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  1. GeekOKent

    digital dash for lc200

    Android is a Linux flavour.
  2. GeekOKent

    1HZ & Tires

    235/85r16 It's fine. Goes anywhere. Does not tick the 'looks ferocious' box though.
  3. GeekOKent

    Boston Cruiser addict

    Welcome! Those cruisers sound awesome but we love pictures
  4. GeekOKent

    What battery?

    My base 105hz does ok with a single 750cca battery.
  5. GeekOKent

    Avalanche meet 6-7-8 August.

    1. Gav and James 2. Tony 3. Steve jb 4. Andy 5. Sam 6. Shayne and Helen (circumstance permitting) 7. Andy and Maria. 8. Chris - Possibly maybe. Not off road though. 9. Rosy 10. Jacob 11. Nick 12. Jon 13. Reinhard and Ginta 14. KB and the beast. The beast :
  6. GeekOKent

    Future Lincomb?

    Only been to a few, more of a newbie here. Many thanks to the club, the hosts and Trevor for being them together. Hope to see everyone out and about soon.
  7. GeekOKent

    Overland show June 2021

    Yeah, really not sure what the scene will be like in June.
  8. GeekOKent

    Hi All

    Whatever you do, keep her away from it or you will be on eBay looking for another one - for yourself! Welcome to T ownership. You have some great friends.
  9. GeekOKent

    Recommendations for new tyres

    Geolander is a great tyre on road.. and will go most grass and gravel things. Far better than the bfg on the road, definitely a notch worse than the bfg on grass and gravel. Entirely useless in proper British mud. So where are you going :)
  10. GeekOKent


    My first set of OE batteries lasted 10 years. The replacement from MrT are now 5+ years in and seem to be holding ok. Replacement ( yuasa ) are 650cca each. I believe the original were 700cca. £160 for the pair, 10 min to replace them in the parking lot myself. And the parts counter was happy...
  11. GeekOKent


    When looking for batteries I learnt that is always worth checking with MrT for prices. May surprise you....
  12. GeekOKent

    Purchases from Europe

    Yeah. The commercial value declared has an impact as well and what the courier declares
  13. GeekOKent

    Purchases from Europe

    I have had a couple of things from Belgium and Germany. Did end up paying vat(customs actually), but overall no more than I would have buying from a local place. Effectively the process is about the same as buying from the USA or Canada.
  14. GeekOKent

    Battery offer!

    What is Toyota dealership prices these days?
  15. GeekOKent

    Introducing Lilly Bird

    @SpinDrift thanks. Will poke on the weekend.
  16. GeekOKent

    Introducing Lilly Bird

    Driving along the M11 on Sunday, headlights on... Got a surprise, it looked as if the batter, timing belt, oil and check-engine lights on the dash were going to come on, at the same time. But they had a think about it and gave up (?). Literally a 2 second thing. Started to get there but not...
  17. GeekOKent


    Even has a dragon! Only the best reviews have dragons...
  18. GeekOKent


    Haha, yeah. Quite a few 80s had the 1HZ too. And to be fair, it's not too bad. I can do and hold 70 down the M25 or make it over most hills fine. Just takes a bit longer to get there :)
  19. GeekOKent


    Given the circumstances, no one is really going anywhere at the moment. In a year, maybe. In 3 years for sure. So, I don't understand why the prices... @bandsnbrakes when you say 80 were the best, surely you mean the 105's :)
  20. GeekOKent

    Does 265/70/17 BF/Goodrich A/T K02 fit standard rims on 2009 120. does the extra diameter affect mpg?

    Some go left, some go right... I'll get my coat ..
  21. GeekOKent

    Does 265/70/17 BF/Goodrich A/T K02 fit standard rims on 2009 120. does the extra diameter affect mpg?

    165 is not enough rubber to propel a 120 surely... 165 on the left, 265 on the right....
  22. GeekOKent

    Does 265/70/17 BF/Goodrich A/T K02 fit standard rims on 2009 120. does the extra diameter affect mpg?

    Over the last 150k miles I have discovered: - the grabbers sold in the EU are not the same as the US ones. The US ones are the good ones. - the bfg have crap traction on the tarmac in the slightly wet situation. Full on wet, it's better but not great. - the Michelin latitudes are quite nice on...
  23. GeekOKent

    Farewell ratrace and rest in peace .

