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  1. mettisse

    VW main dealers on here?

    I read this with interest, it’s because I use several independent mechanics, I have a mechanic who I’ve used for over 30 years for our Comercials HGV and vans, I have another I use for diesel problems and servicing on our fiesta and similar, I have another who is mainly a Land Rover mechanic...
  2. mettisse

    Landcruiser 80 "tuned" fuel pin.

    hello, please send me a pm , I’m a dodo at things such , thanks, Bill Westley
  3. mettisse

    Not a Bruiser, but you may find it interesting

    Not a new chassis, just cleaned with a wire brush ( electric of course) hand finished with Emery cloth etc, then spray painted, proper undercoat etc. The body had a little rust worm in the usual places for Patrols, you might might note he is single and if he wants to work on his truck to...
  4. mettisse

    Not a Bruiser, but you may find it interesting

    A fellow overlander who is a good friend favours Nissan Patrols, and recently has had to rebuild his truck, (we had a very successful trip a few years ago to Morroco, me in the Bruiser and he in the Patrol) . About a year ago the 4.2 turbo diesel motor gave up, ( don’t know why, yet) Nissan...
  5. mettisse

    Full bib and tucker with nowhere to go...

    The bruiser has had its service, Lucas additive in the engine oil, Forte additive in the Diffs, new oil in the brake lines, discs and pads checked/ renewed, all new genuine Toyo filters, belts checked, already has new BFG ATs , so, ready to go, where? .....Nowhere, and the duchess...
  6. mettisse

    Newbie here

    Hello and welcome,
  7. mettisse

    Dakar 2021 'Classic' race

    100% Agree, As a youngster i rode motorcycle Trials, i was useless but had fun in exactly the same way and with all the usual suspects . do you know what? I still do have fun, however, my lovely wife has the “ competitive spirit “ the “ have to win” mentality, its no crime, but i much prefer...
  8. mettisse

    Keeping Busy during lockdown

    Finally I’ve got off the rear end and spent a little time in the garage. The mission? Rebuild the Bruiser 80 starter motor. The starter began to give up the proverbial in the typical way , chattering etc, I replaced it with an item from “Roughtrax” ( great firm) and put the offending item...
  9. mettisse

    Best 4x4 not actually going very far..

    Going downhill is the real test when driving in the snow, when ( when eh?) I drive to the Alps so the Duchess can ski I never leave home without snow chains, one chain for each wheel, I have real heavy duty ones, the Bruiser is a tad heavy with all the luggage and extra passengers to chance...
  10. mettisse


    thank you all, I’ve enjoyed reading these comments, some gave me a chuckle and others made me groan inside, how sad that an Icon as the defender ( I’ve never owned one) is now the subject of such derision. I have to admit it’s a handsome vehicle, but the reports on the tube really demolish in me...
  11. mettisse

    Scotland North Coast 500

    Whilst there we watched a bit of “Scottish Countrywide” TV, and one chap ( English resident) said that when he and others promoted the NC 500 ( 5 years ago?) they didn’t expect the success of the route, however, the down side of its success is the amount of free camping, which they now call “...
  12. mettisse

    Scotland North Coast 500

    Thank you very much for the invitations, we certainly would have loved to enjoy a cup of tea with you. As we travel home and reflect on the “adventure” what has evolved is the fact we both want to return, From my own perspective in that my mother was Scottish and I have cousins here, it would...
  13. mettisse

    Scotland North Coast 500

    i will as soon as I can get them from the Duchess’ iPad, couple below, I would like to add, if you can, do it, it’s good and interesting, just a couple of points tho, get good maps, sounds obvious but essential, do not rely on your google or gps, lots of spots with no reception , lots of...
  14. mettisse

    Scotland North Coast 500

    After cancelling our pre booked trip to Corsica in October 2020, we looked around for something to take its place, the restrictions at the beginning of the month were ok to travel round the north of Scotland, so, off we go. We live in Essex and so we planned to make a stop in the Lake District...
  15. mettisse

    Sad sale,

    Item 1) Old but good ( pre super 7) Myford lathe, fully functional pics later Approx 36inch bed single phase Item 2). Box Ford hobby lathe similar size to the Myford single phase if you are “into lathes” you might recognise the type. Lots of bits and stuff to go with them. Items 3/4 are two...
  16. mettisse

    New user here

    Hello, May I be the first to offer a welcome to probably the best Landcruiser forum on the planet. So, welcome!,
  17. mettisse

