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  1. RH SA

    Wanted South African Registered 80 Series

    Hi Byron... i am from Sunny South africa. What would your budget be? Do you prefer a turbo diesel or a 1hz? PM me and i will try to look for you as well. Thanks
  2. RH SA

    80 vx 1 hdft

    Hi All , Some fantastic news. I came across a very decent 1995 80 series vx 1hdft auto with about 285 000km on. It has a full service history with a few extras. Ive added a few pictures
  3. IMG-20171108-WA0001


  4. IMG-20171108-WA0002


  5. IMG-20171108-WA0003


  6. IMG-20171108-WA0007


  7. IMG-20171108-WA0008


  8. IMG-20171108-WA0012


  9. RH SA

    Hi... From South Africa

    Not possible unless you are a returning citizen who worked in Zim for 2 years
  10. RH SA

    Hi... From South Africa

    yeah.. would be rust free. But they are very very scarce.
  11. RH SA

    Hi... From South Africa

    Hi Thanks , Clean 80s are really scarce. Diesels seem to fetch a higher price compared to Petrol. A clean Vx td with about 200 000 miles on would fetch around 8000 pounds should you be lucky and find one. We are not allowed to buy japanese imports , only returning immigrants can with certain...
  12. RH SA

    Hi... From South Africa

    Hi There , just joined the forum and enjoying looking at cruiser pictures especially the Mighty 80 series. I am from South Africa and currently drive a newish 150 vx. Would love to own a clean 80 vx soon! Cheers
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    Various pictures my toys
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    My offroad trips
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    My Build Thread

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