreen: And a hillbilly of note... Anyway, the green buggy (Hellraiser) has been sold and he built...
  16. Andrew Prince

    BF Goodrich tyres in the Dakar

    Scroll most of the way down the page to see the tyres being used. They have an "All Terrain+" tyre that the main prototype cars seem to be using. Some of the more production car-based prototypes like the Bowler are using KM2s - I would have thought that the KM2s didn't have a high enough speed...
  17. Andrew Prince

    Happy New Year!

    Wishing all the club members a happy New Year - hope the year ahead is a successful one full of health and happiness :thumbup: Enjoy the celebrations tonight! :occasion-balloons:
  18. Andrew Prince

    Happy Birthday to Chas!

    Happy Birthday to Chas! :occasion-cake: :occasion-candle: We'll have to have a celebratory drink at the Southern Branch's meeting on Thursday! :obscene-drinkingcheers:
  19. Andrew Prince

    Low Emission Zone - London

    I just received a letter through the post this morning saying that from the beginning of 2012, all larger vans, minibuses and 4x4s will need to meet Euro 3 emissions standards to drive in the Low Emission Zone (which covers most of greater London :shock: ) There will be a daily charge of £100...
  20. Andrew Prince

    Happy Happy to Ian

    :occasion-birthdaymulticolor: :occasion-candle: Happy birthday to Mr Rubie :orcs-cheers: Seems the last few weeks have been a popular time for birthdays!
  21. Andrew Prince

    Happy Birthday Crispin!

    :occasion-birthdaymulticolor: Hope you got some nice presents! :auto-layrubber:
  22. Andrew Prince

    1000 members!

    We've just hit 1000 members - welcome to Fatmama :mrgreen:
  23. Andrew Prince

    Aux ATF cooler configuration

    I have won an aux OEM ATF cooler on fleabay, which I am going to fit to ensure better cooling on the autobox and hopefully avoid any potential overheating problems. A couple of questions: Firstly can anyone with the OEM cooler fitted please take a couple of pics of the mounting (i.e. how/where...
  24. Andrew Prince

    Anyone up for some laning in Surrey/Hampshire or Sal. Plain?

    This is rather last minute but as I have tomorrow off and a mate of mine from SA is in town, I am contemplating a small outing on Friday. If anyone is up for it, please shout! I don't have any routes planned so if anyone has ideas, I'm happy to follow them! Cheers,
  25. Andrew Prince

    Water in an autobox - repairs

    A friend of mine is looking at a 12v 80 that had the oil cooler fail inside the rad and coolant ended up in the gearbox. The seller says that the gearbox was repaired by a specialist transmission crowd and it all works fine now. I presume that the first sign the owner had of the problem was when...
  26. Andrew Prince

    Insurance - 2Gether FS question

    Has anyone been able to get hold of them lately? I have tried on multiple occasions on 4 or 5 business days over the past few weeks and the phone just rings and rings....
  27. Andrew Prince

    Towbar removal question

    I have been removing my standard towbar in preparation for the fitment of a receiver bar. The various bolts have been fun to get off so far - years of salt and mud in an exposed position and you can guess the rest. The bolts on the chassis were a combination of captive nuts and normal nuts -...
  28. Andrew Prince

    83mm Hole Saw

    Following my new acquisition, I will need an 83mm hole saw. As I am not planning to cut more than one 83mm hole in the foreseeable future, I'd rather borrow than buy a saw if anyone has one bouncing around. Obviously I will cover postage to and from you (or collect if you're in the SW...
  29. Andrew Prince

    Chemical metal?

    I have heard people refer to "liquid metal", "chemical metal" etc as good stuff to fix a crack in metal that cannot be welded or for a quick fix when on the road. Anyone have any recommendations on what is good and what is not? A quick search throws up Loctite with their Chemical Metal brand and...
  30. Andrew Prince

    DINITROL - which one to use?

    Guys, this is probably a thick question :oops: but which model/grade of Dinitrol should I get (using the Club Discount)? Basically I am looking for something to use for a quick treatment of any flash rust underneath my LC. Basically something to have on hand when I'm working under there and...
  31. Andrew Prince

    Alternative to bailing out the banks!

    (Apologies if this has been posted before!) A letter to the British Prime Minister: Dear Mr. Cameron, Please find below our suggestion for fixing England 's economy. Instead of giving billions of pounds to banks that will squander the money on lavish parties and unearned bonuses, use the...
  32. Andrew Prince

    Camp bed - what to get?