    Ineos Grenadier

    I like it, I’d like it better if it has a better driving position than the defender, it’s as good looking as a defender, well it would because that’s obviously what it’s based on. But, if they have taken the obvious “ niggles” and dealt with them, it’ll be a good truck . And in the absence of a...
  18. mettisse

    BFG KM MUD Tyres

    Thanks for the reply, I have to say I am delighted with the all terrains and I have used them on Discos ( 1 and2) my hybrid 300tdi and my Bruiser. on and off road, can’t really fault them except they do look scruffy and they ain’t worn out. I bought my first set in 1998. I do know that the...
  19. mettisse

    BFG KM MUD Tyres

    The off road bias would be around 50% as I use the car as tow truck for the Froader and I go off road with it, I suppose the answer would be two sets of tyres, which is a possibility as I already have a second set of alloys, the reason I ask is a good pal,of mine has a set of Muds on a Patrol...
  20. mettisse

    BFG KM MUD Tyres

    Many I ask if any one is using BFG MFG MUD tyres on an 80 as a daily driver, I ask as I am on the cusp of replacing my all terrains ,( the old version) not worn out but scruffy they’ve done about 40k miles and still quite good, I fancy the new Mud versions, but, are they as good as theA/Ts...
  21. mettisse

    80 for sale

  22. mettisse

    80 for sale

    Hi, not for me but a valued friend, would it be possible to view the truck please, we are in South East Essex , Thanks, Bill Westley
  23. mettisse

    Landcruiser HZJ78R Deathwobble

    I had this problem a long time ago and it turned out (after replacing the damper etc) to be the bushes in the panhard rod were shot, worth a look might save a bit of time, hard to see they were shot though, only when we put a huge crowbar on the joint was it revealed.
  24. mettisse

    Petrol or Diesel???

    I think you bang on in your assessment, me? if I I could have found a ready done 80 I would have bought it, add up the costs and you can’t buy a car and the add ons for the money. It’s the same same for everything, if you fancy a project, try and find an “ unfinished” one, you can save bundles...
  25. mettisse

    Slow forums

    Slow for me too, painfully slow
  26. mettisse

    My GS 80 lifted 3"

    That is a very nice looking truck, I really like the front bumper, your comment about the size of tyres is interesting though, on my 80 (94 VX. 12 valve) 285 tyres made the speedo accurate , I’ve been off road and I’ve never thought that I if I had bigger tyres I might “ go further” The other...
  27. mettisse

    My GS 80 lifted 3"

    Looks very good, don’t wait too long for the “needs” in my opinion this is how they should have left the factory, and complete with 285. 75 tyres, it looks perfectly “ in proportion” nice one, hope you get plenty of opportunity to use it for the way you’ve built it. Best regards, Bill Westley
  28. mettisse

    Foreign influences

    Absolutely Mange toot mon Brave as we say in Peckham
  29. mettisse


    It’s only that I can’t spell Corona Virus, and still had to spell check!
  30. mettisse


    Up to now in this CV19 crisis our firm has carried on working as we are in the “ food chain” and believe me we are working the hardest we have ever, of course we are short handed over burdened with stuff we have never had to cope with before, but, I really appreciate as I’m sure all of us do...
  31. mettisse

    Hearsay and rumour

    Well, we ain’t much further on with the “ Lockdown Dream Machine” from the Toyota parts list, TBH I love my 80, but when the weather is monkey, sitting under the awning don’t quite “ do it” I know we can wrap up up etc, but when it’s windy and wet and a reasonably priced hotel/B n B ain’t...
  32. mettisse

    Building a mongrel Landcruiser

    I’ll try again later but I download it, press the done button but it don’t stick. teknology eh?
  33. mettisse

    Building a mongrel Landcruiser

    I don’t know if this works, it’s shaky I phone video of the saiid 40 , it’s a beautifully presented truck, he is a better mechanic than driver, the yellow jeep at the end is mine, although that is not a jeep it’s a [email protected], ( Range Rover chassis, ‘79, CJ 7 steel body etc)
  34. mettisse

    Building a mongrel Landcruiser

    I met a guy years ago in France (12/13 years) on a 4x4 “do” who was from Belgium, and he manufactured stainless steel body panels and complete bodies in aluminium for 40 series, he gave me a very nice key ring ( Toyota) would you know, I lost the key ring and his very posh business card. What...
  35. mettisse

    Building a mongrel Landcruiser

    Hold on a minute; I have to change the battery in my hearing aid I can’t hear a blinking word..................
  36. mettisse

