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  1. Ashir

    My HJ 47 Build

    It will take some doing, the dash with everything behind it goes over to the other side along with the stuff under the bonnet on the engine side too. Then the pedals and their fitting, the steering box would have to change and the connector to the front wheel. oh and also the gear lever...
  2. Ashir

    My HJ 47 Build

    Thx Bud, I am now going to change the dash and steering to make it Right Hand Drive coz I am planning on taking it to Canada.
  3. Ashir

    My HJ 47 Build

    Thx guys . .
  4. Ashir

    My HJ 47 Build

    Hi guys my name is Ashir. I am from Pakistan. I have built an HJ47, 1982. I put in 4.2 liter, Turbo, 1HDT Engine, full time 4X4, auto transmission, power doors and windows, Sunroof, HED Hummer lights, 38 inch Michelin tires. Its 76 inches wide, and 78 inches tall. Its a cool build and runs like...
  5. My Land Cruisers

    My Land Cruisers

    Various pictures my toys
  6. My Trips

    My Trips

    My offroad trips
  7. My Build Thread

    My Build Thread

    My build thread
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