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  1. Reisverhartel

    breathers for an overlander

    Hi all, Our hzj79 has adapted simple heightened breathers. Would you advice for an average future overlander to ask for the same for the diffs and transfer boxes. Their standard height is at which level? Top of the wheels? I suppose thar will be the max for an overlander? Please your ideas?
  2. Reisverhartel

    store LC in Norway in July

    Dear all, For our first trip, to test ourselves and our 79, we are planning a month from Normandy, France to the Nordkap. Obviously we should be in a hurry to be back for work in July, but we want to enjoy. The idea is to let the LC somewhere in the north of Norway, fly back to France, work 3...
  3. Reisverhartel

    Leaving your LC in Laos or Malaysia for a few months

    It would seem a little early to think about this, when one hasn't driven one kilometer with the car. Yet dreaming is not rational so questions will appear aberrant. With the new rules for Thailand, prescribing a guide to travers the country, we are thinking to leave the car in a neighboring...
  4. Reisverhartel

    Our HZJ79

    Modifications are underway. Black rims with AT's for overlanding. Rockslides. Protections screen for the radiator. Bulbar is for later when we hope to travel outside Europe. This very useful safety bar is apparently not conform european regulations. Keep you updated.
  5. Reisverhartel

    Front wheel hubs: to buy or not to buy

    Our HZJ79 is being upgraded a bit for years of overlanding in our dreams and hopefully in our future. Being new in this area and thus reading my eyes out and straining both hemispheres about all overdone accessoires and how to spend even more on the villa as floorheating and massage chairs, I...
  6. Reisverhartel

    New member

    Goodmorning to you all, We are the family Hartel. My name is René. We are in the process of buying and modifying a HZJ79 from 2010 with a custom made campercabine. Probably first real drive this april. Experience with LC: 0. A bit of an adventure with a HILUX in South Africa. There caught by...
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