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  1. Peewee

    Replace Fuse box block by your right foot HZJ79

    Looking to replace the HZJ79 fuse box near my right foot. Any ideas or what tools to use so I can pull out the connections and the wires? Photo would be great Thanks
  2. Peewee

    Replace the fuse box HZJ79

    Anyone replace the fuse box?
  3. Peewee

    Ignition Key difficult to turn for starting

    Hi My money pit of an early 2006 HZJ79R is trying my patience Short story.... Sprayed lubricant down the keyhole of the ignition barrel as the key release button was getting sticky. Now I have to wobble my key to turn on the ignition. I'm going to assume my ignition barrel was full of gunk...
  4. Peewee

    Main Beam Delay

    Early 2006 HZJ79R When I first twist the knob to turn on my low beam it works fine. Occasionally when I flick the stalk forward for main beam my lights will go out for 2 or 3 seconds. After that it usually works fine Any suggestions?
  5. Peewee

    fuel gauges are all over the place

    HZJ79.... fuel gauges are all over the place. Main is full but gauge moves between full, half then back to full. Sub says just above empty but it's at least half. I have removed the sub sender and it reads full when it's out of the tank...... Are the two gauges on the same circuit? Is there a...
  6. Peewee

    Are these recovery points or tie down points?

    HZJ79.... are these recovery points or tie down points? I have one each side. Look a bit weak for recovery but figured I should ask the brains trust before I take them off.
  7. Peewee

    What colour wire should I take off for the spot light switch?

    Want my spotties to only work when I am on high beam. What colour wire should I take off for the spot light switch? HZJ79R I had a squiz at the forum but found nothing. Cheers
  8. Peewee

    Free membership?

    Hi Is this site 100% free or are there 'extras' for a paid membership? Pete
  9. Peewee

    HZJ79R wiring loom

    Hi Anyone got a 'clean' 2005 HZJ79R wiring loom? Parts will do and switches Mine has been chopped around Cheers Pete
  10. Peewee

    Spare Electrical Connections

    Good morning beautiful people Digging around my 2005 HZJ79R I'm finding several spare electrical connections. I have: One large connector but with only 4 wire in the drivers footwell by the fusebox Several behind the dash underneath the heater control In the engine bay near the fuel filters...
  11. Peewee

    Standard size switches and dual battery volt meter 79

    Hi Looking to fit switches for driving lights and diff locker into standard spots in my 2005 HZJ79 Also keen to find a dual battery volt meter display that will fit a standard place on the dash. It's pretty sparse at the moment and only has the button for the sub tank Any links and...
  12. Peewee

    Swap out passenger bench seat in a 79

    Hi Had a look at the Huracan seat conversion for my 79 series. Didn't like the passenger side because it left the rail behind and the seat belt arrangement was IMO dangerous. Looking to add a bolting point for a seat belt in a better location Reflection of the drivers side would be ideal Has...
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