    Building a mongrel Landcruiser

    About 8/9 years ago I went on a French 4x4 “do” called the “Croisiere Blanche” open to cars, bikes and Quads, held in the French Alps. The show stopper that year was a 110 body on an 80 chassis with the 1HDT motor/ gearbox, Superbly built and the attention to detail was amazing . Built to...
  37. mettisse

    Building a mongrel Landcruiser

    Oh yes what a great car, but I’m not a tray back fan but a nice cabin body on the back would be nice. In the warmer climes, a “ live out” truck works a treat, but when the weather goes Pete Tong I feel you need something you can eat/ sit/ sleep in works better, hence the Troopy body, I sill...
  38. mettisse

    Building a mongrel Landcruiser

    Apologies if this is old hat, but I have been watching a lot of you tube videos with Ronnie Dahl, Andrew PW and Paul Marsh, by and large I agree all the time with their comments. They talk sense, but, and it’s a big but, they all favour the 70 series Landcruiser. You see I’m an 80 owner...
  39. mettisse

    Hearsay and rumour

    Yep, my kids were all born in Essex, but still carry all the genes no worry there,still a chip off the old block, my daughter who lives in Manchester ( good grief, where?) has sent me this bottle of jollop for my health she says, piccy included. But in their defence they all enjoy pie mash and...
  40. mettisse

    Hearsay and rumour

    In a perfect answer I want to stay with my 1HDT possibly with an exhaust, but who knows what the “ masters” will come up with next? I too am from south London, Peckham , my father Bermondsey, so when folk say they way that I speak is cockney, “nah it’s Sarf Lundun mate!” The pure lost...
  41. mettisse

    Hearsay and rumour

    I was told from an unsubstantiated source that a company/ garage in west London is buying the electric drivetrains from accident damaged cars and fitting them into classic cars to enable the owners to drive into central London after the new emission Laws take effect later this year. Now I don’t...
  42. mettisse

    4x4 Expo

    Love the “ pillar box slit” that’s the retro “ 2nd ww” style cue, LOL, one of our pals has the SWB version and it ain’t cramped, but, for a family it may be so and especially so with the 4Door version. Sfunny, I’m a permanent 4wd merchant, I love the 4wd, although the jeeps do handle well in...
  43. mettisse

    4x4 Expo

    May we see a picture of the new weapon? Can I ask of your reasoning behind the purchase? I too went there, my first visit to The “Donington” , I really enjoyed myself, some excellent equipment on offer, for me, the most interesting vehicle there was the outstanding 105 on the West Coast stand...
  44. mettisse

    Technical Benefits of a Snorkel

    Yep, I totally agree, one trip with dusty conditions will confirm to you it was a wise choice to fit a snorkel, May I suggest the “ Donaldson” centrifugal top filter as an added bonus, amazing piece of kit, snorkel plus top centrifugal filter , when you inspect your centrifugal filter you will...
  45. mettisse

    Carreta 1500 model Teardrop Trailer

    Obviously the answer lies in what are your plans or hopes to do with the trailer, if it is rugged off roading , can it cut the mustard as regards durability and ground clearance ? If you’ve seen the item “ in the blood” and you like it and it fulfils your needs, well, that’s the one, seems like...
  46. mettisse

    Seeking advice.

    Well the truck from the pics looks great, seems like a good choice, take a look through some videos on you tube by 4xOverland and I hope you will change your idea of changing the vehicle from 4 to 2 wheel drive. The author of those videos puts very good reasons on why 4 wheel drive is so much...
  47. mettisse

    80 series front disc rotors

    just watched a y tube video from 4wd action on upgrading the brakes on a double cab something and I was interested in the brake parts he uses to increase the braking efficiency. At the moment I’m on the cusp of a little upgrade myself, when I apply my brakes there is a gentle “pulsing” which...
  48. mettisse

    Hi Everyone

    Hello, this is the place for Landcruiser aficionados, truly International, I’m sure you will find a good welcome. “ have cruiser, will travel”
  49. mettisse

    Aftermarket cup holder.

    Hi, I use bicycle water bottle holders, the ones that are screwed onto the front down tube on a racer. They usually come with two neat little mounting holes ready to go. Normally a little “nib” which applies pressure to stop the drinks bottle rattling out has to be cut off. Mine are in plastic...
  50. mettisse

    On board air compressor

    I also have a T max, it’s the twin Cylinder job, I’ve had it for years, I’ve used it to pump up 1000x20 lorry tyres, it’s been extremely useful but as you rightfully say bulky, nowhere under the bonnet either. So, when we go on a trip that I think it would be good to take it on, I put it in a...
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