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  1. Dervis Garip


  2. Dervis Garip

    Companion Lithium 75L Dual Zone Rechargeable Fridge/Freezer

    Like these newer fridges built in battery designs now.
  3. Dervis Garip

    Tent Advice Appreciated

    Hey wonderful forum members, I'm looking to change by camping from the rooftop tent / awning setup this season. With the travel restrictions in place looking for a tent setup and so was looking at the Oztent jet tent / Oxley 5 models that suited loading it in the rear of the cruiser easier...
  4. Dervis Garip

    Oztent Wanted

    Hey anyone looking to sell? Looking to change my setup now for this season. Looking for the Jet Tent F series / Oxley models and not the Oztent Rv ones as they are too long to carry in the cruiser. Thanks :blush:
  5. Dervis Garip

    DIY Camping Box

    Something differently built and yet very functional for an internal sleep option and kitchen.
  6. Dervis Garip

    Crazy Russians 4x4 Conversion

  7. Dervis Garip

    Door dash light stays on help....

    Guys today after a few days since driving the cruiser noticed the door dash light on. Nothing new though I check all doors as you do right! All doors checked to press in sensors light not changed with only the driver's side buzzer stopping. Opened all sensors checked. connections (without...
  8. Dervis Garip

    Service & Maintenance

    Interesting read
  9. Dervis Garip

    Battery holding charge issue....

    Guys recently after not driving the 80 for 4 days the batteries seemed dead, Very hard to start the vehicle so wanted to share and get some thoughts and more experienced opinions from you all. Background setup:- Two 95 amp batteries recently changed upfront ( larger than standard than 75amp?)...
  10. Dervis Garip

    TURBO HISTORY - Boost School #1

  11. Dervis Garip

    Sound familiar lol

    Done this job myself a while back. kinda funny how we act and respond to working on cruisers.
  12. Dervis Garip

    80 Series Land Cruiser/ LX450 Parking Brake Repair

    Guys recently came across this guy who has plenty of useful videos for the 80 series that may be helpful to others here. I know others have said they have had handbrake issues over the years so this may be a good watch. Enjoy
  13. Dervis Garip

    Why International Overlanders DON'T USE HUGE TIRES

    Interesting valid points for choosing the right size tyres.
  14. Dervis Garip

    toyota land cruiser 80 Intercooler Kit
  15. Dervis Garip

    Toyota Landcruiser Overland Vehicle. Expedition Ready

    Worth a look for someone looking for a readily capable overland build.
  16. Dervis Garip

    Big Risk In Beautiful Frozen Lake....Wow

    Would you?:dizzy:
  17. Dervis Garip

    Wood Carving - TOYOTA Land Cruiser V8 2020

    Something to chill over with a cuppa!!
  18. Dervis Garip

    Istanbul camping expedition 2020

    Guys I’m at the Istanbul camping expedition looking at overland, caravans and motorhomes. If any of you want to any info on anything let me know. First your may be interest to some the crawler brand pickup add on. Prices start at 49,000 Turkish lira with free solar offered here right now...
  19. Dervis Garip

    Carreta 1500 model Teardrop Trailer

    Guys after a couple of summer seasons looking to transition from the rooftop tent/ awning setup currently used. Although the setup worked well for a beginner like myself there are some issues that cannot get away with. These, as you may know, better than me are as follows- -Troublesome taking...
  20. Dervis Garip

    Starter issue

    Hi, guys Merry Christmas to you all. Recently including today have what seems like the starter on my 12v model doesn't seem to wanna turn off once the engine is running upon startup. Turning the engine back on and off a few times eventually turns back to normal but annoying, to say the...
  21. Dervis Garip

    Richard Hammond reveals the new Land Rover Defender

    Finally here......
  22. Dervis Garip

    Not a Landcruiser but.....