    I've been looking out for a camp(ing) bed for the last few months and there seem to be lots of options but not that many quality ones. So I'm looking for recommendations rather than resorting to trial & error! As some of you know, I'm a rather long individual at around 2m tall so a 1.8-1.9m...
  33. Andrew Prince

    Nice LC 60th Anniversary slideshow

    From a South African news site, hence some SA references but despite this :twisted: a nice overview of the family history!
  34. Andrew Prince

    Popular Birthday today!

    Lekker verjaarsdag to Marius, Ryan and Mark :occasion-birthday: :occasion-cake: :occasion-balloons:
  35. Andrew Prince

    LSPV adjustment after 2" lift

    I fitted the lifted suspension to my 80 quite a while back and did not bother with caster correction or the LSPV adjustment. The truck drives fine so I thought I'd leave it for a while and see how it went. Well my brake warning light came on on the dash causing me to scratch my head a bit -...
  36. Andrew Prince

    Are OEC still the TJM agent/dealer?

    I was having a trawl around their site the other day and I see they have removed all references to TJM, no longer list any TJM items etc. Anyone know if something has changed there? Cheers,
  37. Andrew Prince

    Bon Voyage to Matt Wright (Africa Above and Below)

    Matt and team are heading through Europe and then South through Africa starting tomorrow. Matt is due to set off bright & early in the morning to catch a 10am ferry - he's due to pop round "mine" on the way, so will update this thread if there's any advance on his plans 8-) Initial plan is to...
  38. Andrew Prince

    Rear section of exhaust

    I replaced the rotten rear section of the exhaust yesterday - the rotten section appears to be aftermarket (no branding or anything) while the replacement one is a branded Toyota part that I got 2nd hand from Karl. Question - the Toyota part seems to be very flat on the bend that goes over the...
  39. Andrew Prince

    Handbrake light coming on intermittently

    I presume I have some kind of electrical gremlin. Symptom is my handbrake light comes on occasionally on my 80 - the handbrake is definitely not on (it only gets used at MOT time anyway) and the handbrake is working ok. When I drive off the handbrake light comes on but it goes off when stopped...
  40. Andrew Prince

    For our South African Members...

    Go SHARKS!!!!!!!!!! Currie Cup should be back in the trophy cabinet at Kings Park by this evening :mrgreen: Our team is hard to beat but our cheerleaders are impossible to beat 8-)
  41. Andrew Prince

    Birthday Wishes to Cossack!

    It seems we're in the midst of birthday season.... a Happy Birthday to Chas (Cossack) today! Hope you have a great day and the birthday fairy brings generous gifts from Mr. T :mrgreen: :occasion-partyblower:
  42. Andrew Prince

    Happy Birthday Ecky!

    A big happy birthday to Les today! :happy-cheerleaderkid: :occasion-birthdaymulticolor: :occasion-cake:
  43. Andrew Prince

    London to Cape Town record attempt

    Brave going in a Disco 2 - hope he makes it to Dover in under a day :wave:
  44. Andrew Prince

    Lincomb Challenge Weekend 9/10 Oct - Registered people

    Hi Everyone, This sticky is to keep track of those people registered for the next Lincomb event and to let people know that their registration has been received by Tony S. If you have tried to register and do not see your name here, then please contact Tony directly! So far, registered are...
  45. Andrew Prince

    Happy Birthday to Gavlad!

    :occasion-birthday: Happy birthday, Gav - hope you're having a good one! No doubt your kids will be more excited about the :occasion-candle: than you! :mrgreen: All the best for the next year! Cheers,
  46. Andrew Prince

    80 series exhaust - rear section

    Anyone have the rear section (from just in front of the rear axle through to the tailpipe) for a 24v diesel? Mine is now completely shot - I was hoping to patch it until I could replace with a complete bigger bore system but the pipe ahead of the rear silencer is now falling apart and needs...
  47. Andrew Prince

    Testing viscous coupling (VC)?

    I have my t/case extension off to change the bearing and replace the seal on the output shaft and in doing the strip-down, I have removed the VC. I was wondering if there is any easy or obvious way of testing whether the VC is good or not? I know they can seize up and cause all sorts of problems...
  48. Andrew Prince

    Chad govt bans Land Cruisers

    I thought this was pretty amusing! If the intention is that the rebels and opposition all use LRs, it could prove to be one of the greatest strategic calls ever made by a government! :laughing-rolling:
  49. Andrew Prince

    RTV / FIPG - where to buy?

    Not sure this is a technical question but here goes anyway :oops: Where can I buy RTV? What's the best stuff to use? Do I need to use Toy's branded version? I need to remove the t/case extension housing on my 80 to replace the bearing and leaking output shaft seal. The housing seals onto the...
  50. Andrew Prince

    Ultimate Cruiser!

    Any advances on this as maybe the greatest all-round cruiser? It certainly would be my pick 8-)
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