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    Is there a CV joint test

    Plus a bucket and a gallon of petrol or so.
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    Oxy propane torch for the hobbyist

    we have starting using the hobby weld oxy/acetylene bottles after using BOC has become more difficult than it was back in the day. available from the local service station. the creme brulee's are looking good again..
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    Funny how life throws you those little curve balls isn’t it? Ho hum.

    FFS. gutted to hear this big fella. its pretty much the worst news someone can have. its really hard on your loved ones and people close to you too. it completely knocks the shit out of you and those around you when you get the diagnosis, but you will build yourself back up. keep that positive...
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    A far more interesting thread about bumpers, winches, CBs and snorkels etc.....

    lol. thats what workshops are for..
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    Engine help

    what state are you in?
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    Landcruiser 80 "tuned" fuel pin.

    back in stock.
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    Grease for CV joint and bearing on hzj75

    best to ring the manufacturer. ive always used a moly grease for cv joints, and the general purpose traditional bearing grease for packing bearings and UJs. ive since moved on to the multi coloured lithium complex greases for bearings and UJs. as they are much more water resistant. it had...
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    Landcruiser 80 "tuned" fuel pin.

  9. chapel gate

    Landcruiser 80 "tuned" fuel pin.

    pm sent.
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    Workshop treats.

    Yes, from the 40s Bob. Came out of a college in Manchester. Yes, it would be nice if it went to a good home.
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    Genuine 80 series body mounts.

    pm sent.
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    Starting problems

    purring vroom vroom noises. always a good thing.
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    WTF - Ban adverts for SUVs & 4x4s

    i remember the last 4x4 hate campaign years ago. there was a few bad winters and it all seemed to go quiet for a while..
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    Workshop treats.

    boom! theres the workshop treat for the year right there! sold this today, a slightly different vintage to yours..
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    Workshop treats.

    the strap is pretty useful. does it look cool? no..
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    WTF - Ban adverts for SUVs & 4x4s

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    Purchases from Europe

    agreed. im just glad the majority in this country had the foresight, pride and confidence in themselves and country to vote leave..
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    Purchases from Europe

    I ordered some parts from Holland recently, hmm, if people cant/are unwilling to fill in the paper work correctly. that is there own issue, and unfortunately in this case becomes yours too. i recently ordered 27kg of parts from holland. i sorted out my own courier, they picked the two packages...
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    Workshop treats.

    Right, spat the dummy out a few weeks ago now with what seems to be a constant grease gun shambles. Slat one across the workshop. Looked at the others hanging on the wall with utter disdain... This showed up today. Part birthday present. Bargain at £160 all in from the US, Bare unit. Wow...
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    How do I get grease in this?

    Old woodworking machinery had the same set up.
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    Anti-laning gathers pace....

    LOL. I've had a few trips home as a 11 year old in the back of a police car. The words of "wait till I tell your dad" Used to strike the fear of God into the hearts of youngsters back in the day.
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    Anti-laning gathers pace....

    WTF is wrong with people!??..
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    Landcruiser 80 "tuned" fuel pin.

    no worries. pm sent. cheers.
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    A 70 with a difference.....

    my, how you've shrunk son..
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    Recommendations for a bodywork specialist

    classic car restorer. they will do the job reet..
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    Genuine 80 series seat foam.

    pm sent.
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    went car shopping today..

    I know I should Bob, but it'll have to wait a bit. £400 each. Kids and Mrs are getting hungry...
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    breaking 100 series.

    1998. green. 145000 miles. AHC fully working. very good condition underneath. brake booster/master cylinder good working order. please pm for further details.
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    went car shopping today..

    New spring fitted. Old breather hard lines. "modify as required" according to merc. Accelerator pedal was a bit sloppy, replaced the worn bushes with new, Old and New air filters. Long over due replacing. The thin one sits inside the not so thin one. back on the road now. got some...
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    the straight through crew.

    Don't, it will still be funny...
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    went car shopping today..

    no clive, i really wouldnt argue with that.. :)
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    A little weeding during Lockdown . . .

    lol. bob, i think i would of just used the stump as a bird table.. as ever thought, 10/10 for effort and sheer dogged determination.:thumbup:
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    Boston Cruiser addict

    yes, and dont be ashamed, we are used to seeing rust..
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    went car shopping today..

    yeah, i pushed it that bit too far. should be ok though. i always find those short, sharp bends a bit difficult. i also have this OCD thing with following the shape of the original as close as possible... your not wrong there. im hoping one day it will, but i doubt it. sure! will be ready in...
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    Landcruiser 80 "tuned" fuel pin.

    pms sent fellas.
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    Heavy breathing

    what make of paint did you use?
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    went car shopping today..

    Ever get the feeling your on a bad run? Went for a drive around the block, all good, then brake fluid warning light came on.. Got back to base and fluid was pissing out from the front left. Corroded lines. Replaced with copper. Yeah, that's right. Broken spring too.. :icon-rolleyes: Alls...
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    Arrrg! The time has come

    That's good. So there gonna complete the project?
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    Wind Turbines.

    "Worn-out wind turbine blades destined for the incinerator" Now there's a novel idea. Burning fossil fuels to generate electricity...
  40. chapel gate

    Wind Turbines.

    Exactly. So let's just use the best available solution to the problem.
  41. chapel gate

    Wind Turbines.

    its normally people from cities and towns who tell me they dont have a problem with wind turbines and solar fields. lets stop piss potting around and go nuclear. make electricity cheap enough and we would all be installing electric boilers, direct replacement, 100% efficient, smaller, quiter and...
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    went car shopping today..

    i thought it was pretty good value at £150 delivered. has a 90 degree angle gauge on it too, which i thought was a good idea.
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    went car shopping today..

    New axle tube seal fitted, halfshaft popped back in. Smear with sealant, and bolt back up. Weights about 30 kg. Long overdue investment in a bigger torque wrench. Caliper bolts are 400nm, wheel nuts 350nm. Good time to fit the new handbrake actuator I've had under the bench for a while...
  44. chapel gate

    went car shopping today..

    Hub seal fitted, these are called a cassette seal, inner and outer sections are fixed and the seal rotates within itself. Deep groove bearing pressed onto the top gear. "wear ring" fitted and circlip. The wear ring is a good design, this is what the axle tube seal rides on, so no wear on the...
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    80 Series - 3F to 3FE Swap

    i vaguely remember the early carb petrol may have the switch over solenoids. so it draws from the sub rather than transfers the fuel to the main. the electronic injection engines transfer the fuel to the main tank. have a look underneath, if there are two solenoids its the switch over set up...
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    yeah its a HZ. wonder if thats why hes trying to move it on so soon. if it was a 1HDT it wouldnt be that far off the money for a recent jap import.
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    went car shopping today..

    Turn back over. The large roller bearing has a plastic "assembly ring". Keeps all of the rollers from rolling all over the workshop floor.. Taps in nicely again. Idiot! That bit of molly grease in one of the bolt holes, was actually a broken bolt... Luckily it came out pretty easy...
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    went car shopping today..

    Fitted small gear bearing and large gear bearing into housing. They go in nicely with a copper drift and gentle tapping. Turn the assembly over and press the large gear into the bearing, this was a little tricky tbh. That cavalier front wheel bearing I changed 20 years ago was just the...
  49. chapel gate

    went car shopping today..

    Gears and housing were picked up on Monday in Holland about 4pm. I received them on the Tuesday just before dinner. Bearings and seals arrived on the same day from South cave tractors. Good company to do business with and very knowledgeable. Very pleased with the condition of the gears...
  50. chapel gate

    Wind Turbines.

    The turbines look much better today..