    Very sorry to hear of Michael's passing. Thoughts are with his family.
  24. GeekOKent

    Hello all cruiser lovers

    105's rock! Welcome to the club.
  25. GeekOKent

    LC120 durability

    You can get a rubber tray of sorts, about 2" deep on the sides, fits perfectly into the back of the 120, helps with the mud situation. I have a ramp that the dog uses in the 120 and the 105, no way around that( he's a mastiff, so not exactly the most agile thing to start with )
  26. GeekOKent

    The people have spoken

    My favourite part of the deal is the copy paste part from a 1998 document about data exchange :)
  27. GeekOKent

    LC120 durability

    Just had a look at your link. That looks nice, fairly clean. Make sure you look under it as well, and take a good look at the service history. If it's been looked after and has had all the work done at the right time it should be a good runner.
  28. GeekOKent

    LC120 durability

    Little brother ... Because, It's smaller than the 100. I have an lc5 2005 that's done about 150k, 65k of that in my ownership. Haven't had to do much more than usual maintenance work. Tech wise, there is a fair bit of electrics in both the 100 and 120. The 120 is also marginally better on...
  29. GeekOKent

    New to club

    Welcome. Tell us about the FJ40 - are you getting a project going ?
  30. GeekOKent

    Morning start problems

    Batteries are sided, you can't turn them around, the o.e leads don't go far enough on the driver side... @Sam what oil are you using? Wondering if that has something to do with this. Also, surprised by the 20k fuel filter replacement recommendation @TONYCY11 - I thought it was much longer here...
  31. GeekOKent


  32. GeekOKent


    Something something ... Christmas time...
  33. GeekOKent

    Gull wings

    It is the same size as the 105 I am very keen on a pair as well
  34. GeekOKent

    I want to upgrade but....

    What about vehicles sold with a bull bar / solid bumpers ? If it's on the invoice, does it still need a winch to justify ?
  35. GeekOKent

    J120 traction control when cornering

    Never known that specific problem to occur on my LC5 / 05. I guess all the bits and bobs you put on there are OE?
  36. GeekOKent

    J120 traction control when cornering

    Corner slower?
  37. GeekOKent


    Love the new bronco..
  38. GeekOKent

    Thanks for having me

    Sorry to hear about the truck. Hope you find it
  39. GeekOKent

    Indigo, a portuguese guy living in Angola

    Just realised that you are parked between a 120 and a 73(?)... With another few cruisers around. Is this your fleet or an event or a garage ?
  40. GeekOKent

    Indigo, a portuguese guy living in Angola

    Woo! More 105's :) Welcome to the forum, look forward to seeing this evolve.
  41. GeekOKent

    Whats big , red and makes the wife moan?

    @Gav missin so cool Just need a 105 now :)
  42. GeekOKent

    Land Cruiser LJ70 from the the land of the rising sun

    @Mike M yeah, I pay that sort of tax on my 105 with the Hz, and can go most places (still..)
  43. GeekOKent

    Land Cruiser LJ70 from the the land of the rising sun

    @Sabilco13 looking at your HZ mark, I guess you have driven something with that engine in there right ? it's great, it's just not a HD.
  44. GeekOKent

    New member

    Oh man. Hoping you have a 'Powered by Toyota' sticker ready.
  45. GeekOKent

    Voting Fraud

    There is a blockchain joke in here somewhere...
  46. GeekOKent

    Voting Fraud

    If some one wants to hand over a few billion in doggy money, I would be happy to try work it into the system and report back findings.....
  47. GeekOKent

    ACHD mount

    TEMS shocks on the 120 are variable damping, controlled via a ECU. You can set stiffness in the cab ( makes a slight difference) but it also auto adjusts ( again very small but noticeable difference ) based on speed and road conditions.
  48. GeekOKent

    ACHD mount

    Unsure. Did you mean TEMS perhaps?
  49. GeekOKent


    What sort of insane is the 79, a few videos down... 1000HP, and what (? Frozen co2 / dry ice cooled ?)
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