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    retro fitting electronic power steering unit into HJ 45

    Hi all, i believe you can retro fit an electronic power steering unit from an Astra (opal made), into just about anything, including the forty series - wondering if anyone has and what advice they have to offer. Appreciate any assistance you tube videos would be especially useful. thanks in...
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    retro fit power steering Hj 45

    Hi all - wondering if anyone has retro fitted power steering into a Hj 45 - ive heard you can fit small Toyota truck power steering units - but need some advice as to what model truck etc, greatly appreciate any advice on issue. Thanks in advance.
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    Glow plug lamp issues

    Hi all - im new here so not sure if all members will read my post in 'new here' forum so apologies in advance for double posting. I have a problem with glow plug lamp in my hj45 cruiser - it wont illuminate and assume the glow plugs arent glowing. Has anyone had similar issues if so how can i...
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    Gday everyone

    I've got an fj45 Cruiser ute -and luv it. I recently had a an issue with the glow plug indicator in cab - essentially, i wont come on (illuminate), a few weeks prior i noticed what appeared to be a crackle and a few little sparks. It kept going so i didn't think much about it - but then the...
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