    Guys just came this and thought wow. A. great video from Ireland where a rusted Land rover is repaired back to its glory. Many surprises especially at the end....Very patient, skilled and talented.. Hats off to him.
  23. Dervis Garip

    Why Toyota is The Best Car Manufacturer

    Interesting video brings light to the quality of Toyota
  24. Dervis Garip

    80 series OEM tramsmision Cooler

    Guys looking for a OEM cooler with all connections for a plug a play for my gearbox. Picture for reference. Thank you
  25. Dervis Garip

    A442F transmission temps

    Guys today change the long awaited filter for the gearbox whilst its been a concern with the temp gauge showing temps on the highway up to 110-120c to which seems high to me. Changing the filter made some change whilst topping up the oil level to around 112c on my run home but seems still high...
  26. Dervis Garip

    Catch Cans & EGRs Why your diesel’s clogging up & losing power

    REVEALED! Diesel Inlet blockage happens in EVERY common rail diesel. In well under 100,000km - your 4WD engine could be clogged, losing power and not cooling as well as it should. In this video - we show you why and how it happens - and the best way to prevent it - which is a quality Catch Can...
  27. Dervis Garip

    Toyota Land Cruiser 1HDT 4.2 Turbo Diesel Engine Repair

    Nice interesting watch :thumbup:
  28. Dervis Garip

    Wanted stock 80 series underbody guards

    Guys looking for two guards that are missing on my 80. Ones a gearbox and the other the radiator guard. I'm thinking some members may have switched to skid plates. Thanks Dervis
  29. Dervis Garip

    BFGoodrich KO2 35000Km vs KO Review

    Interesting review having these tires myself for the last 2 years so far and yet not really exploited its potential personally. Be interested in your thoughts guys......
  30. Dervis Garip

    M25 New Speed Limit New Restrictions!!

    Guys just came across this not so how true but something to consider either way?
  31. Dervis Garip

    Road Tax Hikes 2019

    Yep welcome to 2019 with even more tax. Becoming a bore but they seem to wanna tax anything and everything more and more till they can’t anymore. Maybe the yellow shirts will help lol —————————————————————— CAR TAX RATES WILL INCREASE BY UP TO £65 FROM APRIL 1 THIS YEAR - HERE’S HOW MUCH IT...
  32. Dervis Garip

    Cheapest diesel night heater on eBay test / review

    Finally a clone of a Webasto heater. I've wanted one to try for a long time but they were always really expensive. My friend wants to fit one in his camper, so nows the time to see how well these work.
  33. Dervis Garip

    Perth 4WD show 2018. Three-day walkaround

    This is what you call a show guys any takers?
  34. Dervis Garip

    Stolen Roof tent & Awning Reward

    Not mine but please keep an eye out as this has got to be heartbreaking news for the owner. Thanks £500 Southport A friend has had their roof tent and awning stole from outside their home in Banks, Southport. They are offering a reward to anyone who provides information leading to the return...
  35. Dervis Garip

    Sad day fatality - dog run over :-(

    Not truck related but an issue that some of you guys may relate to im sure. This morning on my way home from getting the cruiser washed and driving 20kmh a small puppy was on the side road and whilst I noticed him and drove towards the other side of the road it ran out and heart breaking I had...
  36. Dervis Garip


    Something different love the jumps lol
  37. Dervis Garip

    Storage Net Upgrade

    Guys after using the camping setup discovered in the earliest point that I need to be more organised and utilise the rear cargo area better. One of my first thoughts has been to put up a cargo net in the rear ceiling area. Anyone else done this id be interested in you sharing? My thoughts are...
  38. Dervis Garip

    Adventuring Northern Cyprus to Romania Trip

    Guys as some of you may know I’ve been planning an overlanding expedition for quite some time having only really started to build the mods on the 80 this year back to back. Just a novice starting out and seeing how well I do it was planned but not for certain back in January 2018. The idea was...
  39. Dervis Garip

    Green card insurance help

    Hi guys I’m hoping someone can help me and put me in the right direction. I’m looking for green card insurance for a non European regeatered vehicle as I’m driving over from Turkey through to Bulgaria and then Romania next week. I know I can get them on the order but just wondering if it’s...
  40. Dervis Garip

    Twin Tank Upgrade

    Guys moving swiftly on the list decided to start the twin tank conversion having had a rear home made tank previously. Was looking at a better more professional install hence buying the OEM duel filler neck and dash board switch from Chapelgate (thank you) My plan is to use this to wire it up...
  41. Dervis Garip

    Console Fridge Ice boxes & Lid

    Guys if any of you have the 80 series ice boxes and lid for the console fridge would appreciate hearing from you. Much appreciated Dervis
  42. Dervis Garip

    Console Fridge Install

    Guys been a while running down the list of jobs to do and now finally found some time to attempt this unknown install progress. Not knowing what to expect or have a reference point an attemp firstly is to start with the console itself whilst removing the old one it replaces. Wanting to thank...
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